Jessica Andrews is the female lead in The Karate Kid Part III.

She is played by Robyn Lively.


Jessica is originally from Columbus, Ohio. Little else is known about Jessica's early life other than that she enjoys pottery and mountain climbing. Jessica also claims that she broke up with her boyfriend back in Ohio because he cheated on her with Elizabeth Anne Rooney. This caused her to move across the country to get away for a while and clear her head. Jessica was living in Los Angeles and working at a pottery store run by Charles in 1985, when she came into contact with Daniel LaRusso for the first time.

The Karate Kid Part III

Jessica Andrews becomes Daniel's best friend for a while in 1985. It was shown that Daniel has a brief crush on her, but when she claimed that she had a boyfriend, they broke up and was going back to her home in Columbus, Ohio soon and try to get back together, Daniel had come to see them as just friends and the two began forming a close friendship. Later, while the two are dancing at a club the last night Jessica is in town, the two are confronted by a guy who hits on Jessica, prompting Daniel into a fight (it turns out that the guy was paid by Terry Silver to provoke Daniel into a fight). Daniel ends up breaking the guy's nose; Jessica becomes mad at him and runs off. Later that night, however, as she is packing to leave the next day, Daniel shows up and apologizes for what happened, and she accepts, implying that the two will remain friends.

Cobra Kai

Season 2

In the sixth episode "Take a Right" she is shown in a flashback when Daniel is talking to his students about the time he joined the Cobra Kai and when he mentioned the moment he broke the nose of the guy who Silver hired to bother both her and Daniel.


It is unclear what became of Jessica after the events of The Karate Kid Part III. It is likely that she and Daniel continued to remain friends many years later, and it is possible that Jessica will return in Cobra Kai.


  • Jessica was originally intended to be Daniel's love interest but their relationship was made platonic due to the age difference between Robyn Lively and Ralph Macchio who were 16 and 27 respectively.
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