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"There's your side, and your side, and then there is the truth. And the truth is, you guys are more alike than you want to admit. And maybe you recognize parts of yourselves in each other, and maybe you don't always like what you see."
―Ali Mills to Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso[src]

Ali Mills, M.D. (formerly Ali Mills Schwarber) is the high school love interest of Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence through The Karate Kid film. She returns to the San Fernando Valley in Season 3 as a soon-to-be divorced adult, and reconnects with her old flings.


Ali Mills possibly born in 1967, most likely between August or September, she was born into riches and luxury.

In 1982, when Johnny Lawrence and his friends they go to the cinema to see Rocky III, his friend Dutch bothers a few girls in front of them, throwing chocolates at them, Ali being one of the girls. Ali, sick of Dutch's treatment, stands up and angrily dumps popcorn down his shirt and getting butter all over him. Johnny instantly falls for her. After flirting with her a few times Ali agrees to go out with Johnny, and they kiss on their first date on a Ferris wheel at Golf N' Stuff. The two date for two years, but their relationship ends the summer before the events of the original Karate Kid. The reasoning behind their break up is unclear. Johnny tells his top student Miguel that they got into a fight the summer before his senior year and broke up as a result, but tells his Cobra Kai friends that she dumped him when he forgot her birthday, because he was too drunk from hanging out with them. While it is unclear why they broke up, it is clear that Ali no longer wanted to be around Johnny after their break up.

Film Series

The Karate Kid

Ali takes an instant liking to Daniel LaRusso, much to her ex-boyfriend Johnny Lawrence's dismay. Johnny tries to fix their relationship, but Ali tells him to leave her alone which angers him and leads Johnny to destroy Ali's radio. She witnesses the fight between Johnny and Daniel, and when Johnny puts Daniel down in the fight, she verbally accosts Johnny "for fighting all the time", suggesting this is not the first time she has seen Johnny resort to violence to settle disputes.

When Daniel tries out for soccer, she shows him some of her soccer moves before practicing with the cheerleading squad, though watching with concern after Daniel is expelled from tryouts. She and Daniel eventually begin dating, and attend the Halloween Party at school together. She is ready at one point to directly confront Johnny when she sees some of the damage that Johnny and his allies are inflicting upon Daniel, but witnesses the 'truce' that was forged between Daniel and the Cobra Kai's for the tournament.

Her and Daniel have a minor split up, when Daniel witnesses Johnny force a kiss on Ali at the Country Club and Daniel believes Ali is not being true to him. Ali would slug Johnny for forcing the kiss upon her. Ali and Daniel would later patch things up at GolfNStuff, and share their first kiss together in front of the water slide.

Ali would then attend the All Valley tournament to root for Daniel, and is allowed on the floor when Daniel claims she is Mister Miyagi's translator. She also instructs Daniel on many of the rules of the karate tournaments, having doubtlessly attended competitions to support Johnny when they were dating. She is excited when Daniel wins.

The Karate Kid Part II

Following Daniel's victory of the tournament, she and Daniel continued their relationships for 6 months until their high school graduation. According to Daniel, Ali wrecked his car and left him for a football player at UCLA right after the senior prom. They have eventually broken up.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

She appears in a few flashbacks. When Johnny is drunk driving and reminiscing about her and his Cobra Kai friends, he smiles when he thinks about her, showing he thinks of her fondly even 30 years after their breakup. Later, Johnny tells Miguel about his first meeting and relationship with Ali and how Daniel "stole" her from him. Daniel later tells Johnny she is married and living in Denver working as a pediatric surgeon, according to her Facebook profile.

Season 2

When Daniel's daughter Sam is upset over her breakup with Miguel, her father tries to make her feel better by talking to her about some of the girls he dated, with Ali being one of them. When Sam asks why that relationship ended, Daniel refused to disclose why, instead quickly changing the subject to his relationship with Kumiko.

At a bar, Johnny's former Cobra Kai friends talk about the time Dutch broke a dartboard and how Johnny got drunk that night, causing him to miss Ali's birthday, resulting in her dumping him. Tommy, being supportive, told Johnny that was "her loss", which Johnny does not exactly agree with, considering Ali became a doctor and that she married another doctor, while his own life had gone downhill. He kept the feeling to himself though, considering Tommy's condition. When Johnny and Tommy are talking in the woods the night before the latter's passing, Tommy tells him that he had a crush on Ali in his younger days and joined Cobra Kai in order to develop the courage to ask her out. However, he never did so, as Ali was dating Johnny, and he refused to let a woman come between him and a fellow Cobra. Johnny laughed it off, saying he had a lot of women in his life, but Ali was "the one that got away".

After getting turned off by various women he met via an online dating app, Johnny gets on Facebook and searches for Ali. When he finds her, he contemplates a direct message for her about catching up. Despite ultimately not wanting to send the message, not wanting to look desperate, a woman at the bar he is sitting at bumps into him and causes him to accidentally press the send button.

After Miguel's accident and John Kreese taking back Cobra Kai, a distraught Johnny throws away his smartphone at the beach, not noticing that Ali Mills sent him a friend request on Facebook.

Season 3

Johnny would, after being shown by Miguel that he still has access to Facebook, sees that Ali has sent him a friend request. Johnny would spend a lot of time going thru every post and photo Ali has on her account. Ali messages Johnny back, and they converse for a while on Facebook Messenger. Johnny very nearly sends Ali a very long Facebook message of all of his goings on from high school to the present; he was up to 1995 when Miguel sees it and begs Johnny not to send it. Ali travels to Los Angeles for the holidays, and the two meet up.

They first meet up for lunch, where they have some very intense heart-to-heart discussions about things that have happened to them since high school. They later relive their old date at Golf N’ Stuff, where Ali reveals that she divorced her husband. Johnny and Ali nearly share a kiss but are cut short when Ali's phone rings and she remembers she has to go to a Christmas party at the Encino Oaks Country Club, with her parents. Both of them reconciled and Johnny apologized for being a jerk to her.

Ali brings Johnny along as her guest and, while there, the two run into Daniel and his wife, Amanda. While things tense up between Daniel and Johnny, Amanda and Ali begin talking, and the tension is alleviated. She also gives her version of the events that led to her break up with Daniel, which puts the scenario of her meeting an old friend of hers, and Daniel overreacting to what he saw. She also informs the group that she was worried about the brake pads on the car, and hopes out loud that Daniel did not tell Mr. Miyagi that she did it intentionally. Daniel does not deny Ali's version of the events. At the end of the night, when Johnny leaves, Ali walks him out and asks him about Carmen, to which Johnny tells her how he feels, which Ali encourages. As Johnny leaves, Ali goes back into the country club to meet with her parents.

Season 4

Ali did not return during the fourth season. However, Miguel mentioned Johnny and Ali's date in the first episode. It was also mentioned that she and Johnny went to junior prom, which was quoted by Johnny as "an absolute shit-show."


In The Karate Kid, Ali has hazel eyes and curly blonde hair with bangs and a pretty smile. She has aged well in the 35 years since high school. In her Season 3 appearance, her hair is shown to be straighter than her appearance in the first film.


Ali cares a lot for Daniel, as she stands by him when many of her own friends openly question what she sees in him. At several points she is ready to step in against Johnny and his allies when she sees some of the physical damage that they are doing to him. She is very supportive of him at the tournament.

After meeting Johnny and Daniel over 3 decades later, she is shown to be very nice and friendly to them, and she even gets the two to get along and understand that they have more in common than they want to believe. She also encourages Johnny to tell Carmen how he really feels.

At times, she seems to get touchy and defensive if she or someone she cares about is antagonized. For instance, she got angry and vocal towards Johnny when he beat up Daniel at the beach, as well as when Johnny forced a kiss on her at the country club without her consent. She also was openly hurt when Daniel questioned Ali's intentions at Golf-N-Stuff about her commitment to him.


Johnny Lawrence

Daniel LaRusso



"Don't you EVER do that to me again!"
Ali scolding Johnny, after the latter forces a kiss on her (without her consent) at the country club (upon seeing Daniel).