"But, I can beat him."
"I do not want him beaten. I want him broken.
―Liang and Li during the tournament

Master Li is the main antagonist of the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid.

He is a Kung Fu sensei, who teaches his students to be merciless. He was portrayed by Yu Rongguang.


Master Li was teaching his students on how to break bones, but Dre and Han interrupt and ask about the Kung Fu tournament. Li tells them to train and not be late for the tournament. Later, Master Li tells one of his students to break Dre's leg and said student succeeded in doing so, but was disqualified in the process. Master Li congratulates Han for getting Dre back on the tournament and Cheng challenges Dre. However, in the end, Master Li lost all his students to Han after losing to him in a fight.


  • Li can be viewed as the counterpart to John Kreese from the original Karate Kid trilogy, but he has many similarities to Sato Toguchi from The Karate Kid Part II, because he is angry with Mr. Han because of his history with him and uses his students to get back at him.
  • In a deleted scene, Master Li was angry at Cheng for losing to Dre but Han fights Li and subdues him to make him calm (mirroring the ending of the original movie). Li was seen resting angrily, and later got punched by Dre's mother as retribution for ordering his students to attack her son.
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