Kumiko is the heroine and tertiary protagonist of The Karate Kid Part II and Daniel LaRusso's second girlfriend in the trilogy.


The Karate Kid Part II

Kumiko is the niece of Yukie, Mr. Miyagi's childhood girlfriend. She dreams of becoming a dancer and falls in love with Daniel. She shows Daniel that she cares for him by performing a traditional tea ceremony with him and accepting his offer to come with him to the United States. At the film's climax where Kumiko is performing a dance at the town festival, she is captured by a crazed Chozen who threatens to kill her with a balisong knife if Daniel does not fight him to the death in an honor match. Daniel does so and is beaten badly, causing Kumiko to attempt to stop the carnage by not being afraid to stand up to Chozen herself, only to be knocked unconscious by Chozen. Daniel, despite on the verge of losing, manages to defeat Chozen with Mr. Miyagi's "Drum Technique". Chozen instructs Daniel to kill him so his honor can remain, but Daniel refuses to do such a thing and spares his life before honking his nose. This humiliates Chozen, who leaves in exile. Kumiko and Daniel embrace as Mr. Miyagi smiles at Daniel.

The Karate Kid Part III

Daniel's mother enquires about Kumiko and Daniel explained that she was offered her dream job at a dancing company in Tokyo. As Daniel wanted her to follow her dreams and be happy more than he wanted her to be with him, he reluctantly convinced Kumiko to stay in Japan and pursue her dancing career.



  • Kumiko is the only love interest in the films who helps Daniel defeat the main antagonist. 
  • Kumiko is the only love interest in the films whose life is threatened. 
  • Kumiko and Daniel would have remained a couple if it weren't for the fact that he wanted her to follow her dreams back in Japan.