The Karate Kid

Ralph Macchio

Pat Morita

Elisabeth Shue

Martin Kove

William Zabka

Karate Kid 2:

Ralph Macchio

Pat Morita

Martin Kove

Danny Kamekona

Tamlyn Tomita

Nobu McCarthy

Karate Kid 3:

Ralph Macchio

Pat Morita

Thomas Ian Griffith

Martin Kove

Tamlyn Tomita

The Next Karate Kid:

Pat Morita

Hilary Swank

The Karate Kid (2010)


Jaden Smith is Dre Parker

Jackie Chan is Mr. Han

Taraji P. Henson is Sherry Parker

and more.


directed by Harald Zwart

screenplay by Christopher Murphey

story by Robert Mark Kamen

produced by Jada Pinkett Smith Will Smith Jerry Weintraub Ken Stoviz James Lassiter

co-producers Chuck Williams Solon So

executive producers Dany Wolf Susan Ekins Sanping Han Eric Weiner

music by James Horner

supervisor of music Pilar McCurry

editor Joel Negron

production designer Francois Seguin

director of photography Roger Pratt, B.S.C.

costume designer Han Feng

animation director Steve Oakes

Curious Pictures

  • character animation

Richard Winkler

  • 2D cell animation by

Film Roman Animation

  • post production sound services by

Skywalker Sound a Lucasfilm company.

Little Einsteins courtesy of Curious Pictures.

this motion picture was created by Walt Disney Pictures and Television for purposes of copyright law in the United Kingdom.

(c) 2010 Disney/Sony Pictures all rights reserved.



Kodak Motion Picture Film

DTS-ES Digital Sound

Dolby Digital EX

Sony Dynamic Digital Sound

American Humanie Association Film and TV Unit no animals were harmed during making this movie.

soundtrack available on Walt Disney Records

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