Laura Lawrence was the mother of Johnny Lawrence and the wife of Sid Weinberg.

She is portrayed by Candace Moon.


Laura was a kind woman who loved her son dearly and wanted the best for him. Much like Daniel LaRusso, Johnny would have been raised by a single mother had Laura not married Sid Weinberg, a wealthy yet inconsiderate businessman who clearly was only interested in her looks. Sid treated her son very poorly, but Laura deemed it important that Johnny grow up with more than she could give him alone. Laura was protective of her son and often stuck up for him whenever Sid berated him for his interests. She seemed to be the glue that held her home together, because at some point, she ended up dying and leaving just Sid and Johnny. Her death would greatly affect Johnny and cause him to be a much angrier person who turned to the head sensei of the Cobra Kai Dojo, John Kreese for guidance. Sid also grew to detest Johnny even more, as he told Johnny frequently that he did not want to take care of him when he married his mother. It is apparent that Johnny loved his mother very much, as he keeps a framed photo of her in his living room and looks at it often.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Laura first appears in the first episode of Cobra Kai, "Ace Degenerate". She is seen in a photo and briefly mentioned by Sid. Laura makes her first actual appearance in a flashback in the sixth episode, "Quiver", where she argues with Sid about Johnny taking Karate classes when Sid berates him for his interest in the topic. Even if she spoiled him a little bit, she provided some much needed love, understanding and encouragement to her son. She also did her best to protect Johnny from his abusive and uncaring stepdad. Johnny is seen cleaning off her photo and looking at it in his apartment in the eighth episode, "Molting". 

Season 2

Johnny tells his top student Miguel that Laura passed away right before Robby was born, and his depression over this is what led him to abandon his family.