Brucks is the secondary antagonist in the first half of season 1 of the TV series the Cobra Kai. He is a part of Kyler's bully gang.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Brucks is first shown going into the liquor store with Kyler and two of his friends. However, Miguel Diaz who is also in there outs them for being underage. Furious, Kyler pushes him into a car which happens to be owned by Johnny Lawrence. When Johnny tells Brucks, Kyler and the other two friends to leave Miguel alone Brucks and Kyler make fun of him. An angry Johnny then kicks Kyler. which shocks Brucks and the other two. The four then attack Johnny, but Johnny beats all of them up.

During the Halloween dance Brucks along with Kyler and the other two friends run into Miguel in the locker room. When he and Kyler make fun of Miguel's karate, Miguel kicks Kyler. However, Brucks then pins Miguel to a locker, and he along with Kyler and his other two friends shove Miguel's head into the toilet.

At the library, Brucks and Kyler bully Miguel, Demetri and Eli Moskowitz (later Hawk), but are unaware that Kyler's girlfriend at the time Samantha LaRusso witnesses what they are doing.

At the cafeteria he laughs when Kyler makes fun of Sam and attacks Miguel along with Kyler and his other two friends after Miguel hurts Kyler, but the four are bested by Miguel.

When Brucks, Kyler, Yasmine and Moon come to the lake to celebrate Yasmine's birthday, they see it is crowded with many people that Yasmine does not associate with. When Kyler sees Miguel there he loses his nerve and suggests they leave, and Brucks follows him.

Season 2

Brucks does not appear and is not mentioned in season 2.

Season 3

Bo Mitchell announced on his Facebook that he would be returning as Brucks in season 3. [1]


Brucks is a bully and always ready to fight, but apart from that he's a fairly good humored and jovial person.  Oddly, he seems to be somewhat concerned about other people's grammar, once lecturing Kyler out of nowhere on the objects of prepositions.

Fighting Style

An untrained brawler, Brucks tries to overbear opponents with his size. He is only ever seen fighting alongside Kyler and the other bullies, so it's not known how he'd handle an opponent one on one. He has no defensive abilities whatsoever; skilled fighters are able to hit him practically at will.


  • Brucks can be seen as the secondary antagonist in the first half of season 1 due to him being second in command in Kyler's bully gang.
  • A character Brucks can be compared to is Dutch:
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