"Kung fu's not about fighting, mom. It's about making peace with your enemies."
―Dre Parker to Sherry Parker[src]

Dre Parker is the protagonist in the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid. He is Daniel LaRusso's equivalent.


Dre was born in 1997, in Detroit, Michigan. He has been living there with his mother and father, until he passed away and later he moved to China in 2010. His mother got a job transfer at her car factory.

The Karate Kid (2010)

Dre was an average 12-year-old boy, who was enjoying life in Detroit, Michigan. He was about to start middle school.

His mom's car factory gave her a job transfer, so she and Dre had to move to China (mirroring Daniel and Lucille LaRusso moving to California, for Lucille's job transfer to a computer lab).

Dre, dismayed, observed his friends and relatives in Detroit waving goodbye (while taking a taxi to the airport). The, with his mother, he got on a plane that was headed for China. During the flight, Dre spent the time sleeping, talking, learning to speak Mandarin Chinese (中文), and reading books in Chinese. During the flight, under is mom's urges, Dre attempted to say “你好吗?” (Chinese for: "How are you?") and “你叫什么名字?” (Chinese for: "What is your name?") to a Chinese man sitting in a seat opposite to him, but failed to say it with the right pronunciation. The man then responds that he is from Detroit. Dre, relating to the man, then says "what's up?" to him.

Fighting Style

Dre was trained by Mr. Han in kung fu through muscle memory techniques. At a Taoist temple, Dre observed a woman make a cobra copy her movements, and duplicated her stance in the final round of the kung fu tournament to flip and kick Cheng in the head.

Dre's style of fighting is very flexible, as he can kick a bell over his head while standing on his other foot.

Prior to his kung fu training, Dre learned capoeira.

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