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"Everybody has these amazing memories of Mr. Miyagi, and, you know, I never really knew the guy...or learned any cool moves."
―Anthony LaRusso to Daniel LaRusso[src]

Anthony LaRusso is a supporting character in Cobra Kai. He is portrayed by Griffin Santopietro.

He is the son of Daniel and Amanda LaRusso, and the younger brother of Samantha LaRusso. Unlike his sister, Anthony never had karate training and grew up as a spoiled kid. Anthony began bullying a boy named Kenny in middle school, prompting Kenny to become a Cobra Kai student in order to get revenge on him.


He was born on July 8, 2005. According to Daniel, after Anthony was brought from the hospital Mr. Miyagi picked him up and the newborn kicked him in the face. Although Mr. Miyagi spent time with Anthony, he died in 2011, when Anthony was five years old. As such, Anthony's memories of Mr. Miyagi were hazy.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Anthony spends a lot of his free time playing video games, and pays no attention to karate. He has no problem reminding Roland Zarkarian that while his father Armand Zarkarian may make more money then Daniel LaRusso, that Daniel could beat Armand in a karate fight. While cheering for his father at the All Valley Karate Tournament, Anthony seems to take a mild interest.

Season 2

In the months since the tournament, Daniel asks Anthony if he wants to join Miyagi-Do Karate instead of going to summer camp, but he refuses as he doesn't want to do the chores associated with training. The morning after the party at Moon's house, Daniel goes to Sam's room and notices she is not there. When Anthony walks by, Daniel asks if he has seen Sam, to which Anthony says not since he only got back from camp yesterday. However, Anthony looks unconcerned, and asks Daniel to make him waffles.

Season 3

Anthony arrives at Miyagi-Do Karate alongside his mother, when they walk in on Sam teaching karate. While Amanda is confronting Sam, Anthony is shown eating a popsicle. He repeats little things that his mother says, almost enjoying the reprimand that Sam is getting. When his mother finishes speaking, he tells Sam that he is disappointed in her.

Season 4

Anthony is a student at West Valley Middle School, and his unsupervised lifestyle has led him to become friends with a group of bullies. They watch the new kid, Kenny Payne, dancing as he waits for the bus stop. They make fun of him with Anthony calling it the "trying-not-to-shit-in-my-pants dance". Their attempts to humiliate the kid further during gym class backfires, as Kenny is a decent basketball player. He accidentally checks the ball into Anthony's face. Though Kenny apologizes, Anthony doesn't believe it was an accident and tries to intimidate the student. Lia intervenes and stops Anthony, telling him to take it easy on the new kid. He obliges but watches her be friendly with Kenny. His friends urge him to use karate on Kenny, but Anthony lies that the moves cause brain damage.

That night, Anthony and his friends catfish Kenny into believing that Lia wants to meet him at Balboa Park in his Dungeon Lord cosplay. They record Kenny in the park. He tries to stop Anthony from recording and accidentally breaks his phone, apologizes, but calls them assholes. Anthony's friends restrain Kenny and beat him up, encouraging Anthony to use his karate moves. Anthony readies himself just as Kenny escapes. They chase him to no avail as he hides from them. The bullying doesn't stop there, as they continue to chase the kid, beat him up, and fill his locker with milk in the coming school days. The cyberbullying and harassment continues, with Anthony stealing Kenny's clothes from the locker room so he'll be embarrassed in front of the entire class.

Daniel finds the stolen Cobra Kai sweatshirt and confronts Anthony over the attire. He explains that a kid from Cobra Kai is bullying him at school so he stole it. Daniel decides it's time to begin Anthony's training in Miyagi-Do. He shows him the dojo and explains the rich history behind everything. He tasks Anthony with cleaning Mr. Miyagi's old cars. When he returns, he's shocked that Anthony actually cleaned them. His excitement turns into annoyance when he learns Anthony hired a man to clean the cars for him. Daniel decides Anthony isn't mature enough to handle karate after all. Despite this, Anthony discovers a karate scroll inside that he finds interesting. Daniel merely calls it an extreme measure he hopes no one has to use. After that, his interest in karate seems to grow from that moment. At one point, Anthony and Lia have a conversation, where they reflect that they used to be close in kindergarten, but have grown apart over the years. Lia invites Anthony to an upcoming carnival and Anthony is excited about this, but this sours when Lia announces she is going with Kenny primarily. This seems to be the reason why Anthony has been bullying Kenny.

At school, Anthony tries to apologize but Kenny doesn't forgive him. After he calls Anthony "LaPusso", his friends chase Kenny through the halls of WVMS until they reach the library. Their confidence in cornering the boy evaporates when the lights in the room go out. They split up to find him but one-by-one, Kenny picks off the students using the techniques he's learned from Cobra Kai dojo. He leaves Anthony for last and easily takes his bully down. He is about to beat him up when the lights suddenly turn on and a teacher appears. The students are taken to the principal's office where the LaRusso's arrive, expecting swift action against Kenny for the bullying being done to their son. However, it turns out that Anthony lied when the principal calmly explains that Anthony is also being suspended, as he and his friends have been bullying Kenny for quite some time. They show the Instagram video of Kenny's locker being filled with milk, followed by security footage of Anthony and his friends chasing Kenny into the library. He then reveals that Anthony has become a bully. From outside, Anthony is suspended but Kenny is off the hook. He whispers "got ya" to Anthony, knowing that he's won this battle.

Now grounded, Anthony loses his electronic privileges and is sent to his bedroom as a result. While Samantha LaRusso goes to the West Valley High School Junior Prom with Miguel Diaz, Daniel goes to Anthony's bedroom and tries to make amends with his son for his actions by banning him from playing video games. Anthony then later wishes Daniel good luck at the All Valley Karate Tournament in which he agrees. Unbeknownst to Daniel, Anthony had been secretly hiding an iPad all along in his room, in which he hears due to a notification chime while playing Dungeon Lord. Daniel begins to get angry at him for not taking it seriously and demands Anthony to give his iPad to him. Anthony protests to Daniel that it isn't an iPad even though it is one but Daniel breaks it using karate techniques with his knee regardless. Daniel warns Anthony to follow and listen to his rules or face a much worse punishment since he is "done playing games with him", which Anthony reluctantly agrees.

Anthony and the rest of his family went to the All Valley Karate Tournament to cheer for Sam and Miyagi-Do. He then saw how Kenny was brutally beaten by Robby in the quarterfinals of the tournament. Realizing his mistakes, Anthony followed Kenny to the locker room to try and cheer him up with his loss by saying that Robby was one of the best and also tried to apologize to Kenny for everything he did to him. Unfortunately, Kenny at this point was convinced that he doesn't know how it feels to be bullied as he never experienced it so he started brutally punching him until he was stopped by Robby. Kenny then grabbed Anthony and told him that next year he would be in a world of pain. Robby then tried to talk to Anthony but he left while claiming that he should leave him alone. After the All Valley, Anthony and the rest of his family returned to their home in disappointment that Cobra Kai won.


Anthony is the classic rich kid with a spoiled attitude who takes the luxuries he has in his life for granted. His obsession with electronics distanced him from his family, which often made him overlooked in comparison to the public dramas of his father and sister. Anthony is used to getting his way, and his lack of discipline shows in various aspects of his life. From his weight to his inability to separate himself from the online world. He often missed out on opportunities to have fun because of his gaming, including while attending a high-end country club party. He often demands things from his parents, expecting them to give him what he wants when he asks. Anthony is proud of his LaRusso bloodline, much like his uncle, and acts in a condescending manner to anyone whom he believes are not on par in respect to wealth and success as his parents, which included Johnny and Miguel. While spoiled and often overlooked by his parents due to his sisters immense drama, there are moments where he does care about his family.

Now in middle school, Anthony desperately wants to fit in with his friends which leads him to become a condescending bully who picks on students smaller and of a lesser status than himself. Though he does show signs of regret and conscience for his actions later, his hesitance isn't enough to make him stop, this also doesn't prompt him to admit his actions as he never revealed to his father that he was a bully and instead lied by saying that he was being bullied. According to Vanessa LaRusso, Anthony may have disruptive mood dysregulation disorder or DMDD possibly due to a his addiction to electronics since an early age, learning key lessons from the internet rather than from his parents due to their lack of involvement in his life. During a talk with his father, Anthony expresses his discomfort about all the memories the rest of his family had with Mr. Miyagi as he doesn't really have any memories of his own with him and always feels out of the loop about it. After his father warns him to follow the rules or else he would face a worse punishment, Anthony seems to show more regret for his actions and even goes to apologize to Kenny after the tournament, although he still seems to lack a full understanding of what his actions really caused. His remorse appears to be genuine with Anthony visibly wincing when he sees Kenny get brutally beaten in the tournament and seeking out Kenny to make amends on his own afterwards.


Daniel LaRusso

"We're trying to help you to grow into the person we know you are, Anthony."
Daniel to Anthony[src]

Daniel is Anthony's father and he loves his son very much despite his attitude. Daniel advises Anthony to let go of his video game and join the other kids during the country club party but it had no success, much to Daniel's chagrin. A few years later, Anthony explained to his dad that there was a bully in school and Daniel decided to begin training his son in Miyagi-Do Karate, only to give up when Anthony demonstrated to be too lazy to perform chores associated with the training, such as washing some old cars. Anthony ultimately confessed to his dad that he felt left out of the loop because not only he did not have any good memories with Mr. Miyagi apart from when he was an infant, but also because Sam had been receiving more attention and support lately. Eventually, Daniel and Amanda discovered that Anthony lied and that he and some of his friends had been bullying their new classmate Kenny Payne for several weeks, prompting Daniel and Amanda to confiscate all of Anthony's electronic devices. When he proved to be not taking his punishment seriously when Daniel finds an iPad in his bed, Daniel threatens to give Anthony an even worse punishment unless he agrees to behave, which appeared to put Anthony back in line.

Kenny Payne

"I guess I was just trying..."
"To impress your friends by picking on the new kid who didn't have any.
―Anthony LaPusso and Kenny Payne[src]

Anthony and his friends have bullied Kenny throughout school. They first meet when Anthony makes fun of his dancing while waiting for the bus. While originally seeming like a one time joke, after Kenny accidentally hit him during gym class and after seeing him hanging out with his crush, Anthony continues to bully him in different ways, though he avoids any type of physical encounter as he was visibly uncomfortable when his friends were beating up Kenny. Later on and after a talk with his father, Anthony tries to apologize for bullying him but Kenny, who at this point had joined Cobra Kai, doesn't forgive him and calls him "LaPusso" which prompts Anthony to chase him, though Kenny was easily able to beat him and even made his parents find out that Anthony was a bully. Anthony then watches the tournament and is shocked to see Kenny lose his match to his classmate Robby Keene, even visibly wincing when Kenny is brutally beaten, appearing concerned for Kenny's welfare. When he goes to the locker room, he admits his mistakes and tries to apologize to him again but is then brutally beat by Kenny, who threatened him by saying that he will be in a world of pain once they go to high school.

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Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


  • Anthony likes the milk-based drink Yoo-Hoo.
  • He is a talented gamer, and owns both a PlayStation Vita and a Nintendo Switch[1].
  • According to a conversation between Daniel and Amanda, Anthony's conception was unplanned, with apparently him being conceived during an "incident on the mat".
  • Daniel and Anthony's experiences are seen as ironic as Daniel was a bully victim but Anthony becomes a bully.
  • In Season 4, Anthony is similar to a young Johnny Lawrence. Both were bullies who bullied a person out of jealousy for talking to their love interest. In the original Karate Kid, Johnny bullied Daniel about Ali and in this case, Anthony bullies Kenny about Lia. The difference is that Ali and Johnny were broken up but Lia shows more interest in Kenny.
  • Since Kenny is bullying Anthony, he is now a victim just like his father.