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"To be a great fighter, you gotta learn to adapt. This creed on the wall... follow it to the letter, it'll make you strong. It'll make you formidable. It will also make you an asshole. 'Cause that's just black paint on a white wall. But life's not black and white. More often than not, it's gray. And it's in those gray areas where Johnny Lawrence's Cobra Kai... sometimes shows mercy. Doesn't mean you can't be badass. It's still a requirement. But you have to learn to think, not just with your gut... or your fists... but to really use... this."
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"Glory of Love" is the eighth episode of the second season of Cobra Kai.


Daniel works to make amends with Amanda, while Johnny is introduced to the world of dating apps. Complications arise when Miguel, Samantha, Robby and Tory cross paths.


The episode begins with Johnny having a dream about Miguel's mother, Carmen. After waking up, Johnny then sees Carmen coming home with another man. Johnny finally allows Miguel to create him a Tinder profile. In true Johnny fashion, he's looking for "smoking hot babes", and his “likes” include martial arts, muscle cars, Iron Eagle and Iron Eagle 2.

Daniel is still in the doghouse with Amanda; Sam and Robby are a proper thing now, which is probably why he sneakily hid Mr. Miyagi's Medal of Honor in the garden so it would look like it had been discovered by accident, and also so Sam doesn't get back with Miguel.

Meanwhile, Johnny removes Kreese from the dojo and explains to his students that now Cobra Kai teaches one to show mercy to their enemies. Back at the Larusso's, Sam and Robby made out in the fridge right before Lucille asked both to get the groceries out. Johnny also goes on some online dates (one of which was the women who got him fired in the first episode of the first season). At a loss, Johnny composes a message to his old flame Ali, but just as he decides it sounds too desperate, a woman hits on him with his own old-school technique. He sends the message by accident, but decides not to remain with her because Carmen's new boyfriend, Graham, happens to be in the same bar, and is disparagingly talking about Carmen loud enough for Johnny to hear; claiming that once he has slept with her a few times, he will dump her, since he doesn't want to raise a kid. Johnny beats him up and tells him to stay away from her. When he returns home, he finds Carmen outside having been stood up on her date, and he finally plucks up the courage to ask her out.

Daniel attempts to make amends with Amanda by bringing his students into the dealership to wax the cars, but it does not go well. Sam and Robby attempt to enjoy some alone time at a roller disco, but find themselves in the same venue as Tory (who works there) and Miguel. Tensions reach a boiling point as obvious chemistry between Sam and Miguel persists, and Tory just cannot help but cause trouble out of jealousy. Tory shoves Sam until she shoves her back. Robby and Sam were kicked out of the roller skating rink, while Tory gave Sam a smirk when she is being escorted out. By the end, at least Daniel and Amanda have reminisced and reconciled, but other relationships in the show are still in jeopardy.


  • The title of this episode is named after a song co-written and originally performed by Peter Cetera. It was also the love theme song of Daniel LaRusso and Kumiko in The Karate Kid Part II.
    • The episode itself features the song "You're the Inspiration", which is another song co-written and sometimes performed by Peter Cetera when he was in the band Chicago.
  • The woman who got Johnny fired from his handyman job in Ace Degenerate returns as one of the women he tries to date.
  • The outfits from the roller rink were inspired by people from the 1980s.
  • Even though Sam and Miguel still have feelings for each other, the romantic feelings they harbor for each other are suppressed. However in the next episode, their feelings were finally let out by their passionate kiss at Moon's party, which Tory witnesses.
  • This episode notes the second time Miguel and Sam wore costumes to an event. Miguel was a Skeleton while Sam was a Laker Girl in the episode Esqueleto.
  • The family photos in the album that Daniel looks at are real ones of Ralph Macchio and Courtney Henggeler with their respective real-life children.
  • When Johnny dreams about Carmen, the radio mix of Here I Go Again by Whitesnake is playing.
  • A missed detail from the roller rink is that Robby and Tory were ogling each other in the first scene, which began to secretly set up their eventual romantic relationship which was officially conceived in the show's fourth season.
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