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"Who's badass now?"
―Chris to Mitch[src]

Chris is a major recurring character in the Netflix series Cobra Kai. He is portrayed by Khalil Everage.

He joins Cobra Kai at first, but after realizing that Cobra Kai's ruthless mentality is too much, he switches to Miyagi-Do Karate. When first joining Miyagi-Do, he has trouble getting along with them due to his past actions as a Cobra Kai. However, as time goes by, Chris's relationships with the Miyagi-Do students improves to the point that he becomes good friends with them as well as becoming a high ranking member of the dojo. However, his decision to leave Cobra Kai leads to his friendship with his best friend Mitch to end. He later rekindles his friendship with him after the latter redeems himself.

Cobra Kai

Season 2

He along with his friend Mitch and several other teenagers try to join Cobra Kai most likely because of Cobra Kai's success at the All Valley Karate tournament but were turned down at first.

He trains under Sensei Johnny Lawrence and the latter's Sensei John Kreese. He gets exposed to Kreese's ruthless teachings. While Miyagi-Do student Demetri is at the comic book store Chris along with Doug, Mikey, Mitch and Hawk surround him. Demetri runs away, with the Cobra's following him and Chris hesitantly helping his friends. When they are unable to find Demetri, Chris advises Hawk to leave him alone but Hawk refuses to listen. After some time Chris and the others surround Demetri. However, Miyagi-Do students Robby Keene and Samantha LaRusso step in and take the gang out.

Shortly after Miyagi-Do Karate Sensei Daniel LaRusso confronts Johnny about his students trashing his dojo and out of nowhere, Chris grabs his bag and heads for the exit. Out of confusion Mitch questions his decision to leave, Chris responds and claims he never liked it at Cobra Kai. He makes his stand and is later followed by Nathaniel, Abe, Frank, and Lil Red. While Samantha, Robby and Demetri help Daniel fix their trashed dojo, Chris emerges from the dojo's entry and openly states he wants to join Miyagi-Do, before being noticed by Robby who confronts him due to his past actions at the mall. Chris later apologies to Demetri and Daniel welcomes him into Miyagi-Do.

Chris fights Mitch at school

However, Chris and Demetri have trouble getting along at first due to the latter still holding a grudge against Chris. They bicker and argue to the point Demetri taunts Chris and he later pushes Demetri to the ground with ease. Robby states that Chris can't change and Daniel then intervenes and reveals he was once a member of Cobra Kai. Daniel assembles all of his students including Chris and Demetri and tells them about his time at Cobra Kai. Demetri later has a change of heart and decides to complete a mission with Chris' help and once they complete their task, the two then decide to put their differences aside and become friends.

Sam is alerted that Moon is throwing a party the night before the first day of school and that she fan invite her friends from Miyagi-Do. She turns up with Robby, whilst Chris and Demetri arrive together. The group enter the party and soon come face to face with their rivals. As the night goes on Demetri and Hawk lock horns, Hawk and Mitch attempt to attack Demetri but are physically blocked by Chris and Robby. Just as Robby, Mitch, Hawk and Chris are about to come to blows, the cops then arrive, causing the party to end with the beef between both dojos reaching a new high before thier first day back at school.

After first period is over, the showdown between both dojos begin, firstly with Demetri and Chris standing together on the sidelines. Chris implies they need to take action to stop the confrontation from getting out of hand, but Demetri takes this the wrong way and attempts to get a teacher involved. As the levels to the fight rise, one of Chris' co-students is punched and thrown to the wall by Mitch, Chris tries to help him out before grabbing Mitch's full attention, the former friends exchange words before Mitch throws a punch at Chris before missing and Chris replies with a strong kick to the back, sending Mitch flying into a locker, but he shrugs it off to take on Chris. The two continue to battle it out with Chris dominating the fight, skillfully defending all of Mitch's attacks and landing strikes of his own. Despite gaining the upper-hand at first, he is eventually kicked to the ground. However, with Mitch seeing fit to taunt him while he is down, he uses this opening to take a textbook and smack Mitch with it, knocking him out and ulitmately winning the fight against his former pal.

Season 3

Chris fights Mitch at the arcade

Chris is still at odds with the Cobra Kai's, most notably Mitch. After Nathaniel is beaten up by Hawk and Mitch, Samantha re-opens Miyagi-Do, with Chris re-joining. One day at the arcade, where Chris works, Hawk, Mitch, Mikey, and Doug get up to no good in the arcade, causing Chris to call Sam for help. Sam, Demetri, Stiven, and an unnamed Miyagi-Do student arrive to help their friend, resulting in a fight to break out between Miyagi-Do and Cobra Kai. Chris is attacked from behind by Mitch, but replies with an elbow to the face, knocking him back. Mitch then attacks but is denied by Chris' solid defending. Left exposed, Chris uses his agility to sneak under Mitch's punch and drop him to the floor with ease, beating him one on one. Miyagi-Do gain full dominance during the fight until more Cobra's arrive on the premises, which results in them being outnumbered. Chris is soon grabbed and held by Doug, he calls out for Sam's aid but she is unable to which results in Mitch later returning to help Doug brutally beat up Chris, which earns him and his friends a trip to hospital.

Chris during the LaRusso house fight

A few days later, Sam invites Chris, Demetri and their co-students to her house, claiming that she was going to a party. She insists that they're waiting for a keg, but when the doorbell rings things aren't what they seem. Members of the Eagle Fang Karate (Counter dojo against Cobra Kai) which includes Mitch, arrive under Sam's permission, as she wants both dojos to work together. Chris is one of the first to deny the chance of them working together, stating that breaking Demetri's arm isn't easily forgivable but Mitch said that Miyagi-Do started the fight and Chris counters that he nearly lost his job at Golf N Stuff. Even after sitting down for several minutes he isn't really prepared to work with former Cobra's, but all the beef is squashed and they soon come to an agreement. The group come up with ideas for their new dojo, just before several Cobra Kai's break in, resulting in a fight breaking out. Chris fights with Doug and the match appears to be even, until Tory steps in and helps Doug take him down. Chris and Mitch finally take out Doug and his friends to ultimately win the fight, partly helped due to Hawk defecting and helping his side.

The morning after the fight, Demetri, Chris, Sam and the other Miyagi-Do students arrive at thier dojo. Soon after Eagle Fang students emerge from the dojo's entry where Hawk reunites with Demetri, Bert reunites with Nate and Mitch reunites with Chris. The pair hug and put their former rivalry behind them before their first training session with Johnny and Daniel.

Season 4

Chris still remains loyal to Daniel and Miyagi-Do, but still hasn't fully overcome his lack in confidence alongside his close ally Demetri. Chris takes part in several training sessions with his sensei and newly appointed co-sensei Johnny. As things were beginning to looking upwards for Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, tensions rise between Johnny and Daniel as well as Chris and former enemy Hawk. Chris confronts Hawk over his past actions, including the time he stole Mr. Miyagi's medal. Still holding a grudge, Chris later tells Hawk that he isn't wanted at the dojo, followed by some harsh words from Daniel.

Chris and Mitch at Miyagi-Do

Once things start to escalate even further between both sensei’s, the plan for both dojos to work together comes to an end, resulting in Chris going back to life without seeing Mitch on a daily basis and Johnny and Daniel's potential hope of friendship, ending.

Both dojos begin to train alone before the All-Valley and just as they do, a new set of adjustments for the tournament head their way, including a separate division for the ladies as well as a weapons display and a division for the boys. Daniel insists that this is good news and lets his male students know that he believes in them but his positivity is later denied by Demetri and Chris. They speak out amongst their fellow students and don't believe that they stand a chance at all, doubting their fighting ability and providing evidence that they still lack confidence. Chris states that Miyagi-Do was better off with Hawk and Miguel while Demetri mentions Robby.

Chris, Demetri, Daniel and Sam during the All-Valley

On the day of the All-Valley, Miyagi-Do are one of the first up to present their skills in the weapons display. Chris eases past the tasks, easily demolishing five layers of brick and several planks of wood. Chris also makes it to the Round of 16, but loses in a close match to Cobra Kai's Kyler, when the latter utilizes the Miyagi-Do techniques. Chris can be seen motivating his co-students as they step up in the following stages of the tournament and celebrating with his team when they win the boys division.


Chris is friendly and over time is shown to have a kind heart. Shortly after joining Cobra Kai, he becomes exposed to Kreese's vicious teachings, which makes him somewhat of a bully for a short time. He, along with some Cobra Kai students, attack Demetri in the mall for his Yelp review, but he clearly doesn't want involvement in attacking him. Chris advises Hawk to leave Demetri alone at one point. Later down the line, after realizing Kreese's plans are too much, he leaves Cobra Kai and decides to join Miyagi-Do Karate. Despite initially having trouble getting along with Demetri for his actions at the mall, the two soon manage to get along and down the line would become close friends. As a result of him quitting Cobra Kai, his friendship with Mitch ends. Mitch is more than willing to beat him up during the school brawl. However, Chris emerges victorious in the end, and continues to stand up to the Cobra Kai's. Eventually, by the end of the season, he rekindles his friendship with the redeemed Mitch, and the two along with the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang students, as well as Hawk are training at Miyagi-Do.

Despite getting off on the wrong foot with Demetri, the two would go on to become close friends. Chris is a loyal friend to Demetri, as he stands by him and consistently defends him by stopping Mitch and Hawk from attacking him at Moon's party, and stands by him when confronted by Hawk, Mitch and Bert at school; Chris also boosts his confidence, instructing him to block his hits in training when they spar each other and letting him know he is now popular after defeating Hawk in the school fight.

Fighting Style

Chris has a solid striking technique. He is large, strong, he has a a lot of pace. He uses his size well, frequently incorporating takedowns and heavy kicks into his style. When it comes to his defending, it's fairly solid, just goes to show he's a quick learner of Daniel's lessons. He has also shown a talent for improvised weapons and uses his environment, which has helped him combine his fighting and environmental skill into one, such as when he used a school book to beat Mitch during the high school brawl at the end of season 2, and using a frying pan to stop an incoming attack from Doug at the end of season 3.

When fighting Mitch in the school brawl in season 2, Chris uses his superior defense and technique, as well as solid offense to gain the upper hand. Despite eventually being kicked to the ground by Mitch, he improvises by using a book to beat him.

During his fight with Mitch at the arcade in season 3, Chris easily gains the upper hand by countering his strikes and then dropping him to the ground, beating him one on one with ease. Chris being able to take out Mitch quicker during their rematch provides evidence that there's a major skill gap between them. Chris is also skilled enough to stand his ground against fighters such as Tory, as seen during the LaRusso house invasion.

While often beating Mitch without much effort, Chris seems to have more trouble fighting Doug, most likely because the latter is ruthless and more aggressive, as well as more than one opponent at once.

Despite Chris' solid technique, it is currently not as great as several others. Chris being taken out by more than one enemy at the same time has become a recurring theme. During the arcade showdown, he wins his fight against Mitch, before the latter and Doug team up to take him out together. During the LaRusso house fight, he manages to remain in the battle whilst fighting Doug, until Tory later steps in and helps her fellow student. A good reason for this might be due to the fact Chris is a skilled fighter than carries a lot of size, which results in him being seen as a threat above most.

During season 4, Chris' skills have clearly adapted. He was able to ease past training sessions including striking pads and object destruction. Chris' striking power has improved majorly, as seen when he is easily able to break several planks of wood in half during training, as well as at the skills competition. He also demolishes five layers of brick during the skills competition of the All Valley tournament with ease. In the one on one matchups during the All-Valley tournament, he finds himself in a 2-2 tie with Kyler in the round of 16. In the third round, Chris presented some solid attacking strikes, but was caught off guard by Kyler utilizing Miyagi-Do techniques, which led to Chris being edged by the latter and losing the match in the last round.

Chris has come a long way from a Cobra Kai rookie to a top student under Daniel's teachings. As a whole Chris is one of the stronger fighters amongst Miyagi-Do's ranks.



Mitch is Chris' best friend and former rival. The two friends first aimed to join Cobra Kai, but things didn't end up going to plan. Mitch approved of Cobra Kai's ruthless teachings whilst Chris was easily exposed by them. He is first student to ditch Cobra Kai and join Miyagi-Do, Chris' decision to switch sides end's his friendship with Mitch. The two have several showdowns with one another before thier rivalry gets out of hand and the two end up participating in the school brawl between each of thier dojos. Chris easily dominates thier first fight, defending and striking the latter well. He is knocked down but quickly gets up to defeat Mitch. The two dojos soon come face to face again, this time and Chris' place of work. Chris and Mitch fight it out for a second time, with Chris coming out on top and easily defeating Mitch with his improved fighting skills, not too long after the fight turns nasty for Miyagi-Do and each fighter is picked off one by one, including Chris who is beaten up by Mitch and Doug. In the near future Chris and Mitch meet again at Samantha's house. The two bicker alongside their co-students but soon put their differences behind them and call a truce. Not long after they put their friendship back in place and train under Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso.

Demetri Alexopoulos

Demetri is one of Chris' co-students at Miyagi-Do, as well as one of his closest friends. The two didn't get off to a great start in terms of their relationship; Chris being a part of Cobra Kai as well as Hawk's crew didn't sit right with Demetri. This led to them bickering and arguing once Chris joined Miyagi-Do. They soon put their differences aside and worked together on a mission their new sensei had appointed them to. After this they would become close friends; they would train together as well as protect each other against Cobra Kai.



  • Chris advising Hawk to leave Demetri alone is similar to former Cobra Kai Bobby Brown advising his gang, particularly Johnny to leave Daniel alone.
  • Chris is the first major character to ditch Cobra Kai and join Miyagi-Do.
    • Furthermore, Chris reunites with Johnny after his short stint in Cobra Kai.
  • Chris appears to be a professional wrestling fan, as seen in his debut, in which he wears an Ultimate Warrior shirt.
  • Chris also goes by name of 'Miyagi-Do's Tank' by Cobra Kai fans on the Internet.
  • Although Chris was a student at Cobra Kai before joining Miyagi-Do, he was never an antagonist.
  • Chris plays a major part in Demetri's arc during Season 2.
  • The main Cobra Kai student Chris has come up against is Doug, they've never come face to face alone due to Mitch and Tory getting involved on two separate occasions and attacking Chris whilst he takes on Doug. This can be due to his size and skill being seen as a threat.
    • It is revealed that Chris did beat Doug at the end of the fight to help out Mitch, however the scene which shows him actually taking him down was deleted.
  • Chris is one of the major recurring characters in the series. Alongside Mitch and Kyler.


Season 2

Season 3

Season 4