Darryl Vidal is a skilled karate student that is defeated by Johnny Lawrence during the semifinal round of the 1984 All Valley Tournament. He fought for Locust Valley Karate.

Pre Karate Kid

He competed in the All Valley Tournament in 1983 and ended up losing to Cobra Kai student Tommy in the quarterfinals.

Karate Kid

He returns to the All Valley tournament in 1984. He successfully defeats two Cobra Kai students and manages to make it to the semifinals along with Cobra Kai students Johnny and Bobby Brown, and newcomer Daniel LaRusso. The first semifinals tournament is held with Johnny versus Darryl. Although Darryl Vidal was a skilled fighter, he is still defeated by Johnny, although Darryl managed to put up a strong fight that Johnny would remember years later, second only in nature against the climatic final round.

At the end of the tournament, Darryl is seen congratulating Daniel LaRusso on his victory. He was a skilled fighter and honorable karateka that likely felt Daniel deserved to become champion. As Darryl made it to the semifinals and did not lose by disqualification, unlike Bobby, he presumably took home the third-place trophy.

Cobra Kai

Season 2

He has not appeared on the Cobra Kai webseries, but is mentioned. When Johnny is visiting Tommy in the hospital he reminds Tommy about the time he defeated Vidal to make it to the semifinals in the 1983 All Valley tournament.

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