""Johnny gives up he got his account!""
―Bobby Brown to Johnny Lawrence

Robert "Bobby" Brown is one of the tertiary antagonists of The Karate Kid, he is one of the strongest of Cobra Kai Dojo. Some even wonder if Bobby is stronger than Johnny.

Fictional Character BiographyEdit

The Karate KidEdit

Bobby is Kreese's second-best student and was runner-up to Johnny in the All-Valley Tournament the previous year, though Johnny's most prominent right-hand man appeared to be Dutch. Although one of Johnny's gang (he slide tackles Daniel at the first day of school soccer tryouts, prompting Daniel to tackle him and land a punch to his face, thus getting Daniel kicked out of the tryouts), Bobby is seen as a more compassionate character than his friends. He tries to stop Johnny from ruining the beach party, stop him from harassing Daniel, and from doing further damage to Daniel during the fight alongside the South Sea apartments during the Halloween party. During the Semi-finals of the tournament, Kreese orders Bobby to put Daniel "out of commission," which Bobby reluctantly attempts to do by landing a kick to Daniel's knee, severely injuring him. After the kick, Bobby drops down and sincerely and profusely apologizes to a pain-writhen Daniel. Then, Bobby is pulled off Daniel and is disqualified. Because Daniel was unable to continue at that time and Bobby being disqualified, he is the only Cobra Kai member that Daniel doesn't defeat. In the film's novelization, Bobby - remorseful for injuring Daniel and disgusted at not being able to fight him fairly - walks over to Kreese and throws his black belt onto the floor. He then quits the Cobra Kai and leaves the arena.

Karate Kid 2Edit

In the parking lot confrontation following the tournament, Bobby defends Johnny from an angry Kreese, as does Tommy who states that Johnny has apologized for his performance. When Kreese attacks Johnny, Bobby and Tommy both attempt to intervene but are assaulted by Kreese.

Karate Kid 3Edit

Bobby appears in a montage in the beginning of the movie. Bobby along with the other Cobra Kai members likely left the dojo following the events after the tournament which explains why there aren't any students left at Cobra Kai.

The Cobra KaiEdit

Bobby appears in several flashbacks in season 1.


Similar to the Cobra Kai, Bobby bullies and harasses Daniel. However, unlike his other fellow Cobra members especially Johnny he is very compassionate, and knows when to draw the line. He frequently has to tell his group particularity Johnny to calm down whenever things are going too far, and he shows remorse when he performs an unethical action such as illegally kicking Daniel during the tournament.