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"Bicephaly" is the fourth episode of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.


Kreese brings Terry back to Cobra Kai, but his former partner isn't interested in repeating history. Johnny grows envious of Daniel mentoring Miguel.


Mr. Palmer gives a tour of West Valley High School to the visiting students from West Valley Middle School, all of whom will be attending the high school in the next school year. He describes their formerly state-of-the-art science lab, which the district required the board to remove in the event of another karate incident. Lia asks Kenny what he thinks of the school, as she heard it was haunted. He pretends to be a ghost until she points out the food stuck to his shirt.

Kenny uses the bathroom to clean up when Bert and Nathaniel enter. They see his Cobra Kai shirt and begin to harass him. Kenny is reminded of Kyler and goes to attack when Hawk stops him, pinning him to the stall door. Hawk advises him to get out of Cobra Kai while he still can.

Daniel and Miguel lead katas together while Johnny watches. The Miyagi-Do students line-up for pad exercises, but a distracted Johnny watches Miguel train with Daniel. When he inadvertently moves, Demetri lands his kick on Johnny. As punishment, Demetri becomes the new human punching bag for the Miyagi-Dos. Abe lands a kick below the belt on Demetri, to which a distracted Johnny tells him to tighten his core.

With the class over, Johnny invites Miguel to dinner but the boy has plans with Daniel to finish Carmen's car. Miguel calls Daniel sensei as they leave.

Kyler invites Robby and Tory to see Bloodsport at the drive-in, but Tory might have to work late. Robby asks where she's working but she snaps it isn't his business. Kenny comes in looking depleted. Robby inquires so Kenny reveals that the older kids from the high school were messing with him and should quit Cobra Kai. He had spiky red hair. Knowing that it's Hawk, Tory adds that they owe him payback. Kreese calls class together and announces his partnership with Terry Silver, the co-founder of Cobra Kai. They bow to one another before telling everyone to give 200% so they can go to the next level.

Carmen and Johnny lay in bed together, where she offers to bring certain medications home to help him. He denies needing the pills as he can't LaRusso and Miguel out of his head. They spend so much time together, but she sees it as a good chance for her and Johnny to spend time together. She wants to tell Miguel about them as she doesn't want to carry secrets. He worries it will make things worse, but she doesn't see how it can. She decides that Johnny can tell Miguel when he's ready. Later on, Carmen's car gets fixed and Daniel lets Miguel drive.

Sam and Amanda are at a party place for their worker's child. She is upset at first spending her Saturday at the place. Unbeknownst to the two, Tory also works at the party place. After seeing the mermaid performance, Sam has a change of heart and enjoys the party but Tory gets upset when she sees her.

Robby and Kenny are training where Kenny asks about dealing with Hawk. The two are about to spar but Terry Silver comes in his place and spars with Robby. However, Silver defeats Robby and tells him to channel his anger.

Johnny is looking through his Facebook going through his memories with Miguel. When he sees his beer can, he has a flashback to when his mother tells him that Sid proposed to her but a young Johnny didn't want a new father. His mother saw all of his dad's old stuff and throws it away, angering him. Johnny throws the can away in anger.

While driving to the party place, Miguel and Daniel are listening to "Sailing" by Christopher Cross. Daniel tells Miguel that the 80s also had soft rock and not just hard rock. Miguel asks about the band Chicago, upsetting Daniel in the process. After Miguel misses a yellow light, Daniel warns him about driving around Sam and relates to his experiences. During the drive, two talk about fathers. Daniel talks about Mr. Miyagi and Miguel talks about his dad's gang life and explained why him, his mom and grandma moved up to Los Angeles.

Back at the party place, Tory is telling a story to the kids where Sam mocks her by comparing the story to their recent experiences and makes fun of her singing. Now fed up, Tory has the kids throw glitter at Sam.

Johnny is making dinner where Robby confronts him about how Eagle Fang is bullying Kenny. He asks what has Kreese been teaching him but his son counters saying he'll do what he needs to do. However, Johnny reminds him of his expulsion for the school brawl and also talks about Cobra Kai and how Robby is being brainwashed like Johnny. Robby tells Johnny about how he's trusted Kreese and tells him he's better than his dad.

Miguel and Daniel arrive at the party place where Sam kisses Miguel in front of Tory as revenge, causing Tory to leave in anger. Amanda apologizes about Sam and tells Tory about how her situation is hard but Tory tells her to stay out of it and can handle it herself. Amanda ends the conversation saying that if she asks for help, she'll be surprised.

Johnny is setting up dinner where he offers Miguel to eat but Miguel declines saying how he had dinner with Daniel. The two talk about the 80s and how Miguel listened to soft rock like Chicago but Johnny gets upset about how he ditched hard rock. He lets him go and promises dinner for another time.

Kenny is at the drive-in where he gets multiple snacks for his classmates where he bumps into Hawk and knocks over his snacks. As a result, Cobra Kai ends up in a confrontation with Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang. The Cobra's meet them at a baseball diamond but are drenched by the sprinklers. Hawk praises Miguel for defeating Cobra Kai without throwing a punch.

Back at Cobra Kai, Kreese overhears his students talk about the incident and explains the rivalry between Cobra Kai, Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang. He wants to get revenge for the sprinkler incident but Silver refuses. He explains he came back to bring back glory to Cobra Kai and learn from their mistakes. Silver also explains how Kreese had glory but squandered it on his rivalry with Miyagi-Do. Kreese explains how Mr. Miyagi beat up Johnny and his classmates during the Halloween dance and came to class injured and tells him about how Mr. Miyagi wasn't getting off lightly. Silver mentions that Cobra Kai isn't about revenge and that if they revisit the past, history will repeat itself.

Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang are back at the Miyagi-Do dojo talking about the drive-in incident. Eagle Fang is praising Miguel for drenching Cobra Kai with sprinklers but Johnny gets mad about it. Daniel explains about how they dealt with a situation without fighting. Before Johnny and Daniel talk, Terry Silver and Kreese visit Miyagi-Do where Daniel has flashbacks to their encounter from The Karate Kid Part III. Terry talks about the plans before the tournament.



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  • Bicephaly is a reference to the genetic condition that happens to a fetus in utero. Because the embryo doesn't split correctly or completely, the fetus becomes a conjoined twin instead of an identical twin. This phenomenon is incredibly rare, but happens in both humans and animals to differing extents.