Anoush is a minor character in the TV series Cobra Kai. He is a friend of Daniel LaRusso and was an employee at LaRusso Auto Group until he quit and later rehired.


Season 1

Anoush has a minor role. He is first seen at LaRusso Auto being introduced to Johnny Lawrence by his boss, Daniel. When Daniel is later worried about his daughter Samantha LaRusso's boyfriend Kyler, he talks to Anoush and Daniel's cousin Louie LaRusso, Jr.

After Daniel's picture on a billboard for LaRusso auto was defaced due to someone drawing a groin on his face, Anoush and Louie try to paint over it, which they do. When Daniel shows up at the dealership the following morning, Anoush gives him a brochure of Johnny promoting Cobra Kai Dojo, and says they were on the billboard, making Daniel realize Johnny defaced the billboard.

On Robby Keene's first day at the dealership, Daniel asks Anoush if he wants to do karate with him, but Anoush refuses due to him being busy with his dating app, and both he and Louie give Robby a hard time.

Later, when Johnny wants to test drive a new car, Daniel asks one of his employees if Anoush could do it, but she said that Anoush was with a customer.

Season 2

Anoush has an even smaller role. Anoush is first seen praising Daniel for his commercial promoting Miyagi Do Karate, and says he doesn't think Daniel is guilty of cultural appropriation. Daniel watches the video on Anoush's phone and is upset that some people are calling him racist, but Anoush comforts him and says he'll get a bunch of students.

When Johnny shows up at the dealership to find out where his son Robby (Robby Keene) is, Anoush is upset to see him. He criticizes him for the billboard incident. An irritated Johnny asks him where Robby is, but Anoush doesn't tell him and asks him to leave. However, an enraged Johnny shoves him against a car. Anoush tells him to get his hands off him, but Johnny then hits him and asks where Robby is, to which Anoush says he is staying at Daniel's house.

One day when Daniel is training his students instead of being in the dealership, he gets a call from Anoush, but Daniel declines it and texts him saying he isn't coming. An upset Anoush tells Daniel's wife Amanda LaRusso that Daniel isn't coming, and walks out of the room. When Daniel returns to the dealership later that day, Amanda tells him that he quit due to Tom Cole from Daniel's rival dealership offering him a higher title with better money. She then tells him that Anoush was going to give herself and Daniel a chance to match it, but he (Daniel) didn't show up.

Season 3

Anoush returns just as Tom Cole tries to buy LaRusso Auto Group from Daniel and Amanda. Anoush tells Louie that Tom wants to buy LaRusso Auto and has convinced Doyona International to pull their contract with LaRusso Auto. However, he soon betrays Tom, by saying Daniel re-hired him after Daniel and Amanda reject Cole's offer. He calls Cole a clown for calling him 'Faroush', and says he is working for Daniel again because he knows his real name and doesn't mistreat people. Anoush later jumps into Louie's arm after a snake is found in LaRusso Auto (Kreese put the snake there), and he says he hates Snakes. Initially, Louie shows him no sympathy, but then runs out of fear with Anoush in his arms.


Anoush is a good salesman and a good friend to Daniel and Amanda. However, he can be lazy and unprofessional, as he hazed Robby when he first got hired, and did not want to help Daniel out by doing karate with him. Anoush is also fairly perverted. In season 2, did not want to leave LaRusso Auto but he could not turn down Cole's offer. He even gave Daniel and Amanda a chance to match it before he quit. Despite working for Tom in the beginning of season 3, he does not like the way he treats Daniel and Amanda, and he even tells Louie about Tom convincing Doyona International to pull their contract with LaRusso Auto. He soon quits and is rehired by Daniel. When he quits, he tells Tom that he is quitting and working for Daniel because Daniel doesn't mistreat people.


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3


  • Anoush appears to be of Armenian descent.
  • Anoush has a preference for South Asian women.
  • Anoush has Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes).

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