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Cobra Kai is a karate dojo established by Terry Silver and owned and run by his close friend from his military days, John Kreese. Kreese instructs his students to be merciless towards their enemies, which makes the Cobra Kai vicious and unethical. The dojo is reinstated in Cobra Kai and the dojo is is now currently owned by Johnny Lawrence.

Origin Edit

The Cobra Kai karate academy was established by Terry Silver, a wealthy person who owns a toxic disposal business called Dynatox Industries. Terry gives the Cobra Kai dojo to his close friend John Kreese, who saved Silver's life in Vietnam several times when they were at war, as a gift of gratitude and friendship. Kreese instructs his students that an enemy deserves no mercy. He also teaches his students to use illegal strikes at the All Valley Tournament to disable their opponents, which makes the Cobra Kai vicious and unethical.

The Karate Kid Edit

In the first film, Johnny Lawrence, the best student at the Cobra Kai, leader of the Cobra Kai gang, and the defender of the All-Valley Karate championship title, makes enemies with a high school senior named Daniel Larusso, the main protagonist, and constantly bullies him. One night, Johnny and his gang beat Daniel up in a merciless way until a man named Mr. Miyagi, who happens to be a martial artist, arrives and rescues Daniel. Daniel and Mr. Miyagi show up at the Cobra Kai dojo where they meet Sensei John Kreese, an ex special forces Vietnam veteran who dismisses the peace offering. Miyagi tells Kreese that Daniel will fight the his students at the All Valley Tournament and demands that the bullying cease when Daniel is training. Kreese agrees, but warns that if Daniel does not fight at the tournament, the harassment will resume and Miyagi will become a target. At the tournament, Daniel reaches the semi-finals. Johnny also advances to the finals. Kreese instructs one of his compassionate students, Bobby Brown, to deliver a blow on Daniel’s leg. Bobby does so, getting disqualified at the process. Daniel is taken to a locker room where the doctor determines he cannot continue. But Daniel wants to. So Mr. Miyagi uses a pain suppression technique allowing Daniel to finish the tournament. As Johnny is about to be declared the winner by default, Daniel hobbles to the ring. Daniel fights Johnny, gets the upper hand, and gives Johnny a nose bleed. Kreese instructs Johnny to sweep Daniel's injured leg, an unethical move. Johnny looks horrified at the order, but does so under Kreese's intimidation. As Johnny is about to beat Daniel, Daniel assumes the crane stance and delivers a kick to Johnny's chin, winning the tournament and becoming the new champion. Johnny, having found respect for his nemesis, gives Daniel his trophy himself.

The Karate Kid 2 Edit

Furious over Johnny's loss to Daniel at the tournament, John Kreese attacks him at the parking lot. But Miyagi arrives and rescues Johnny. Miyagi immobilizes Kreese and is about to deliver a vicious blow to Kreese, but instead tweaks his nose and walks away. Kreese proves himself to be a sore and sadistic loser. After what happened, Johnny, his friends, and the other students depart from the Cobra Kai dojo disgusted.

The Karate Kid 3 Edit

After a year of not having any students, Sensei John Kreese was ostracized and broke. With no way to go, he visits his Vietnam war comrade Terry Silver, the wealthy owner of a toxic disposal business. Silver and Kreese scheme to take revenge on Daniel and Mr. Miyagi for humiliating Kreese and for the lost of his dojo and re-establish Cobra Kai. Silver sends Kreese to Tahiti to rest up and get his life back in order. Silver recruits 'Karate's bad boy' Mike Barnes to beat Daniel at the next All-Valley Tournament, in exchange for 25% (later 50%) of his new dojos. When Silver sneaks in to Mr. Miyagi's house, he overhears Daniel telling Miyagi that he will not be defending his title at the tournament this year. So Barnes and Silver's henchmen force Daniel to sign up for the tournament. After a series of confrontations, Daniel signs up for the tournament. Silver offers to train Daniel at the Cobra Kai dojo, which is the next phase of his plan for revenge. Throughout Daniel's training, Silver forces Daniel to hit a wooden dummy, which makes his knuckles bleed. And Daniel's frustration alienates himself from his closest friends. Daniel eventually destroys the dummy, which makes Silver declare that Daniel is ready for the tournament. One night, Daniel and his best friend, Jessica Andrews, go to a nightclub. There, Silver bribes a man to fight Daniel. Daniel punches the man's nose and Jessica storms out of disgust. Shocked by his behavior, Daniel apologizes to Miyagi and Jessica and tells Silver at the Cobra Kai dojo that he will not fight at the tournament. Silver reveals his true agenda to Daniel and Barnes and Kreese enter the room. After Barnes viciously assaults Daniel, Mr. Miyagi arrives and defeats the three men. Daniel decides to fight at the tournament and Miyagi trains him. At the tournament, Silver gives Cobra Kai t-shirts to the crowd and announces that he will open a chain of Cobra Kai dojos. He also instructs Barnes to inflict as much pain on Daniel and then beat him at the sudden death round. Barnes does so, and Daniel was afraid of him and cannot continue, but Miyagi encourages him to continue. In the sudden death round, Daniel does the kata that Miyagi taught him. When a confused Barnes attacks, Daniel flips him into the ground to win the tournament. Disgusted and humiliated, Silver walks away from Kreese and Barnes while the crowd throws the t-shirts to them. Cobra Kai was shut down for good (or so it seemed).

Cobra Kai Edit

34 years after the first film, Johnny seeking redemption reopens the Cobra Kai dojo where he begins teaching his neighbor Miguel Diaz who is being bullied. However, his rivalry with Daniel is reignited when he reopens the dojo. Daniel tries to increase the rent just to close down the dojo. Johnny has a tough time searching for more students. However, Miguel eventually helps him get more students. While Cobra Kai was banned from the All-Valley Tournament, Johnny convinces the committee minus Daniel to reinstate Cobra Kai. Miguel manages to win the tournament for Cobra Kai. Back in the dojo, John Kreese who was thought to be dead comes into the dojo, and congratulates Johnny for winning. He also tells him that this is only the beginning for Cobra Kai, and that Johnny still has a lot more to learn. Johnny felt bad how he taught his students to use illegal moves and no mercy fighting to win the tournament. He even made Miguel and the rest of students bigger bullies than he is. John Kreese is back to help and start their revenge against Daniel LaRusso for putting the Cobra Kai out of business.