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"I thought she was the one. I guess Johnny felt the same way. And that's what started all this."
Daniel LaRusso to Miguel Diaz[src]

"Feel The Night" is the ninth episode of the third season of Cobra Kai.


It's Christmas time in the Valley, and romance is in the air. Daniel and Miguel find unexpected common ground, and the Cobra Kai recruits go on a mission.


The episode begins by Mrs. Mills coming back home from the mall. She told Ali that it's good to be back in the Valley. Mrs. Mills asked if she's getting back together with the old gang. Ali said that she has some plans.

The following morning, Johnny and Carmen are in bed after the events in The Good, The Bad, and The Badass. They were talking about Miguel and themselves of what's going to happen in the future. While talking, Carmen has to get to work. After she left, Johnny went on his computer and notices that he received a notification from Ali, asking him out to lunch. Johnny accepts. Meanwhile, Miguel and Sam are inside the Miyagi-Do Dojo, where he is looking at a picture of Mr. Miyagi and holding Daniel's Okinawan hand drum. He asks her of what does it do. She asks to him to hit her, but he did. Miguel made a secret move to Sam, making the both of them dropped to the ground. On the ground, the two kiss and get back together but they were interrupted by Daniel when he walked in. In the Cobra Kai dojo, Robby spotted Kreese punching. He even thanked Kreese for letting him crash here for the night.

Hawk and the Cobra Kais spotted him and told Kreese that he's not one of them. He said that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Tory talked to Robby about running away and hating him of what happened to the fight and Miguel. She showed him the moves about taking all hate. Tory also asked him if he wants to come after class or run away. At the restaurant that Ali invited Johnny over, he was thinking of what to order until he spotted Ali. Johnny ordered a vegan mung dahl bowl but Ali ordered a hamburger same as him. Back at Miyagi-Do, Sam apologizes to Daniel for not telling him about inviting Miguel over. He told her that she's adding more drama to her life by dating. Sam says that Miguel changed that he's not in Cobra Kai anymore. Daniel agrees. After class, the Cobra Kais were drinking beer. Tory also invited Robby over. Kyler asked him if he wants beer, but he says no because he does not want to look cool with beer. They were at zoo and Robby asked them of what they're going to do, get a gift for Kreese.

Johnny and Ali were still talking about the old memories of what happened in The Karate Kid. Ali also told him that her and her husband divorced and inviting over to the Christmas party tonight. She asks Johnny if he wants to do something fun. Miguel was looking at Mr. Miyagi's car, but Daniel talked him for the first time. They were talking about the things that Johnny never told Miguel, making him shocked. In the zoo, the Cobra Kais have to get the snake quick before it's too late. Since they can't get it, Robby got it by himself. Daniel and Miguel were talking about Ali and the things about Daniel and Johnny. He said it was great talking to Miguel. Sam got out of the dojo and told Miguel that she has a great idea. In Golf N' Stuff, Johnny and Ali recreated the scene of when Daniel and Ali had their first date together, Johnny told her about him being a sensei again. After getting the snake, Kreese was proud of Robby getting it. When he told him and Tory that Miguel and Sam are working together, they don't look happy.

When the class was dismissed, Tory filled with her anger, left the dojo. In the Larusso's house, Sam and Miguel were planning to work together with Eagle Fang Karate and Miyagi Do and it still doesn't look good. But the Cobra Kai's the problem now. Sam says that even if they had their differences, this rivalry has to stop, one way or another. At the party Ali invited Johnny to, he spotted her hugging Daniel, triggering a flashback to the first movie when Ali and Daniel first met and Johnny was going to beat up Daniel.

Trivia/Episode Discussion

  • This episode marks the first time that Daniel LaRusso and Miguel Diaz finally meet.
  • The episode name is named after a song written by Baxter Robinson.
  • Nathaniel reappears after the episode Now You're Gonna Pay after being beaten by Hawk
    • We don't know why he wasn't present from that episode day until this.
  • This episode marks the return of Ali Mills and Mrs. Mills.
    • However, Sharon Spelman who played Mrs. Mills in Karate Kid, didn't reprise the role. Instead, she was replaced by Deborah May.
    • This episode marks the reunion of Johnny Lawrence and Ali Mills.
    • Compared to Samantha flipping Miguel onto the ground from All Valley, he also made a secret move on his own to bring the both of them to the ground.
  • Tory and Robby's interactions in this episode and the previous episode imply a future relationship between them in Season 4.
  • Sam's talk about ending the rivalry reflects on Daniel and Johnny's past.
  • This Episode marks the first time Kyler and Robby interact with each other as they are both former boyfriends of Samantha LaRusso.
  • Also First Episode in which Kyler and Robby appear at the same time.
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