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"So, have the man-boys filled you in about the whole "mortal enemy dojos battle for the soul of the valley" thing?"
―Amanda to Ali Mills[src]

Amanda LaRusso is the wife of Daniel LaRusso and the mother of Samantha and Anthony LaRusso. She's one of the main characters of Cobra Kai.

In seasons 1 and 2, she is a devoted wife and mother, and is shown to be the voice of reason when Daniel's rivalry with Johnny Lawrence is reignited.

In season 3, she is shown to be more aggressive, due to Kreese's and Cobra Kai's actions, particularly towards Sam.

She is portrayed by Courtney Henggeler.


Amanda met and fell in love with Daniel LaRusso, and they married. She helped him achieve their mutual dream of establishing a car dealership, opening LaRusso Auto Group together. They had two children together, their eldest Samantha was born a few months after they opened the Auto Group in 2002.[1] Nearly five years later in 2007, Amanda had an unplanned pregnancy that eventually led to the birth of their youngest child, Anthony during "an incident on the mat".

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Daniel and Amanda attend a party together at the Encino Oaks Country Club. Where she is asked by Aisha where Sam is. Amanda lied saying that she went to visit her grandma. She notices Daniel's mood and then later learns from Daniel that the Cobra Kai Dojo has returned.

Daniel invites Kyler over for family dinner. There the whole family excluding Anthony is present.

When Daniel was driving to work, he saw a penis drawing on his billboard. He discusses it with Amanda there they decide to paint over the billboard.

At some point when Amanda was inputting the security code at LaRusso Auto, Robby was secretly recording her and she was unaware of what happened.

Daniel's mother Lucille visits the LaRusso home. There she quarrels with Amanda over Louie's unprofessional behavior.

Johnny trespasses onto the LaRusso household. There she notices Daniel and Johnny being prepared to fight. She then defuses the situation by suggesting to discuss this over breakfast. The reason Johnny did this was because he blamed Daniel's "goons" for destroying his car and he wants a new car. Amanda suggests giving him something from the trade-in lot and not something like an Audi. Daniel reluctantly agrees. Sam was revealed to be involved in a hit and run accident which Amanda responds by confiscating her electronics and grounding her.

Since LaRusso Auto Group is one of the main sponsors for the All-Valley Karate Tournament, Daniel and the rest of the LaRusso family go to watch the tournament.

Season 2

Daniel comes home one night. Amanda claims that Sam is upstairs sulking over Miguel.

Amanda was also worried that Daniel is having a midlife crisis and is worried about the dealership since Daniel spends a lot of time at Miyagi-Do.

At some point Amanda's wallet was stolen. Sam blamed Tory but it was actually Robby's old buddies, Cruz and Trey, who have been spending the summer stealing wallets.

Since Daniel has been spending more time in Miyagi-Do, Amanda is frustrated with him for not making time for the dealership. Daniel tries everything to win her back such as buying her sushi, making his students wax the cars, but eventually they reminisced and reconciled.

Daniel and Amanda go on a date to a Mexican restaurant, which they happen to be in the same place as Johnny and Carmen. Carmen insists on putting the two tables together so they can have some kind of double date.

Aisha messaged Daniel and Amanda asking if Sam was ok after being drunk. This shocked both of them. After the school brawl and Sam suffering many injuries, she demands that Daniel gives up Karate and close down Miyagi-Do for good since it has caused nothing but chaos. Daniel reluctantly agreed.

Season 3

Amanda hears that Tory is expelled. While Daniel is glad to hear it, she states that she belongs in Shawshank. She also says everyone is against them and that since the school brawl, the dealership has been a ghost town. Amanda and Daniel apologised. She also thought it was unfair that Sam got a 2 week suspension when it was Tory that instigated the fight. Louie found out that a 1993 Dodge Caravan was stolen from the dealership and let Daniel and Amanda know. They believe Robby is the one who stole it. So they try to track the car using a GPS

While Daniel and Johnny were looking for Robby, Amanda was horrified after hearing what happened during the trip.

Daniel and Amanda meet with Tom Cole telling them that they will never be selling the dealership to him because they know Cole would never start them off or promote them to being co-owners or partners and they have heard about Cole’s crass Doyona deal. Daniel insists on meeting them in Tokyo and tells Amanda that he is "not coming back without a yes". While Daniel is in Tokyo and Okinawa, Amanda is very displeased to see Sam and her friends training in karate. Sam retorts that she needs to pay more attention if she thinks karate is the problem. Later on, Amanda finds Sam at the hospital after Demetri’s arm is broken by Hawk at a laser tag arena, comforts her when she cries as her PTSD - caused by Tory Nichols - kept her from saving her friend. A furious Amanda goes to the Cobra Kai dojo to confront John Kreese where he defends Hawk breaking Demetri’s arm and insults Daniel. When Kreese invades her personal bubble and appears as if he is about to assault Amanda, she slaps him and vows to shut him down forever.

Now fully appreciating what Daniel and his students have been up against, she fills her husband in on what transpired when he returns from Okinawa, having securing a new lifetime deal with Doyona. She also sent their kids with Lucille due to what happened at the laser tag arena. They both know Cobra Kai has to go, but her plan involves going to the police. They’re surprised to learn that Kreese filed a restraining order against her after she slapped him. What’s worse is that Kreese came off as more sympathetic due to his war record. However, she is still able to file an emergency protective order against Kreese. Then, Amanda goes with a “nuclear option” to her displeasure.

Amanda later makes a deal over dinner at the LaRusso house with Armand Zarkarian in attempts to evict Kreese but Armand claims that Kreese is a good tenant, better than Johnny, but Amanda claims he is a danger to the community. She asked that he doubles the rent and rent the dojo’s space out to a future tenant. Armand requests that the triple be tripled and Amanda explains that she and Daniel are desperate. After giving the deal some thought, Armand agrees to the deal and vows to evict Kreese from the strip mall. The next day, the couple are at work, happy that they won. To their mutual shock, Kreese calls them, their plan failed and now Kreese declares “open season” on them, having planted a live snake at the dealership in response.

She then supports Daniel resuming his teachings. They tell Sam who’s not willing to train anymore. Amanda suggests they play hooky to help her through her pain. Daniel helps Sam get her confidence back. Amanda goes with Daniel and Sam to a city council meeting to convince the council to allow the All-Valley Tournament to continue after it was cancelled. Unfortunately, Kreese was the meeting too and had to be escorted out due to her interrupting Kreese’s statement. It’s Sam and Miguel who convince the council to agree.

Daniel and Amanda attend a Christmas party at the Encino Oaks Country Club. There she meets Ali Mills who she finds out dated Daniel in the past back in high school.


"Hey, look, we all make mistakes. It's what we do next that counts, right?"
―Amanda LaRusso to Robby Keene[src]

She is stern, but also loving and supportive of her family, though she can sometimes butt heads with Daniel's mother, Lucille. She is also Daniel's business partner at LaRusso Auto Group.

She takes a stronger role in the partnership when Daniel turns his attention to running the Miyagi-Do Karate dojo. She fails to see what is fueling Daniel's rivalry with Johnny Lawrence, at one point remarking that the town is big enough for two dojos. As Amanda's first meeting with Johnny is decades after Daniel's encounter, she likely does not know the full story, and dismisses most of it as school hijinks. She also warns Daniel his attitude is spilling over into his professional life. Due to spending so much time at the Miyagi-Do dojo, Daniel has missed multiple business meetings. A key point in friction, but still not yet to a boiling point, comes when Daniel is so fixated on teaching a lesson in a meat locker that he blows off a lunch date with Anoush, one of his best employees. Daniel sees cell phone calls from Amanda and Anoush, but silences them both. When Daniel finally arrives at LaRusso Auto, he is sternly told by Amanda that Anoush has been headhunted away by rival car dealer Tom Cole, and Daniel's no-show at the lunch date was the last straw for Anoush. Amanda warns all this may cost Daniel his business, and ultimately their family's livelihood.

Amanda is the constant voice of reason in the series. She is a very wise, grounded, and practical person, and can de-escalate conflicts with a few well-chosen words. Little is known about Amanda's background. When talking to Daniel about Sam's new popular friends, she implies having been unpopular at school. It's possible that her parents are either dead or live far away, as when Amanda tells Aisha that Sam is with her grandmother, Daniel immediately knows she is referring to his mother.

It is also not known how long she and Daniel have been married. Prior to opening LaRusso Auto Group in 2002, she and Daniel had already worked in auto sales together as "Danny and Mandy, the best sales team in the Valley". It is likely that the two have been married since about 2000.

In the Season 2 finale, Amanda takes a tougher stance against Daniel. When Samantha is hospitalized, she threatens to have Tory expelled from West Valley High School. Samantha says her concern is for Miguel Diaz, who is also hospitalized for an undetermined spinal injury. After the doctor diagnoses a broken rib and recommends Samantha undergo X-rays to determine other injuries, Amanda is fed up with all the fighting. She puts her foot down by saying "No more karate!" forcing Daniel to abandon his masterminding of Cobra Kai's demise, as well as have the Miyagi-Do dojo close up shop.

Ignorant to the bullying Sam and her friends are forced to endure from their Cobra Kai rivals during season 3, Amanda is initially displeased to catch her daughter disobeying her. Later on, when she learns that Demetri’s arm got broken, Amanda joins Daniel in stopping Kreese’s Cobra Kai, and supports her husband when he begins teaching karate again. This season shows her to be more aggressive, such as slapping Kreese for all the trouble he has caused. She is also shown to be supportive in Daniel and Sam doing karate again, after realizing they need to do this in order to stand up to Cobra Kai.



Daniel is Amanda's husband. They met and married at some point between Karate Kid 3 and Cobra Kai. When Daniel's rivalry with Johnny returns in season 1 of Cobra Kai, Amanda tries to be the voice of reason.

In season 2, Daniel becomes so focused with Miyagi Do Karate that he leaves Amanda to deal with the dealership herself, which upsets Amanda because she feels neglected and treated unfairly. Eventually, Daniel realizes his mistake and makes up with her. After the school karate war, Amanda tells Daniel that he need to stop Miyagi Do, which Daniel regrettably agrees to.

The school karate war combined with Tom Cole convincing Doyona International to pull out of their contract with LaRusso Auto, Amanda's and Daniel's business is suffering in early season 3. However, after Daniel travels to Okinawa and get help from ex-girlfriend Kumiko and Yuna (The latter initially being a little girl Daniel saved in a Typhoon storm in 1985), LaRusso Auto is saved. Later in season 3, Amanda approves of Daniel reopening Miyagi Do, after understanding that the violence Cobra Kai is perpetrating must end.


Sam is Amanda's daughter. Amanda has a close relationship with Sam, she does ground her in season 1, after finding out that Sam was revealed to be involved in a hit and run accident with Johnny's car. At the end of Season 2, she was present when Sam was being treated for the bruises and scars from Tory's knuckleduster in the hospital, she even vowed to get Tory expelled.

In Season 3, Amanda looks after Sam and tries her best to help her through her PTSD while Daniel was busy dealing with the problems. Amanda bans Sam for doing karate after finding out about the physical contact soccer game between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, she berates Sam for doing karate without permission. In the hospital, Amanda consoles Sam in the hospital when Sam was crying about Cobra Kai breaking Demetri's arm, and her being unable to save Demetri. Amanda then allows Sam to continue with karate as she better understands that John Kreese is responsible for fanning the flames of the rivalry between the two dojos and what Sam is experiencing.


Anthony is Amanda's son. Despite loving her son, she doesn't always like Anthony's spoiled personality and arrogance.


Despite the limited interactions, it can be assumed that Amanda and Robby have a good and respectable relationship. In season 3, while the two don't interact, Amanda works with Daniel to find Robby, who went on a run after critically injuring Miguel in the school brawl. While Robby cuts ties with Daniel and joins Cobra Kai later in season 3, due to Daniel getting Robby put in juvie for a short time, it is unknown how Amanda and Robby feel about each other.


Lucille is Amanda's mother in law. Their relationship can be described as interesting, as at times they are shown bickering, but are also shown laughing together and getting along on other occasions.


Louie is Amanda's cousin in law. In season 1, Amanda isn't fond of Louie due to his antics, most notably cooperating with a group of bikers into turning the LaRusso Auto Group into a motorcycle company.

In season 3, she initially isn't fond of Louie being rehired. However, later in the season, she does show some appreciation to Louie, such as praising him for his salesman skills to Daniel.


Johnny is the former rival of Amanda's husband Daniel. Despite the limited interactions, Amanda and Johnny are shown to be civil with each other.


At first, Amanda didn’t realize why Daniel’s was so worried by John Kreese’s return. After learning from Sam that Demetri’s arm had been broken as a result of Cobra Kai antagonizing Sam and her friends, she confronted Kreese herself, slapping him in anger over his callous nature. From that point she fully recognized the danger he posed. Kreese had filed a restraining order on her following the incident as a psychological tactic, so he could look more sympathetic to the authorities.




Anoush is Amanda's employee at LaRusso Auto. Despite the limited interactions, Amanda and Anoush have a good relationship.