"This one's not half-bad."
"It's a 2009 Challenger, 5.8-liter."
Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso[src]

A 2009 Dodge Challenger is a car given to Johnny Lawrence by Daniel LaRusso in Cobra Kai after his Pontiac Firebird was destroyed by Louie LaRusso and his friends.


Season 1

In Different but Same, Daniel takes Johnny to the dealership and allows him to choose a car from the trade-in lot. Johnny settles on a 2009 Challenger, and test drives it with Daniel before they make multiple stops to reminisce on their past. This friendship is short lived as Johnny learns that Daniel is training his son.

Season 2

In Back in Black, Johnny, who has now acquired money due to the popularity of Cobra Kai, takes the Challenger to an auto shop where it is resprayed and customized with Cobra Kai decals and such, and is nicknamed by fans the "Cobra Kai Challenger". The seats are stitched with Cobra Kai logos, as well as Cobra Kai badges and black rims.

In No Mercy, Johnny has seemingly abandoned the Challenger out of anger and regret, signifying he no longer wants to do anything with Cobra Kai after Miguel Diaz was hospitalized, and John Kreese taking over his students and dojo. It is unknown what became of it after this.

Season 3

In Season 3, Johnny starts driving a 1993 Dodge Caravan minivan instead of the Challenger, first taking the minivan to go visit Miguel Diaz in the hospital after trying to chase down Robby who had stolen the van. Ali Mills is initially disbelieving that Johnny would drive such a vehicle instead of a more flashy car such as the Challenger until she sees it for herself.



  • The Challenger has a manual transmission. Johnny even offers to teach one of his online dates how to "drive a stick". Most people who drive performance cars like the Challenger prefer to shift gears manually to get the most use of the car's horsepower.
  • Johnny had a vintage Pioneer tape deck installed in the Challenger.
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