Abe is a minor character in Cobra Kai.


Cobra Kai

Season 1

He is shown at the All-Valley Tournament cheering for Cobra Kai classmate Aisha when she defeats her opponent, and later celebrating with the rest of his classmates when Miguel wins the tournament. However, Abe isn't shown competing.

Season 2

He quits Cobra Kai along with new students Chris and Nathaniel due to Kreese's vicious teachings. He joins Miyagi-Do with Chris and Nathaniel, but Robby Keene, Samantha and Demetri are against them joining due to Chris attacking Demetri at the mall, and Robby thinking Abe and Chris vandalized the Dojo. Daniel lets them join and they all settle in with the Miyagi teachings. Abe participates in the school brawl against Edwin, but stops participating at the brawl at some point. He is amongst those that witnesses Miguel's fall.

Season 3

Abe appears again in the carwash fundraising for Miguel's surgery run and managed by Samantha LaRusso and Moon and the Miyagi-Do's who started it up. He is a carwash participant and the group raises $2500. Samantha reminds him of 'Wax on, Wax off' and also corrects the way he is washing the car and he nods, agreeing on what to do. At the end of the day, he and one other Miyagi-Do student are exchanging cash from what they worked on from the car wash with Nathaniel and are fist bumping together. Next scene he is at the lunch room when himself and two other Miyagi-Do students are trying to find a table. However, when they witness Kyler bullying Demetri by drawing a penis on his cast, they feel bad for Demetri. In the last scene of the season finale, he is shown at Miyagi Do with the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang Karate Students, as well as former Cobra Kai student Hawk, preparing to train for the next All Valley Tournament.

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