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Meiying is a character in the 2010 film The Karate Kid. She is the equivalent of Ali Mills. She is the love interest of Dre Parker.

She is played by Wenwen Han.


Early Life

Not much is known about Meiying's early life. She was born to wealthy parents who were close with Cheng's parents. At some point she started learning English and how to play the Violin.

The Karate Kid (2010)

Meiying was playing Violin and listening to Bach at the park next to Dre and Sherry's apartment on the same day they moved in. Harry kept telling Dre to talk to her in which he agrees. He tries to talk to her in Chinese which she finds his lack of Chinese funny. She then proceeds to watch Dre get beaten by Cheng and his gang while trying to tell him to stop.

She then meets Dre again at the school cafeteria. She notices he is wearing his uniform which she corrected that you only wear your uniform on uniform day. She then tells Dre about Cheng. Meiying leaves to practice Violin. Her tutor is not satisfied with her performance and says that she needs a weekend lesson. Dre sneaks in and watches her practice then then they have a conversation until the tutor comes back. They later met again on the school field trip to the forbidden city. There she tells him about the Shi-Shi festival and asks him to meet her at the Shaolin Theatre.

They meet at the Shaolin theatre at the festival where she tells an old Chinese love story. She learns from Dre what a pinky swear is and the two share a kiss.

Mr. Han gives Dre a day off from training. Dre uses that to convince Meiying to skip school to have some fun (incidentally, she also shows her dance skills in one of the scenes while having fun with Dre). She agrees only to learn that her Violin audition for the Beijing Academy of Music was pushed a day earlier without her knowledge. She rushes to the audition and passes it. She was told by her parents that Dre is a bad influence on her and was told that she is not allowed to see him again. Dre later goes to her house and apologizes to her parents in Mandarin Chinese.

Meiying went to the Kung Fu to watch Dre compete.


Meiying is a very kind and friendly person she was very welcoming of Dre. She even has a sense of humour.


  • She can be compared to two characters from the original series.
    • Ali Mills - They are both from wealthy families and the crush of both the protagonist and antagonist.
    • Kumiko - Both of which are of Asian descent except Kumiko is Japanese and Meiying is Chinese. Both are skilled in a specific art and are trying to entire a special academy. Kumiko is skilled in dance and gets accepted into a dance academy in Tokyo and Meiying is skilled in Violin and gets accepted into the Beijing Academy of Music. Both characters are considered foreigners to the protagonist.