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"Joining Cobra Kai is a privilege. It's not a gift. Which is why our recruits must earn their position in this dojo. Prepare yourselves for combat. Only the strong will survive."
John Kreese[src]

"King Cobra" is the sixth episode of the third season of Cobra Kai.


Miguel helps Johnny craft the perfect social media message. Kreese scouts new recruits while Daniel and Amanda try to shut down Cobra Kai forever.


In a flashback to Vietnam in 1968, John Kreese is called by Captain Turner who invites him to join a special ops team after seeing him involved in high risk missions during the war and will teach him Tang-Soo-Do which he learned in Korea

In the present, Kreese scouts athletes at the school to join Cobra Kai including Kyler and Brucks, who were Miguel and Hawk's former bullies. Johnny reads a message Ali Mills sent him, asking what he is doing in the present day. Daniel arrives home from Okinawa, ecstatic of how he successfully revived his business and reunion with his three old friends in Japan, but Amanda notifies him of what happened to the Miyagi-Do students.

At the Cobra Kai dojo, Hawk sees Kyler and Brucks and flashes back to when they used to bully him. Hawk tries to tell Kreese they aren't Cobra Kai material due to their villainous nature, but Kreese insists they are natural athletes and is what Cobra Kai needs. At Johnny's apartment, he sets up a harness for Miguel where he sees Johnny's text to Ali which Miguel tells him is too long to send. In the meantime, Amanda tells Daniel that Cobra Kai broke Demetri's arm and agree to go the police.

Back at Cobra Kai, Mitch is matched up with Kyler to spar. Kyler uses his natural athletic wrestling skills to defeat Mitch despite zero training in karate. Kreese kicks Mitch off the team for losing to an untrained opponent despite Hawk's protests to keep him. In Vietnam, Kreese spars against his captain and lands one hit but his captain criticizes him for losing concentration and teaches the ruthless idea of no mercy to his trainees. Kreese receives a letter that the captain gets but doesn't reveal it to Kreese because it may be a distraction to him on the battlefield. Miguel helps Johnny post photos to his Facebook to impress Ali, where Johnny decides to post photos of him doing things Ali posted on her account. Meanwhile, Daniel and Amanda visit the police station to file a restraining order on Kreese just to find out Kreese already filed one against her after Amanda slapped him at Cobra Kai dojo. The police officer then has Amanda sign a form saying that she's been served the restraining order but refuses. She is still determined to shut down Kreese even though she and Kreese will have to settle the restraining order in court.

Back at the dojo, Tory beats Sarah, one of Kreese's recruited athletes. Next, Brucks is matched up with Hawk. Hawk severely beats Brucks in revenge for bullying him. This sparked fear into Kyler, and even Tory is shocked by the level of brutality Hawk displays. Then they cut to a montage of Miguel taking photos of Johnny doing activities Ali posted including eating sushi at a restaurant where Tory works at and runs into Miguel while Johnny went to the bathroom. Tory apologizes for not reaching out to Miguel and she informs they are trying to get revenge on Miyagi-Do which Miguel is displeased by. Miguel tells Tory she needs help with her anger issues. At Daniel's house, he and Amanda share a fancy Italian dinner with Armand Zarkarian, who is reluctant to do business with Daniel but agrees to do a deal with Amanda. She proposes to have him evict Kreese, but protests saying he always pays his rent on time unlike Johnny but Amanda counters to pay triple and he agrees.

In another Vietnam flashback, they move in on the Vietcong but their team gets captured after Kreese hesitated to set off a bomb due to Ponytail, one of their crew in the area of the bomb despite Turner's orders to blow it even if they lose a team member. Turner blames Kreese for their capture and they kill Ponytail. In the present day, Armand confronts Kreese with eviction papers but Kreese refuses to leave, so Armand calls in his two muscular nephew bodyguards, Erik and Grigor, to eliminate Kreese from the strip mall. Miguel, back at the Johnny's apartment is upset after seeing Tory and screams at Johnny that he gave up when he let Kreese get the dojo and he let the students think he was weak. Johnny argues he should have never brought back Cobra Kai but during the argument Johnny noticed Miguel taking steps with his legs attached to the harness and they close the argument. Johnny writes a message to Ali about the joys that happened in his life lately and his relationship with Miguel and how he's working to be a better person and help kids. But he decided the message is too long and responds with "Not much, u?" in regards to what he does in the present day.

At LaRusso Auto Group, Daniel and Amanda are beyond ecstatic while witnessing that their auto dealership is back in full business with lines of customers with the help of Yuna, and believing they have successfully eliminated Kreese from the strip mall once and for all. Then, they get a phone call from Armand saying the deal is off, believing Kreese beat up Armand's nephews and Kreese takes the phone and vows even more revenge on Miyagi-Do while he also placed a live cobra inside the dealership.

Trivia/Episode Discussion

  • This episode marks the return of Kyler and Brucks.
  • Robby and Demetri don't appear in this episode.
  • Not including the family picture at the house, Samantha LaRusso is absent this episode.
  • This episode confirms that Miguel and Tory broke up.
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