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"Match Point" is the fifth episode of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.


Johnny and Daniel's dojo - and their fragile alliance - teeter on the brink of collapse when they agree to a winner-takes-all sensei showdown.


Before Miyagi-Do Karate and Eagle Fang begin training, Terry Silver talks to Daniel LaRusso and apologizes for his misconduct from The Karate Kid Part III. However, Daniel sees through his deception and doesn't forgive him. The students then overhear the conversation and ask who he is but Sam remarks that she doesn't know who Terry is. Terry fails to get forgiveness but tells him that they will hold all fighting before the All-Valley Karate Tournament. John Kreese also reminds Daniel and Johnny Lawrence of their deal but Daniel reminds him that Cobra Kai won't win and has them leave his dojo. Before they leave, Silver says that they will inflict a humiliating defeat on LaRusso.

Back at Cobra Kai, the students are warming up. Robby explains that he and Tory are the strong fighters but they can't violate probation. Terry explains to the students that there will be no more fighting until the tournament. Tory gets upset but Kreese then tells them to never show mercy. Silver then adds that they need to store their anger and save it when they're ready.

Daniel and Johnny are at a bar where Daniel is talking about his match with Mike Barnes in the 1985 All-Valley Tournament. He explains after the match, he never saw Terry Silver until he visited the dojo. Daniel also tells Johnny he knows Silver's playbook and that he now needs to takeover the training, upsetting Johnny. Johnny suggests to beat him up but Daniel said that doesn't work. Daniel then tells him that he wants what's best for the students but Johnny gets upset talking about Miguel Diaz and reminds him that his crane kick doesn't make him a better fighter. He tells them that he knows Cobra Kai well and can beat them. Daniel and Johnny then agree to a rematch tournament style and whoever wins will take over the training.

At school, Demetri reads about Terry Silver and explains to Hawk that he did technological stuff to find out more about him. Yasmine and Moon are walking where she approaches him and the two share a kiss. Moon compliments Hawk's new hair color and explains that purple symbolizes enlightenment. Yasmine tells Demetri that she will be in Australia and that she won't be able to go to prom and watch him in the tournament. They then go to Miguel and Sam where Miguel tells them about Daniel and Johnny's rematch and he kept talking about it on Twitter where Hawk praises the fight.

Later on, Johnny is training for the fight while remembering his past experiences with Daniel. Sam comes home from school where she and Daniel talk about Johnny's teachings. She tells him that she needs to learn his methods in order to survive the All-Valley Tournament. However, Daniel denies the idea stating how Johnny methods are too aggressive. Sam ends the conversation saying she can make her own decisions.

Cobra Kai is then training where Silver talks about discipline and they need to receive it. He tells them that he understands how badly they want to defeat Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang but Silver explains that they need to focus on their training. After class, Robby explains that they know how to get revenge on Hawk without fighting. When Miguel comes home, Johnny tells him how he can beat Daniel. Miguel tells him that he still wants to learn Miyagi-Do but Johnny rejects the idea and explains that he doesn't care about their rivalry.

Daniel talks to a picture of Mr. Miyagi about how his alliance with Johnny didn't work and then begins his training while also remembering his experiences with Johnny. Kreese and Silver are having dinner where Kreese is happy that Silver rejoined him but explains that his teaching methods are confusing. Kreese then explains that Cobra Kai never breaks down from a fight. Silver then talks about Robby and how he's Johnny son. He is upset that he stole him from Johnny and that his students are also added to their old drama. Silver then talks about forgetting the past and focusing on the dojo with Kreese ensuring victory.

Hawk is at the tattoo shop while waiting for his artist Rico but doesn't show up. Cobra Kai then comes over and ambush him in revenge for bullying their classmate Kenny Payne, drenching them at the baseball diamond and betraying them. The other students then hold him down and Robby cuts out his mohawk.

Johnny arrives at Miyagi-Do for his match with Daniel, surprised about the students watching. Daniel tells him that's what he got for tweeting his match. Johnny then explains that he thinks Eagle Fang is best for the kids but Daniel counters saying Miyagi-Do is better. Miguel and Samantha are the referees and the fight begins. Johnny scores the first point but Daniel ties the score. Daniel then scores another point but Johnny ties the score again. The two then fall but it's not clear who scored a point.

Hawk returns to the dojo where he shows everyone that his mohawk nearly gets cut off. Johnny wants to get payback but Daniel rejects the idea. They argue about how their conflicting methods have affected their alliance. Realizing that the merge failed, Eagle Fang leaves Miyagi-Do.



Guest Starring


  • Nick Eagles as Hipster Bartender
  • Hannah Kepple as Moon
  • Olivia Park as Hostess
  • Jayden Rivers as Abe


  • Match Point is the shortest episode of the season, with a runtime of 28 minutes. It beats The Fall (29 minutes) by a single minute.
  • A "match point" occurs in a sporting competition or tournament when both parties are tied for a victory, and the next to score wins the round and the match.
  • This is the second time Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence face off each other in the series. The first time was in No Mercy when the two fought when Daniel finds out that Sam had snuck into Johnny Lawrence's apartment to keep her secret being drunk. Their match is basically similar to their fight at the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament, but the only difference is that their match was to determine who becomes sensei and that there was no clear winner due to both senseis falling.
  • Match Point is the first time that characters Terry Silver and Johnny Lawrence meet. Johnny had no previous knowledge of Terry before the episode's events.


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