Big Red is an uncredited and minor character in Cobra Kai. He is affiliated with the Cobra Kai Dojo under John Kreese.


Season 2

Like Chris and Mitch, he joins the Cobra Kai Dojo right after their victory in the tournament. He quickly gets exposed to John Kreese's vicious teachings but doesn't quit. His brother Lil Red quits and joins Miyagi-Do like Chris, Nathaniel who couldn't handle the vicious teachings. At Moon's party, he is seen cheering on the drinking champion Tory in a drinking contest and cheers her on after she defeats Rickenberger. But, like many Cobra Kai's and Miguel, he is disappointed when Tory gets beat in the contest by Samantha. After the intense karate school brawl, when Kreese takes Johnny's dojo away from him, he becomes loyal to Kreese and ditches Johnny just like Hawk and Tory Nichols.

Season 3

He is still in the Cobra Kai Dojo, training under Kreese. Kreese asks him to kick the plant and he attempts to do so but fails.

During a physical game of soccer, Big Red and a few other Cobra Kai students including Hawk are sent to the Principal's office where they were mistakenly thought to be the innocent ones, and were free to go while some of the Miyagi-Do students including Sam gets detention.

When it was the Miyagi-Do's vs Cobra Kai's, he laughs on coldly like Mikey, Tory, and Doug, when Hawk breaks Demetri's arm.


  • Just like in the show, Big Red’s actor (Christopher Ryan Lewis), is the older brother of Lil Red’s actor (Shane Donavan Lewis).
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