Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues


Flux Game Studio


GameMill Entertainment


Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows (Steam)

Release Date

October 27, 2020


Beat 'em up

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues is a side-scrolling beat 'em-up video game based on the American web television series Cobra Kai (in turn based on the film franchise The Karate Kid), developed by Brazilian studio Flux Game Studio and published by GameMill Entertainment in North America and Maximum Games in Europe. It was released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 27, 2020. It was released on PC through Steam on January 5, 2021.


Present Day: West Valley High School (Prologue)

Demetri & Hawk are in Principal Lopez's office arguing about the events that had occurred. Facing suspension, Principal Lopez wants the two to explain everything that has happened from the beginning.

Act 1: Skeletons from the Past

  • Mini Golf & Arcade.
    • Cobra Kai Side: Miguel got a note thinking it was from Samantha, arrives at the mini golf & arcade to meet with her. Although he did see her, he ends up encountering Cruz & Trey, leaving him a surprise: thugs in skeleton costumes. During the fighting, he encounters Johnny inside the building, who joins in on the fight. Once they exited the building, the encounter Derek, who immediately attacks the duo. After defeating him, the duo encounter Carmen, who promises to heal Cobra Kai if they're ever hurt. Soon they encounter Cruz & Trey, which Cruz goes on the attack. After defeating him, Miguel watches the two flee in a car, leaving behind a map. After Miguel gives Johnny the map, Johnny realizes it was a trap, using Miguel to get to Johnny. Thinking Miyagi-Do is behind this, he tells Miguel they need the check out the spots on the map to deal with this. Along the way, they encounter Tory, who joins in on the action.
    • Miyagi-Do Side: Samantha got a note thinking it was from Miguel, arrives at the mini golf & arcade to meet with him. Although she did see him, she ends up encountering Trey & Cruz, leaving her a surprise: thugs in skeleton costumes. During the fighting, she encounters her father Daniel inside the building, who joins in on the fight. Once they exited the building, the encounter Derek, who immediately attacks the duo. After defeating him, the duo encounter Amanda who promises to heal the Miyagi-Dos if they're ever hurt. Soon they encounter Trey & Cruz, which Cruz goes on the attack. After defeating him, Samantha watches the two flee in a car, leaving behind a map. After Samantha gives Daniel the map, Daniel realizes it was an ambush. Thinking Cobra Kai is behind this, especially with the skeleton suits, he tells his daughter they need the check out the spots on the map to deal with this. Along the way, they encounter Robby, who joins in on the action.

Act 2: Shady Contacts

  • LaRusso Auto: Outside of LaRusso Auto, the dojos encounter a spray painter named Lindsay, who orders them to leave. When they refused, she orders her gang to attack the dojos. Fighting through waves of enemies throughout the dealership, they encounter Tom Cole, who has been ordering the enemies to get the cars out of LaRusso Auto for money. After beating Lindsay, they encounter Tom again, who tries to pass Boba to the dojos, but failed, says that what he is doing is business. After defeating him, Tom reveals that he got a call for a deal he could not refuse - all he had to do was to go to LaRusso Auto, trash the place, relocate the cars, and meet his contact. He only showed up because his goons could not do it on their own.
  • Smitty's Diner: The dojos encounter Brucks outside the diner, who makes a indirect mention of the skeleton goons and makes his leave. Halfway through the path, they encounter Kyler & Brucks. Although they defeated Brucks, who revealed that he only tagged along, tells the two sensei to go to Kyler for the information they want. At the storage room, they find & defeat Kyler, who reveals that he just followed instructions from "some karate dude" at the mall, in exchange for revenge on Miguel & another shot with Sam; he was told to "Find Johnny/Daniel, and mention the skeleton costumes."
  • Shopping Mall: Outside the mall, the dojos recruit their 4th member (Hawk for Cobra Kai; Demetri for Miyagi-Do) and encounter Shawn, who was spray painting the rival dojo's logo, orders his gang to fight the dojos. Fighting their way though thugs & security, they encounter Shawn in the comic store, and defeats him. Although encountering dojo students at the food court, their destination ends up in the movie theatre, encountering Demetri or Hawk. Depending on who's defeated, Shawn returns for payback, only for a security guard to detain him, though the two dojos were able to escape. Shawn warns them that they can fight as much as they want, but no tournament will ever prepare them for real life, which leads to their next destination: the All Valley Tournament.

Act 3: Unfinished Business

  • Oaks on the Beach Club: Arriving at the club, the dojos encounter Cruz, Trey and Derek again, this time handing out flyers. Fighting their way through the club, the dojos encounter Derek once more, and defeat him again. He tells the dojos to go to Cruz and Trey about the flyers. Finding the two, they want to know about the flyers they were handing out, but instead they decide to fight them, with Trey leading the attack since Cruz already fought them. After their defeat, they reveal that "a karate dude" at the mall handed them the flyers, and told them to just hand them out, mentioning about a tournament.
  • Weinberg TV Studios: Inside Weinberg TV Studios, the senseis encounter Sid, who reveals that he has partnered up with their rivals for a karate-themed movie, and ordered his henchmen after the dojos. At a green screen area with a car on set, the dojos encounter a mini student (Nathaniel from Miyagi-Do; Bert from Cobra Kai), who plays a lead role for the movie, backed up with skeleton goons. After the mini student's defeat, knowing he was tricked, he reveals to the senseis that Sid was on the phone with a investor who insisted on a karate-themed movie. Angered that Sid would use kids to fight adults, the dojos encounter him, who insists that he has been trained by the best, and even sends out his stunt doubles in skeleton suits against the dojos. Despite defeating Sid, he reveals that he called the cops. Not wanting to deal with the police, the dojos leave.
  • Beach Bonfire: The two dojos head to a beach bonfire and encounter Yasmine, who is running the bonfire. Having been told that the dojos would show up and crash the party, she has her guests attack them. Although they fight her initially, they would later encounter Kyler and Brucks again, and defeating them once more. Once they reached Yasmine, who refuses to talk, attacks the dojos with kiss-based abilities. However, she ends up being defeated, saying the bonfire was a gift from a "creepy karate guy", who told her to just show up, courtesy of the All Valley Tournament.
  • 5th Avenue Bar: Outside the bar, the dojos encounter Armand & Graham during a conversation about the Cobra Kai dojo. Though Graham says that he is a "true karate master", much to the dismay of the dojos, Armand sends his men after them. Fighting their way through the bar, the dojos meet Graham just outside the bar, who fights with Molotovs. After defeating him, he admits what he said earlier was just a joke, and that Armand said that it would be funny. Continuing the fight in the back alley and kitchen, the dojos find Armand in the main bar, and defeated him. Armand reveals that he came to the bar for a business meeting with a buyer who want's the Cobra Kai strip mall for "true karate" with a risky handshake deal, with Graham as the agent, only for the deal to be missed.
  • All Valley Tournament Arena: Outside of the tournament arena, knowing that it is a trap set for each other, the dojos know they have to move in without their senseis. They encounter Xander Stone, who claims to fix the mistakes from both dojos because of their feud, and orders Topanga to teach them a lesson. Fighting though waves of enemies, including karate users from both dojos as well as Topanga, the two sides encounter Xander inside a corridor ready to fight, but ends up defeated. The fighting continues until they reach the arena, where Robby or Miguel is waiting. Depending on who is defeated, Xander reveals that he gave in to hatred, and was told by an unknown contact through an agreement, that he would get the rematch if he told his rival to go to the Valley Fest. Done with karate, Xander makes his leave, not wanting to get caught in the crossfire between the dojos. Know that it's war, the two dojo's plan to come up with a counterattack against each other, but they know something is off, in which they don't even know.

Act 4: Rivalries Never End

  • West Valley High School: After the tournament fight, the dojo feud ended up sparking a war, with Samantha & Tory challenging each other to a duel outside the high school, pinning the blame on each other for the skeleton goons, the mall, and the tournament, in which they ordered their dojos to attack each other. Halfway through the school, the dojos would encounter Chris or Mitch, and eventually beat them. Reaching the mezzanine at the upper levels of the high school, Sam and Tory have their duel. Depending on the victor, the defeated female dojo member is warned not to pull anymore stunts, or face even more consequences.

Act 5: Showdown Time

  • Valley Fest: Suspecting the school brawl was some kind of mix-up, the dojos encounter each other at the Valley Fest, fighting waves of enemies and bosses until they reach the main stage, with Johnny & Daniel ready to put an end to this war, backed up with their dojo students. Depending on the victor, the day after the fight, an anonymous tip reveals that either Daniel or Johnny were the ones that caused the chaos from the mini golf arcade to the valley fest due to their past demons back in 1984. Apparently, John Kreese became the president of the All Valley Karate Committee and changed the All Valley Tournament with one rule: last man standing wins.
  • Fight against Kreese: Johnny & Daniel try to pin together everything that has happened. While Daniel still hates Cobra Kai, he says that he would never put on the skeleton prank, with Johnny stating that the whole town turned itself into a battlefield. Still figuring out who was responsible for all this, they noticed an unknown figure in a darkened dojo, who turned out to be John Kreese himself. Kreese reveals that he turned the dojos against each other, savoring everything that has happened, in order to take over the valley for himself. Despite a very tough battle, Daniel & Johnny ultimately defeat Kreese, making him leave the valley and never returning. Making sense that Kreese would use their past against each other, Daniel & Johnny agree to make sure the dojo war never happens again.


Despite explaining everything that has happened, Principal Lopez does not believe Hawk & Demetri's story about the events that happened. In the detention room, Principal Lopez decides to let the two write down everything they knew until the end of the day, saying that it might end up being a TV show or a video game, with the two glowing their fists with fire & ice in anger.


Playable Characters



  • Skeleton Crew
    • Tim
    • Kevin (Green Tims)
    • Sloth (Big-Boned)
    • Brandon (Bat User)
    • Thom (Skeleton Lord)
    • JB (Red Sloth)
    • Eric (Purple Brandon)
  • Street Goons
    • Adam
    • Max (Red Adams)
    • Axel (Green Adams)
    • Pedro (Speedy Goon)
    • Matheus (Purple Pedros)
    • Coutinho (Teal Pedros)
    • Andre (Leader)
  • Security Guards
    • Jake
    • Terry (Blue Jakes)
    • Diaz (Dark Grey Jakes)
    • Blart (Mall Security with Segways)
    • Charles (Black Jakes)
    • Barbread (White Blart)
    • Raymond (Security Captain)
  • Emos
    • Jared
    • Stump (Red Jared)
    • Way (Green Jareds)
  • Preppies
    • Chandler
    • Ross (Blue Chandlers)
    • Joey (Maroon Chandler)
  • Hipsters
    • Mischa (Hippie)
    • Zoey (Dark Green Haired Misha)
  • Soccer Moms
    • Mommy
    • Judy (Purple Mommy)
  • Spray Paint Roller-skaters
    • Jesse
    • Lindsay (Purple/Gold Jesse)
    • Sophia (Green Jesses)
  • Chop Shoppers
    • Jason
    • Nelson (Green Jasons)
    • Marcos (Red Jason)
  • Karate Users
    • Stiven (Miyagi-Do Student)
    • Jaana (Topanga Student)
    • Jeff (Acrobatic Yoshukai)
    • Tyler (Teal Stivens)
    • Julie (Blonde Jaanas)
    • Will (Red Jeffs)
    • Janina (Redhead Jaanas)
    • Owen (Black Jeffs)
    • Paul (Cobra Kai Student)
    • Nguyen (Green Jeff)
    • Nic (Blonde Pauls)
  • Sports Players
    • Maomie (Football Player)
    • Doris (Baseball Fan)
    • Eri (Green Doris)
    • Tyrann (Gold/Blue Maomie)
  • Businessmen
    • Carlos (Business Man)
    • Jon (Blue Carlos)
  • Bikers
    • Ozz (Gang Biker)
    • Lopes (Dark Red Ozz)

Bosses & Mid-Bosses


Moves & Abilities

  • Cobra Kai: More Damage, Stronger Combos, Fire-based Attacks, No Mercy!
    • Miguel: Dual Threat, Cobra Uppercut, Burning Feet, Flaming Tumble.
    • Johnny: Flaming Spinwheel, Sweep the Leg, Way of the Fist, Punch-nado.
    • Tory: Cobra Leap, Fire Spin, Flaming Spiral, Focus Blast.
    • Hawk: Cobra Rise, Hawk Wings, Fist Fury, Flaming Cyclone.
    • Dojo: Cobra Punch, Kai Kick, Tiger Sweep, Cobra Dynamite.
  • Miyagi-Do: More HP, Stronger Counters, Ice-based Attacks, For Defense!
    • Samantha: Ice Whirl, Ice Kick Flurry, Frozen Peak, Surge Fist.
    • Daniel: Ice Dunk, Icicle Fury, Ice Wall, Focus Heal.
    • Robby: Stalactite, Sliding Fury, Cold Uppercut, Frost Dash.
    • Demetri: Ice Clone, Ice Panel, Arctic Blast, Dungeon Lord.
    • Dojo: Icicle Jump, Frozen Lotus, Frozen Path, Wax On, Wax Off.


  • Ralph Macchio, William Zabka, Jacob Bertrand, & Gianni Decenzo are the only members of the cast from the show to voice their characters for the game.
  • The Skeleton enemies & mini-bosses costumes are based on the costume that Johnny & his gang wore in 1984 and what Miguel wore in the series.
  • This is not canon to the series as things like Johnny still being a sensei at the Cobra Kai Dojo, to Robby still being a student with Miyagi-Do Karate, etc.
  • The mini boss Shawn later appears in Season 3 of the series as he & Robby are seen fighting with each other in the trailers for Season 3.
  • Jason and his palette swaps are a reference to the Season 3 episode Nature Vs. Nurture in which Daniel & Johnny have to fight goons in a chop shop.



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