"We do not stop when our enemy is down. No mercy... no mercy in the studio... no mercy in competition... no mercy in life! Our enemies deserve pain."

Master Li is the main antagonist of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.

He is a Kung Fu teacher, who teaches his students to be merciless. He was portrayed by Yu Rongguang.


Master Li is the owner and teacher of the Fighting Dragons Kung Fu studio, which similar to the Cobra Kai dojo in the original trilogy, teaches their students to break their opponent's bones and be absolutely merciless towards them at all costs. One day, Dre Parker and his apartment's maintenance man Mr. Han, interrupt a lesson due to an earlier incident when some students from his dojo who beaten up Dre and Mr. Han intervenes for Dre; to make a peace offering. Li harshly rebuffs the peace offer and then he orders his students to prepare for a match & orders that either Han or Dre fight one of his top students named Cheng. Then he says that Mr.Han attacks his students, disrespects his studio & they both want to leave; it will not gonna be that easy. Li then says that since both Dre and Han both showed up, one of them fights now. Han then notices a poster for an open Kung Fu tournament and tells Master Li that Dre will fight there. Li tells Mr.Han that both he & his students accept the challenge, and they also agree to a particular condition from Mr. Han. The condition that Mr. Han makes Li agree with is that Dre will enter the tournament, but; Dre is to be left alone so that he can train under Mr. Han's guidance. In Mandarin Chinese, he instructs all of his students that from that day forward, Dre is to be left alone to train until the day of the big tournament. He then asks his students if they understand, in which his students reply in Mandarin Chinese that they get the message. Dre & Mr. Han prepare to leave, but Li momentarily stops them and then tells them both not be unpunctual for the tournament & should Dre be tardy, the bullying from both his students and him will only get worse for both Dre & Mr. Han. The day of the big open Kung Fu tournament, Li tells another one of his best students named Liang to break Dre's leg and Liang succeeded in doing so but he unfortunately got disqualified in the process. Han then heals his Dre's leg & Master Li congratulates Han for getting Dre back on the tournament piste and watched as his top student Cheng fought against Dre. However, in the end; Cheng winds up getting defeated, presenting the trophy & apologizing to Dre for beating him up. Pretty soon, Cheng and the rest of the Fighting Dragons students end up bowing down to Mr. Han.

It's unknown what happened to Li afterwards, but it's implied that he's now in jail for his terrible influencing on his students.


  • Li is the mainland Chinese counterpart to John Kreese from the original Karate Kid trilogy, but he has many similarities to Sato Toguchi from The Karate Kid Part II, since he has a grudge with Mr. Han (Mr. Miyagi's counterpart) and uses his students to get back at him.
  • In a deleted scene, he was about to slap Cheng for losing to Dre, but was stopped by Han. Han fought Li and subdued him (mirroring the beginning of the original sequel). Li was seen resting angrily, and was later punched by Sherry Parker as punishment for using his students to torment Dre.
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