"Who's badass now?"
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Chris "Douchebag" joins Cobra Kai at first, but after realizing that Cobra Kai's ruthless mentality is too much, he switches to Miyagi-Do Karate. When first joining Miyagi Do, he has trouble getting along with them due to his past actions as a Cobra Kai. However, as time goes by, Chris's relationships with the Miyagi Do students improves to the point that he becomes friends with them.


Season 2

He along with his friend Mitch and several other teenagers join Cobra Kai most likely because of Cobra Kai's success at the All Valley Karate tournament.

He trains under Sensei Johnny Lawrence and the latter's Sensei John Kreese. He gets exposed to Kreese's ruthless teachings. While Miyagi-Do student Demetri is at the comic book store Chris along with other Cobra Kai students which includes Mitch and Hawk surround him. Demetri runs away, but Chris along with the other chase him. When they are unable to find Demetri, Chris actually advises Hawk to leave him alone but Hawk refuses to listen. After some time Chris and the others surround Demetri. However, Miyagi-Do students Robby Keene and Samantha LaRusso beat all of them up.

Shortly after Miyagi-Do Karate Sensei Daniel LaRusso confronts Johnny about his students trashing his dojo, Chris along with numerous students, realizing that Kreese has gone too far, leave the dojo and go to Daniel's house, where they request to join Miyagi-Do Karate. While Samantha, Robby and Demetri don't want them to join due to their actions against Demetri, Daniel allows them to join.

While Chris and Demetri have trouble getting along at first due to the latter still holding a grudge against Chris, they soon learn to get along after Daniel tells them about the time he joined Cobra Kai.

He is at Moon's party, the night before the first day of school. At the party, Hawk tries to attack Demetri when the latter insults him, but is blocked by Chris and Robby. The cops then arrive, causing the party to end.

During the school brawl, Chris fights Mitch. Despite gaining the upper-hand at first, he is eventually kicked to the ground by Mitch. However, he then takes a book, gets up and smacks Mitch with it, knocking him down.

Season 3

He is still at odds with the Cobra Kai's, most notably Mitch. After Nathaniel is beaten up by the Cobra Kai's, Sam re opens Miyagi Do, with Chris rejoining. One day at the arcade, where Chris works, Hawk, Mitch and some other Cobra Kai's create trouble in the arcade, causing Chris to call Sam for help. Sam, Demetri and two other Miyagi Do's arrive to help Chris, resulting in a fight to break out between Miyagi Do and Cobra Kai. Chris is attacked from behind by Mitch, but then he gives him an elbow to the face, knocking him back a little. Chris dodges Mitch's attack and then drops him on the floor, beating him one on one. However, he is soon grabbed and held by Doug, until Mitch returns, and the two beat him up.

Later on, while at Sam's house with the other Miyagi Do's, the members of the Eagle Fang Karate (Counter dojo against Cobra Kai) which includes Mitch, arrive under Sam's permission, as she wants both dojos to work together. While Chris along with the others sans Miguel and Sam don't agree with this, they soon come to a truce. Then, several Cobra Kai's break in, resulting in a fight breaking out. Chris fights with Doug and the match appears to be even, but he ultimately loses when Tory steps in and helps Doug defeat him. Chris and his friends ultimately win the fight, partly due to Hawk defecting and helping his side.

The morning after the fight, Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang merge into one and train at Miyagi Do. Chris and Mitch hug, rekindling their friendship. Everyone is now training under Johnny and Daniel.


Chris is friendly and over time is shown to have a kind heart. Shortly after joining Cobra Kai in season 2, he becomes exposed to Kreese's vicious teachings, which makes him somewhat of a bully for a short time. He along with some Cobra Kai students bully Demetri in the mall, but his heart clearly isn't in it. Chris advises Hawk to leave Demetri alone at one point, which mirrors Bobby Brown advising Johnny to leave Daniel alone in the original movie. However, after realizing Kreese has gone too far he quits and goes to Miyagi-Do Karate. Despite initially having trouble getting along with Demetri for his actions at the mall, the two soon manage to get along. As a result of him quitting Cobra Kai, his friendship with Mitch ends. Mitch is more than willing to beat him up during the school brawl. However, Chris emerges victorious in the end.

In season 3, he continues to stand up to the Cobra Kai's. Eventually, by the end of the season, he rekindles his friendship with the redeemed Mitch, and the two along with the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang students, as well as Hawk are training at Miyagi Do.

Fighting Style

Chris has a solid striking technique. He is large and strong, although not especially fast. He uses his size well, frequently incorporating takedowns and heavy kicks into his style. He has also shown a talent for improvised weapons, such as when he used a school book to beat Mitch during the high school brawl at the end of season 2, and using a frying pan to stop an incoming attack from Doug at the end of season 3.

During his fight with Mitch at the arcade in season 3, Chris quickly gains the upper hand by countering his strike, and then taking him down and beating him one on one. However, he then gets taken out and beaten up by Mitch and Doug.

Despite Chris's solid technique, it is no where near on par as several others', which results in him being beaten by several people, such as Sam, Robby and Tory.


  • Chris advising Hawk to leave Demetri alone is similar to former Cobra Kai Bobby Brown advising his gang, particularly Johnny to leave Daniel alone.
  • He is the first major character to ditch Cobra Kai and join Miyagi-Do.
  • Chris appears to be a professional wrestling fan, as seen in his debut, in which he wears an Ultimate Warrior shirt.
  • The main Cobra Kai student Chris has come up against is Doug, they've never had a proper 1v1 due to Mitch and Tory getting involved on two separate occasions and attacking Chris whilst he takes on Doug.
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