"You have more students, you have more money, you pay more rent. Yeah?"
―Armand shows his greedy nature towards Johnny Lawrence

Armand Zarkarian is the greedy and possessive Armenian American owner of the strip mall where the Cobra Kai dojo is held.  He is a crude and manner less man who, before the events of the series, was kicked out of the Encino Oaks Country Club for urinating in one of their showers. He is an unscrupulous man who is not above using his nephews Erik and Grigor to muscle his clients.

He is a supporting antagonist in Cobra Kai, and is portrayed by Ken Davitian


Season 1

In the fifth episode of the show's first season, "Counterbalance", Daniel can be seen talking to Armand at the Encino Oaks Country Club and asks him about buying his Reseda mini-mall. However, Daniel's true intention is to entice him to raise the rent on the dojo, in an attempt to put Johnny out of business in retaliation for the billboard prank.

Season 2

As Cobra Kai becomes more popular, Armand demands more rents from Johnny but Johnny refuses as he sees it as unreasonable. When Johnny Lawrence is away visiting his friends from high school, John Kreese secretly made a deal with him and successfully persuaded him to give him the ownership of the dojo, causing Johnny to lose control of the Cobra Kai Dojo

Season 3

Armand makes a deal with Amanda LaRusso to evict Kreese out of the dojo for the danger he is causing to kids and Armand agrees and when he attempts to evict Kreese, he brings his nephews, Erik and Grigor but Kreese defeated them and forced Armand to call Amanda and tell her that the deal they made is over

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