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"You keep your Cobra Kais away from our kids!!"
Daniel LaRusso to John Kreese[src]

The Fight at Cobra Kai Dojo culminated after John Kreese inspired his students to attack the LaRusso house. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence individually responded to the house fight and met at Cobra Kai Dojo, wanting revenge. The fight takes place during the Season 3 finale.

Brief Background

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Daniel and Johnny come home from their Christmas dinner and learn of the brawl at the LaRusso residence. Realizing that Kreese ordered the attack, they go to the Cobra Kai dojo to confront Kreese.

The Fight

Miguel returns to his family apartment, bloodied and beaten, trying to recover. Johnny Lawrence knock on the door looking to profess his love for Carmen. He sees Miguel, who tells him what happened. Johnny, infuriated, flees to Cobra Kai to confront Kreese. He storms into the dojo and kicks in the door to the back room. He finds Kreese training Robby Keene.

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Kreese delusionally thinks this is fate as the three generations of Cobra Kai's will “melt this whole snowflake generation,” but Johnny rejects Kreese’s offer to join forces, by punching him in the face. They engage in a vicious fight with Johnny gaining the upper-hand as the fight crashes into the main area of the dojo. He is about to defeat Kreese when Robby intervenes and defends Kreese.

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Robby attacks Johnny for being responsible for his suffering. Johnny instantly switches to the defense and refuses to fight his son, though Robby is intent on unleashing his pent up anger. He shouts that Johnny is responsible for everything bad that's happened to him, including his trauma at juvie, and lunges at Johnny. Johnny blocks Robby's attack and accidentally pushes him into the lockers. Robby hits his head and is unconscious, much to Johnny's dismay. He crouches next to his son to ensure he's okay, but Kreese takes a sai and attacks Johnny from behind. He than forces Johnny into a chokehold that has the potential to be fatal.

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Daniel comes home to the aftermath of the brawl at his house and injured Miyagi-Do students, including Sam. He flees to Cobra Kai Dojo to confront Kreese in person. He arrives just in time to save Johnny from a deadly chokehold by Kreese. He kicks Kreese off Johnny and furiously confronts him about sending his students to Daniel's house and angrily states that if it's a fight that Kreese wants, then he's finally got one. The men square off, and Kreese reminds Daniel that this was inevitable. As they fight, Kreese threatens that Daniel can't keep the defense-only act up forever, though Daniel retorts he doesn't have too. Kreese lunges, lifts Daniel into the air, and they collapse through the glass door of the school. Kreese picks up a shard of glass, threatening to reunite Daniel and Mr. Miyagi. Remembering Chozen's teachings, Daniel expertly deploys pressure point attacks that cripple Kreese so he can't fight back.

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Johnny emerges from the dojo and gives Daniel a nod. Daniel prepares to strike a final blow to Kreese when Sam shouts for her father, having arrived with Miguel in order to stop Daniel from delivering the heavy blow. Having won, Daniel tells Kreese to keep his Cobra Kais away from their kids. Johnny supports Daniel but Kreese wants to settle things the old-fashioned way with a tournament with the losing dojo leaving the valley. Johnny and Daniel agree to the terms just as Robby emerges from the dojo telling them all to leave. Daniel is saddened to see Robby's alliance but retreat home for now along with Sam as Johnny and Miguel also retreat home.[1]


A Deal is Made

Due to Daniel and Johnny both demanding that Kreese close down Cobra Kai for good, Kreese offered the two senseis a deal: their students will compete in the next All Valley Karate Tournament and whoever dojo loses will be forced to close. Johnny and Daniel agreed to Kreese's terms before retreating in the aftermath of the fight.

New Alliances

After the deal between the senseis was made, Sam and Miguel's initial idea to unite their two dojos finally came to fruition as both Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do united and started training for the All Valley Karate Tournament together in order to beat Cobra Kai, with Daniel and Johnny deciding to put aside their differences to fight the threat that Cobra Kai represented to the Valley. Meanwhile, John Kreese, recalling his experiences in Vietnam, decides to call in a familiar face.