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A 1993 Dodge Caravan is a minivan that is initially stolen by Robby Keene and then later used by Johnny Lawrence as a replacement car for his 2009 Dodge Challenger.


Season 3

Robby Keene steals the van from LaRusso Auto Group after the school brawl which is realized by Louie. Louie warns Daniel and Amanda and Daniel attempts to use the van's GPS tracker to locate Robby. However, he discovers that Robby removed and ditched the tracking device. While attempting to find Robby, Daniel and Johnny happen to spot the van at a gas station, leading to a car chase ending at a chop shop. After a brawl, Johnny forces the man who was driving the van to admit that he stole it from Robby before Daniel is forced to pull Johnny off of him. After an argument with Daniel, Johnny drives off in the minivan, stating that he has somewhere to be and Daniel calls after Johnny that he'd better return it to the dealership.

Johnny subsequently keeps the minivan as a replacement for his abandoned 2009 Dodge Challenger. After Johnny tells Ali Mills that he drives a 1993 Dodge Caravan instead of something flashier, she refuses to believe it until the valet actually pulls up in the minivan.