"Hey! Yo, Hawk! Free shot!"
―Doug to Hawk[src]

Doug Rickenberger is a minor character in Cobra Kai season 2 and 3. He is one of the Cobra Kai students and a member of Hawk's gang in Season 2.

Doug as he calls Hawk to take a shot at Demetri after he puts him in an arm lock.


Season 2

Doug joins Cobra Kai following Miguel's victory in the All Valley Tournament. He forms a good relationship with Hawk and helps him carry out various tasks against Miyagi-do.

Doug is present when Hawk confronts Demetri in a comic book store along with Chris, Mitch and Mikey. Hawk demands Demetri to take down his Yelp review about Cobra Kai, but Demetri refuses, resulting in the gang attacking him. Robby and Samantha manage to intervene, resulting in a fight breaking out. Doug, along with the rest of Hawk's gang, ends up getting beaten in a fight.

Encouraged by Kreese, Doug helps Hawk to vandalize Miyagi-Do Karate dojo and steal the Medal of Honor which belonged to Mr. Miyagi. Later on, Doug is present at Moon's house party and loses against Tory in a drinking competition. He loses his balance on the chair and falls to the ground.

On the first day at school, Doug, Mikey, Hawk, and the other Cobra Kais witness Tory and Sam fighting over Miguel. When Robby intervenes and pushes Tory to a locker, Doug yells at Robby to let Tory go and attacks Robby, but Robby kicks Doug away from him, and Doug is caught by Mikey, and Hawk. This provokes Miguel to intervene and tackle Robby, which provokes a school brawl between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do students.

When Moon attempts to stop the fight by asking if they can just get along, Doug throws a Miyagi-do student to a locker and prepares to punch the student before he gets kicked back. When a member of school's staff intervenes to break it up, Doug violently elbows the staff member in the face, grabs the member of school's staff and throws him on the floor. Mr. Palmer, having been called by Demetri, witnesses it and decides to back out, saying that he doesn't get paid enough for this. As the dojos take the brawl up to the second floor, Doug can be seen in the background constantly punching a Miyagi-do student. Later on, Doug and Mikey can be seen attacking Robby on the stairs together along with Miguel, before he disperses to help Tory. Doug manages to get a hold of Robby, but Robby ends up breaking free from his grip and kicks Mikey down the stairs. Doug then turns back to Robby and attempts to kick him in the face, but Robby kicks Doug's other foot that was on the ground, causing Doug to fall and hit the ground hard.

Season 3

Doug remains loyal to Cobra Kai after Kreese takes over the dojo from Johnny. During a training session at the Cobra Kai dojo, Kreese gives his students a challenge, to knock off the plant that is placed on a high wooden plank. Kreese has Doug go second after Big Red, who was chosen first to knock off the plant, fails to do so. Doug attempts to jump and kick the plant off, but he fails and injures his arm when he falls onto the ground. Kreese then tells Doug to 'quit your sniveling' when Doug tries to recover from his injury. When Hawk completes Kreese's challenge, Doug states that Hawk cheated, but Kreese denies that, saying that during a fight, you also need to fight smart, and not just with brute strength and skill. Doug then looks on the ground, realizing his mistake.

At a high-school soccer scrimmage, he walks right behind Hawk, with Mikey next to him, and Red, and the rest of the Cobra Kai members behind him. When they begin walking on the side of the soccer field, the other people make way for them, some people cheering for them. After Demetri makes Hawk trip and fall, Doug attempts to attack Demetri, but Hawk holds him back, saying to remember that Kreese said to fight smart. The game proceeds with team Miyagi-do and team Cobra Kai hurting each other in soccer-style until the coach blows her whistle and tell them all to go to the principal's office. While Doug and the rest of the Cobra Kai's get a free pass, Samantha and her Miyagi-do team gets detention and extra punishment.

He can be seen with Hawk, Mitch and Mikey having fun and causing havoc in the local arcades. The group ends up breaking into laser tag arena to drink beer, where they get attacked by Miyagi-do students. Doug at first, tries to stop the fight, but ends up helping Cobra Kai to fight off Miyagi-do. Initially, he finds himself being beaten by Sam, and the Miyagi Do's are gaining the upper hand. However, when Tory arrives with Red and another student, the tide begins to shift to the Cobra Kai's favor. Chris swings at Doug but he dodges and jumps behind him putting Chris in a chokehold. He, Mikey, and Mitch then proceed to kick him down on the ground.

Later on, Doug is amongst the Cobra Kai students to attack Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang students who are meeting up in LaRusso's house. He follows Tory through an entrance to the house along with another Cobra Kai student before dispersing and joining the fight. He first fights Chris and their fight appears to be even, but he eventually beats him with the help of Tory. He, then gets in a fight against Demetri and ends up grabbing Demetri, inviting Hawk to take a free shot on his victim. Hawk ends up rushing in and throws Doug at a glass table, thus switching sides during the fight. When Hawk and Demetri start fending off Hawk's former Cobra Kai's, Doug attacks Mitch. He is last seen fighting with Mitch. The Cobra Kai's ultimately lose the fight.

Doug is not present when Miyagi-do and Eagle Fang join their forces in the following morning. It can be assumed that Doug decided to stay loyal to Cobra Kai even after Hawk left the dojo.

Fighting style

Doug is actually one of the best fighters in the new Cobra kai dojo, as well as the most formidable fighter in Hawk's gang.

He has shown a good amount of strength, as he demonstrated this when he brutally elbowed and threw a teacher over his shoulder. He overpowered Chris in the arcade fight and brutally kicked an unnamed Miyagi-do student down during the school fight. He is also shown to be fairly acrobatic as he almost managed to kick down the Miyagi-do plant, though he did fail. His greatest ability is to properly show his toughness, as when Chris hit him with a pan during the fight at Sam's house, but he just laughed it off, and went on to knee Chris in the stomach and then threw him into a door.

His fighting style seems to mostly incorporate takedowns, as he mostly throws his opponents around with brute force. He is very aggressive and merciless to his opponents, evidenced when he continued to kick Chris even after he went down, and also when he pinned Demetri and urged Hawk to take a shot at him.

Despite being a very strong fighter, he has lost in a few fights. In the school brawl, he is easily beaten and kicked to the ground by Robby. In the arcade fight, he is being easily beaten by Sam. During the fight at Sam's house, he is thrown on to a glass table by Hawk. However, in the latter situation, Doug was caught off guard, as he did not expect Hawk to switch sides and attack him.

All in all, Doug is one of the most brutal members of Cobra Kai, despite being a minor character.


"Hey! Let her go!" - To Robby after he pushes Tory to a locker, moments before the school brawl.

"Come on!" - Doug before he throws a Miyagi-do student at a locker during the school brawl.

"But he cheated!" - Doug after watching Hawk knock down the Miyagi-do plant by kicking the wood plank.

"Come on bitch! Let's go!" - Doug after Chris hits him in the face with a kitchen pot.

"Hey! Yo, Hawk! Free shot!" - Doug as he puts Demetri in an arm lock, and inviting Hawk to hit Demetri.


  • Doug’s actor, (John Cihangir) has been dating Sarah’s actress, (Gissette Valentin), since 2018.

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