Aisha Robinson is a bullied student who joins the Cobra Kai Dojo. She is a supporting protagonist in Cobra Kai

Fictional character biography Edit

Cobra Kai Edit

Aisha's father is a famous athlete, yet she is overweight. This is something she struggles with, exacerbated by being often bullied, particularly by Yasmine and her friend Moon (to an extent). She used to be friends with Samantha LaRusso. While they are no longer friends, they seem to be on good terms. After finding about Johnny Lawrence's Cobra Kai Dojo she decides to join. While Johnny initially isn't keen on her joining, Miguel Diaz convinces him to allow her to join, largely because of her father's money. Johnny praised her as a Natural Cobra when she speared Miguel and landed an knee drop to his midsection. When Samantha is outcasted by her friends, Aisha doesn't show her any sympathy. After finding about Yasmine's party, Aisha along with Eli Moskowitz, Miguel and Demetri crash the party. During the party, she and Moon make amends after Moon apologizes to her for bullying her, and she gets her revenge on Yasmine by giving her a wedgie, this humiliating her in front of everyone. During the All valley tournament, Aisha reaches the quarterfinals where she loses to the defending champion. Following her loss, Samantha congratulates her. While Aisha is hostile with her at first, she seemingly forgives Samantha after she apologizes to her and tells her her revenge against Yasmine was great. The two then laugh about Aisha's revenge against Yasmine. Aisha encourages her to get back into karate. After Miguel wins the tournament for Cobra Kai, Aisha along with the other Cobra Kai students cheer. 


Aisha is highly intelligent and responsible, with a kind heart. Like the rest of the kids in Cobra Kai, her personality takes a turn for the worse once she starts learning the aggressive and merciless techniques of the dojo. However, Aisha seems to have not been effected by it as badly as some of the other students, such as Eli and Miguel, since she resumed friendship with Sam at the tournament. This suggests that maybe Aisha will return to her old ways once again.