"There's no honor in being merciless."
―Miguel Diaz to John Kreese[src]

Miguel "Miguelito" "Miggy" Diaz is one of the main characters in Cobra Kai.

He is the bullied teenage neighbor to Johnny Lawrence, who convinces the former karate champion to train him. Miguel quickly becomes the top student at the newly reopened Cobra Kai Dojo, and is responsible for the influx of students that followed. Miguel's path while under the leadership of Johnny took many turns, as he fell into the classic cobra kai mindset of "no mercy".

Despite briefly being corrupted, he is able to correct the error of his ways thanks to Johnny's advise, before an intense fight against Robby Keene, that resulted in Miguel's spinal injury. He was rendered comatose for weeks until he awoke, ready to rebuild his life. Following his recovery, he sides with Johnny and becomes apart of his new dojo, before the dojo merges with Miyagi Do Karate in order to defeat Cobra Kai.


Miguel was born in Ecuador on June 17, 2002, to Carmen Diaz and an unnamed father who he, his mother and grandmother fled from because he was a criminal, with implied connections to the Cartel. It's unknown if his father knows about him.


He was very slim kid that shown to be weakling though over first season his body became muscular as his arms shown to be stronger. He also has braces in the first season only

Cobra Kai

Season 1

A naive asthmatic 15-year-old with low self-esteem, Miguel is attacked by a group of rich bullies led by Kyler while shopping at a strip mall. When the bullies shove Miguel on Johnny's car, Johnny attacks them before he is arrested.

Miguel becomes Johnny's first student in the new Cobra Kai dojo. Aside from learning karate, he is the dojo's housekeeper and website administrator. In short time, Johnny becomes a father figure to Miguel, despite objections from Miguel's concerned mother.

When Kyler confronts Samantha over rumors he spread about her, Miguel beats up Kyler and his clique, gaining popularity in the school and earning Johnny's respect. He and Samantha become a couple. Unfortunately, Cobra Kai's philosophy begins to affect Miguel's values as a series of misunderstandings with Samantha and Robby encourages him to become much more violent and ruthless, which results in Samantha dumping him and a rivalry between him and Robby to form.

At the All Valley Karate Tournament, he along with Eli Moskowitz (Hawk) reach the semifinals. In the semifinals, he defeats the defending the champion Xander, thus allowing him to advance to the finals. Prior to the finals he apologizes to Samantha for his behavior, but when Samantha rebuffs him for the way he has been acting, Miguel defends his actions by threatening to hurt Robby in the final, which causes Samantha to leave the tournament. He faces Robby in the finals. During the finals he viciously attacks Robby's shoulder which was injured thanks to Hawk in the semifinals. However, even with his injured shoulder Robby is able to tie the score at 2. When Robby tries to help Miguel up, Miguel instead yanks Robby's arm and further injures his shoulder. The referee warns Miguel for unsportsmanlike contact. When Johnny tells him to avoid Robby's right arm and that he can win without fighting dirty, Miguel's response is "there is nothing dirty about winning", which shocks Johnny. Miguel manages to defeat Robby, thus winning the tournament for Cobra Kai. Following his victory, Miguel hugs his mother and grandmother, but is also upset to learn from Demetri that Samantha left.

Season 2

Despite being one of the primary characters and focuses in season 1, this season sees his role reduce significantly.

Both Miguel and Hawk are scolded by Johnny for their cheating/cheap moves during the tournament, stripped from their black belts, relegated to white belts along with the rest of the class, and forced to do 50 push ups under Johnny's order. When Miguel confronts Johnny about what he just did, Johnny tells him when he was younger he did not show mercy or honor and eventually paid the price as a result and the reason he is being tough on him is so that he is a better man that he (Johnny) ever was.

At first he wants to talk things over with Sam. He sends her some apology texts but she doesn't respond. Sam later blocks him making him further guilty and upset. However, he soon meets new student at the Cobra Kai dojo named Tory, and overtime they become a couple. But it's quite clear the girl he truly loves is still Samantha.

After going into Johnny's house to give him some food, he notices a picture of Robby on the fridge. He tells Hawk, and the two find out Robby is Johnny's son. They assume that Johnny is only being hard on them because Robby is his son. They confront Johnny, but the latter angrily tells them that to mind their own business. However, Johnny later tells Miguel how he screwed up with Robby, and that he is proud that he is teaching him making their bond stronger and realizing that he isn't favoring Robby over him.

During a competition in the woods hosted by Johnny's sensei John Kreese, Miguel finds out that Hawk trashed Miyagi's dojo and stole his badge of honor, and Miguel in turn defeats Hawk and takes the badge. He goes to Sam's house to return the badge, but when Robby opens the door Miguel gives him the badge.

In the rollerskating rink, he realizes that Sam and Robby were there until Tory kisses him making Sam feel jealous. Miguel and Sam had an argument about why he is dating Tory. Meanwhile, he got super furious at Sam for shoving Tory which causing her and Robby kicked out of the rink.

During a party at Moon's house a drunk Sam thanks Miguel for giving back the badge and the two share a kiss, but the two then both immediately regret it. However, they are unaware that Tory sees them.

When a school fight starts on the first day of school, Miguel sees Robby holding Tory against the locker. Unaware that Tory was attacking Sam before and Robby was trying to stop the fight, Miguel tackles Robby and the two fight. After gaining the upper-hand on Robby he notices Sam and Tory fighting. He runs to stop the fight but is stopped by Robby who attacks him. With the assistance from two of his Cobra Kai friends he manages to kick Robby into one of them who grabs hold of Robby. After being encouraged by his friend to go he runs to Tory and Sam leaving Robby to deal with his two friends. After reaching Tory and Sam, he tries to stop Tory from attacking Sam, only for Tory to kick him in he face, causing him to have a bloody lip.

After Robby defeats Miguel's friends he runs to help Sam, only for Miguel to stop him. They then continue their fight, Their fight seems to be even. At times Miguel has the upper-hand and at times Robby has the upper-hand. After gaining the upper-hand on Robby again, Miguel tells Robby that Sam loves him more than Robby, causing an infuriated Robby to aggressively attack Miguel and gain the upper-hand. Miguel however manages to recover and get the better of Robby by flipping him over and trapping his arm in a lock. After seemingly winning the fight he decides to show mercy due to Johnny's teachings. He lets go of Robby's arm and apologizes (possibly for kissing Sam). However, an infuriated Robby who is likely still angry at Miguel for kissing Sam, gets up and kicks Miguel off the railing. Miguel is admitted into the hospital in critical condition.

Miguel has a broken spine as a result of Robby accidentally kicking him off the railing, and is paralysed for a few weeks until Season 3, Episode 7, a few days before Robby got out of juvie.

Season 3

This season sees Miguel as one of the key characters, similar to season 1.

While in a coma, Miguel is dreaming about fighting and beating an opponent in the All Valley tournament, but eventually wakes up. His legs however aren't functioning. While he is supposed to have surgery, it is unknown if he will walk again. Initially, he snaps at Johnny for being the reason he is in his position, but after some time Johnny starts giving hope to Miguel.

After eventually being released from the hospital, Johnny begins performing exercises with him in order to help get his legs functioning. Initially, the exercises aren't working, making Miguel upset. However, while at a concert, Johnny and Miguel witness Miguel being able to tap his foot, giving Miguel some hope. Johnny continues to work with Miguel. Miguel also helps Johnny with his Facebook profile.

While at lunch with Johnny, Tory sees him when Johnny goes to the bathroom. Miguel shows that he's upset with Tory for not seeing him in the hospital. He is further upset when Tory says that Cobra Kai is trying to get back at Miyagi Do for what happened to him, while Tory voices her disappointment for his kiss with Sam. Miguel then tells her that she needs help, which angers her, as she feels he is calling her crazy, and then Miguel breaks up with Tory and ends their relationship for her role in severely injuring Sam and starting the school brawl then she leaves in anger and upset. Later that day, while training with Johnny, Miguel is struggling because he is upset about his breakup with Tory, which angers Johnny who does not know Miguel is upset about his breakup with Tory. The two then get into an argument, with Miguel accusing Johnny giving up on his students. After he finishes his ranting, Johnny tells Miguel that he is standing (with the support on his back) without his help, making them both happy, and causing them to hug. From then on, Johnny's training continues to help Miguel. Miguel goes from a wheelchair, to crutches, and eventually walking on both feet without the need of any support.

Now, that Miguel can walk again, he goes back to school, but not before telling Johnny he will help recruit students to his (Johnny's) dojo. At school he rekindles his friendship with Sam, and expresses disappointment in Hawk after learning from Demetri that Hawk broke his arm. Miguel's and Hawk's friendship ends as a result of Hawk's ruthless actions. Luckily for Miguel, some of his classmates join Johnny's dojo such as Mitch and Bert, which Johnny calls Eagle Fang Karate. Miguel however hurts his leg while attempting to kick in training, but Johnny tells him that it's alright and that no one expects him to be back to his normal self. After Mitch gets news that All Valley is cancelled, Johnny tells Miguel it's good since he wasn't going to compete anyway, which angers Miguel who protests and wants to defend his champion title. Johnny tries to make Miguel understand that he does not want to risk Miguel getting hurt again, but Miguel is adamant on competing and defending his title. The conversation ends with Miguel storming into his house and Carmen talking to Johnny about her believing in him saving the All-Valley Tournament.

In the community hearing, Councilperson Roberts is saying that The All Valley Tournament should be banned because of the school brawl and the City Council thinking that karate is the problem but Miguel then shows up. Miguel then tells Roberts that he was involved in the school fight and that he was the one who was kicked out of the second floor balcony and was paralysed as a result and tells the judge that it was Johnny who helped him walk again. He then explains to the Roberts that he was bullied, and Karate and the tournament are ways of teaching kids to defend themselves. He also credits Johnny for his success. He is joined by Sam who makes similar arguments. He ends his case by saying that the All Valley should be there to give the kids ways of defending himself. Moved by their pleas, Councilperson Roberts allows the tournament to resume, making both Miguel and Sam happy and hug. Back at Sam's house, Miguel and Sam are chatting and celebrating of them saving the tournament and Miguel jokingly gives Sam a hard time about Miyagi Do. Miguel even goads her into taking him down a second time. The two briefly spar, but then stop and stare at each other (romantically), but Robby catches them together while he tries to go see Sam and accuses Sam of cheating on him with Miguel while he was at Juvie getting his head busted in everyday, but Miguel tries to be nice to Robby and tells him it isn't her fault as Sam had panic attacks and PTSD from Tory stabbing her with the spiked bracelet and the whole attack but Robby angrily tells Miguel to stay out of it and Miguel stands up for himself and tells him that he will not. Robby goes into cold heart mode and says he hoped that he said that. Instead of apologizing to Miguel for hospitalizing him, kicking him off the balcony and leaving him paralysed, Robby ignites their Season 2 rivalry instead and attempts to punch Miguel as he just starts walking but Sam blocks his punches and pushes Robby away and tells him to stop. Robby angrily states that they deserve each other and Robby admits that he and Sam's relationship was a mistake and breaks up with Sam as a result he then leaves, leaving Samantha devastated and Miguel shocked over nearly being attacked by the same person who put him in the hospital and kicking him off that balcony.

The following morning, Miguel and Sam are inside Miyagi Do Dojo, where Miguel is looking at a picture of Miyagi and holding Daniel's Okinawan hand drum. Sam asks Miguel to put the drum in his pocket and attack her. Miguel does so, but is blocked by Sam the same way Daniel blocked Chozen's attacks in Karate Kid 2. Miguel then performs a secret move on her, which is a take down, causing both to fall. On the ground, the two kiss and get back together but they are interrupted by Daniel when he walks in. Later that day, he is seen looking at Daniel's car. Daniel then comes outside and the two bond and finally meet each other. Daniel tells him about certain facts about Johnny and his rivalry with Johnny, which Johnny never told Miguel, making Miguel shocked. Later that night, Sam invites Miguel and the other Eagle Fang students to her house as she wants all of them to work together while Amanda and Daniel are out in the Country Club Dinner with Ali and Johnny. When they arrive, everyone outside Sam and Miguel doesn't like this, even Mitch and Bert but after some time they agree and unite in one. However, a bunch of Cobra Kai students which includes Kyler arrive. Miguel is unhappy to see Kyler due to his past bullying and their old Season 1 Rivalry. The Cobra Kai's then attack, resulting a fight. Miguel faces Kyler, but is repeatedly being beaten by the latter, possibly because he is not completely back to his old self since only recently he has got back to training. However, while eventually being repeatedly hit by Kyler, Miguel remembers the encouragement Johnny gave him while in the coma and having a dream about competing in the tournament and thinking the opponent he was facing against was Robby. Now, regaining his confidence, Miguel defeats and knocks out Kyler and thanks him for the motivation.

Back at Cobra Kai, when Daniel is getting the better of Kreese, Miguel and Sam show up and stop the fight between them. Robby arrives and stands next to Kreese, leaving his old sensei and father respectively, Johnny and Daniel shocked. Robby angrily shouts at Miguel, Sam, Daniel and Johnny and tells the 4 to get out of here and leave. The following morning, Miguel and the other Eagle Fangs show up at Miyagi Do, where they begin training under Johnny's and Daniel's leaderships in prepare for the tournament against Kreese, Robby, Kyler, Tory. Mikey, Doug, Big Red and some unknown Cobra's.

Season 4

Xolo Maridueña and a few others were in a zoom call when John Hurwitz announced Season 4.

Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues

Miguel appears in the video game Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues as a playable character in the Cobra Kai side of the story, & a boss in the Miyagi-Do side of the story.


Season 1

Miguel initially appeared as a naive, good-natured, kind-hearted teenager. He was similar to Daniel LaRusso before he joined the Cobra Kai. Miguel is much like a hybrid of Johnny and Daniel from the first Karate Kid film, and the change of character he goes through is significant. Miguel will fight for those who he cares about, for example defeating Kyler and his gangs after insulting Sam. He went from a nice kid who was incessantly bullied to an aggressive Karate champion who made his former tormentors afraid to be around him. This gradual swirl into rage began when he was convinced that his girlfriend Samantha thought that he was not worthy to meet her family, and was secretly seeing someone else instead (Robby). Miguel proceeded to take out all of his aggression on Robby in the All-Valley Tournament. It is suggested that Miguel's transformation from a mild-mannered and pleasant soul into a vicious and obsessively competitive individual represents that Cobra Kai's "strike first" and "no mercy" rules corrupt innocents and turn them into antisocial bullies. This is expressed when Miguel attacks Robby's shoulder.

"We're not all assholes."
―Miguel Diaz to Robby Keene[src]

Season 2

Despite becoming indoctrinated into Cobra Kai's "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy" code, in the end of season 1 and during the tournament, being corrected by Johnny seems to calm him down. He's still a nice kid that respects his sensei and stays loyal to his friends. This is also later shown where he initially rebuffs Kreese's teachings realizing that's not what Johnny wants them to learn. After discovering that Hawk trashed Daniel's dojo and stole Miyagi's Medal of Honor, Miguel defeats Hawk in combat, takes the badge and goes to Sam's house to return it, showing he is still a good person at heart despite his prior actions and Cobra Kai's ruthless mentality. Despite still being interested in getting back together with Sam at first he soon meets a new Cobra Kai student named Tory and the two start dating. However an error of kissing Sam at Moon's party leads to a school brawl the next day. Mistakenly believing Robby is attacking Tory, Miguel attacks him. He follows through Johnny's earlier advice to show mercy to not make the same mistakes he had done. Unfortunately this act causes Robby to kick him off a railing, resulting in him being seriously injured, having a broken neck.

Season 3

In the beginning of season 3, he is cold to Johnny for being in this situation, and feels hopeless about walking again. However, with Johnny's encouragement and training, Miguel recovers and is able to walk again. After returning to school, he rekindles his friendship with Sam, and shows disappointment to Hawk's latest behavior and actions. He soon rekindles his relationship with Sam and becomes a part of Johnny's new dojo, as well as his newfound respect to Daniel LaRusso upon meeting him for the first time. During his fight with Kyler at Sam's house, he is losing most of the time due to him not being back to full form, but after remembering Johnny's encouraging words, he gains his confidence back and defeats Kyler. The seasons ends with Johnny's and Daniel's dojos merging into one, making Miguel a part of Miyagi Do.

Fighting Style

Miguel fighting against Kyler

"Yeah, it all happened so fast. Everything just came together. I was blocking. I anticipated. I slithered."
―Miguel Diaz to Johnny Lawrence[src]

After he begins his training Miguel develops into a solid all-around fighter. Not as flashy as Eli Moskowitz, Miguel favors simple, effective techniques and combinations. His defensive skills, movement, and timing are excellent; he can wait out an aggressive opponent and pick the right moment for a counter, as seen in his match with Xander Stone. Like any true Cobra, however, he can turn on the offense when he needs to. He is also skilled against multiple opponents, as displayed in his lunchroom fight with Kyler's gang.

When his anger gets the better of him, Miguel fights more aggressively and underhandedly, evidenced during his fights with Robby at the All Valley Tournament and school brawl, though he does not fight underhandedly in the latter. Miguel has fought underhandedly, evidenced at the All Valley Tournament, where he aggressively attacks Robby's injured shoulder (in a manner not too dissimilar to Johnny Lawrence underhandedly attacking Daniel LaRusso's injured leg in the 1984 All Valley Tournament), and even yanks it in the finals.

Miguel's biggest weakness is letting his guard down, which allows his opponents to attack him by surprise and beat him. After gaining the upper-hand on Tory in their sparing match, he ends up dropping his guard by offering Tory his hand, who uses this opportunity to flip him over and beat him. After seemingly beating Robby in the school brawl, he drops his guard by letting Robby go. However Robby then viciously attacks Miguel, who is unable to defend himself due to dropping his guard, resulting in Robby unintentionally rendering him unconscious and severely injuring his spine.

While Miguel defeated Robby in the All Valley tournament in season 1, their match was basically even despite Robby's injured shoulder putting him at a disadvantage, and Miguel himself had to attack his shoulder and fight dirty to win. Their fight and the result showed that Miguel was an inferior and less skilled fighter than Robby. In the school brawl in season 2 however, Miguel successfully pinned Robby to the ground without fighting dirty, showing that Miguel is a more skilled fighter than he was in season 1, as well as that he was the better and more skilled fighter than Robby at that time. Although it should be noted that Robby was angry and not focused when Miguel said that Sam loves him more than Robby, which gave Miguel the upper hand on him.

Miguel's physical strength has come a long way since he began his training. Near the end of the school brawl, he dented a metal railing when he attempted to kick Robby.

In season 3, he doesn't start training until later on due to his injury in the season 2 finale. When he starts training again, his karate is rusty and he almost hurts himself due to his legs not being back to full form despite being able to walk again. His rustiness and legs not being back to full form causes him to struggle when fighting Kyler, until he remembers Johnny's encouraging words, which allows him to defeat Kyler.


Carmen Diaz

Carmen is Miguel's mother. Both of them have a close relationship. Both care for each other. However, she is often overprotective of Miguel, especially after he decides to do karate. While she forbids him from doing karate after he is beaten up by Kyler and his gang, she is then persuaded by Johnny to let him do it. Following this, she doesn't seem to be as protective. In the end of Season 1, in All Valley Tournament she is seen cheering on Miguel from the beginning to the finals. However, in Season 2, after the school brawl Miguel is admitted to the hospital due to a fight with Robby, which resulted in the latter kicking him off the railing at school. Carmen is shown to be distraught in the hospital.

In season 3, Carmen is with Miguel in the house, before and after he wakes up from his coma. After waking up from his coma, she is there to make sure he is ok. After Miguel is released from the hospital, the two aren't interacting much, but Carmen expresses her appreciation to Johnny for helping Miguel recover and walk again and Johnny and Carmen get back together.

Rosa Diaz

Rosa is Miguel's maternal grandmother. Rosa supports his decision to do karate. In the end of Season 1, she is seen cheering on Miguel from the beginning until the finals. In Season 2, she is concerned when Miguel is admitted to the hospital after being kicked off the railing by Robby.

In the beginning of season 3, when the Nurse tells Rosa and Carmen to remind him that they are here and talk about things he loves, to which Rosa tells Miguel the dodgers may make the playoffs. While this is the only interaction in the season, shortly after Miguel wakes up from his coma, Rosa pleads tells Johnny that Miguel needs him, as well as pleads him to pray with her, which Johnny accepts.

Johnny Lawrence

Johnny is Miguel's karate sensei and father figure. When they first meet in Season 1, Johnny is rude to him. However, in one night at Reseda Mini Mart, Johnny beats up Kyler and his gang for harassing Miguel because Miguel accidentally hit Johnny's car, which Johnny gets involved with this. Miguel attempts to stop the cops that wasn't Johnny's "fault!" to attack teenagers, which he shows to Johnny that cares about him. The following morning, Miguel asks Johnny that if he could teach him karate, but Johnny refuses to teach him first, though he would changes his mind to teach him karate as he opens up the Cobra Kai Dojo.

When Miguel was badly injured by Kyler and his gang, Johnny brings Miguel safely to his apartment, but his mom Carmen blames Johnny's karate and she never wants to see her son with Johnny. After some time , Johnny realizes that he truly cares about Miguel and that he is the one person that hasn't given up on him. So, he then persuades Carmen that she should let him back in as he promise not to fail him. Carmen agrees to let Miguel back in to do karate and Johnny next time he will be training him how to "play offense?!".

With Johnny's training, Miguel becomes a skilled fighter, which allows him to defeat Kyler and his gang, resulting in several students joining Cobra Kai and even giving his old gi to Miguel as a reward. Miguel and Johnny would bond over the course of season 1, with Johnny even giving Miguel advise on dating Daniel's daughter and Daniel's life. In the season 1 finale, Johnny expresses discomfort when Miguel fights dirty against Robby in the All Valley Tournament. While he advises Miguel not to fight dirty, he continues to anyway, which allows Cobra Kai to win the tournament. Despite the victory, Johnny feels bad for what Miguel has become.

In season 2, Miguel and Hawk are rebuked and punished by Johnny for their dirty tactics in the tournament. When Miguel confronts him, Johnny says he paid the price for not knowing the difference between honor and mercy, and wants him to avoid making the same mistake. Their bonding continues, with Johnny even telling Miguel that he is proud that he is teaching him. In the finale, Miguel gets the better of Robby, but lets him go after remembering Johnny's advise. However, this backfires, as an enraged Robby attacks Miguel and kicks him off a railing, rendering him unconscious, and severely injuring his spine. At the hospital, Johnny listens to a voicemail Miguel left earlier and peaks in Miguel's room, who is lying unconscious, causing him to cry and feel guilty.

When Miguel wakes up from his coma in the beginning of season 3, he is cold yo Johnny at first, as his teachings which he followed led to him ending up in here. However, after some time, Johnny begins giving a hopeless Miguel courage. When Miguel is released from the hospital, Johnny works with Miguel to help him walk again through training, and eventually Miguel begins to walk again. After being able to walk, he joins Johnny's Eagle Fang Karate dojo. By the end of the season, The Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do dojos have merged, and Miguel along with the rest are training at Miyagi Do with Johnny and Daniel as the Co sensei's.

Samantha Larusso

Samantha is Miguel's girlfriend. At the first day of school Miguel develops attraction towards Sam and tries to approach her but he is interrupt by Kyler. After defeating her ex boyfriend Kyler and the latter gang, when they were mocking Sam, the two go on a date and become a couple. However, their relationship becomes strained when Sam does not want to bring him to her house to meet her family, due to Miguel being apart of Cobra Kai. Things get more strained when Sam does not respond to his texts. Unbeknownst to Miguel, Sam's mother took her phone away, which is why she is not responding. When Sam arrives to a party with Robby, Miguel wrongly assuming they are together, confronts Sam and attacks Robby, but accidently hurting Sam in the progress, leading to her dumping him.

In season 2 , the two don't have much interaction. Initially, Miguel wants to make things right and rekindle their romance, but Sam wants nothing to do with him due to his actions. Miguel however, would move on from Sam and start dating Tory. Sam however, disapproves Miguel dating Tory because of their bad blood, and even confronts him on that, making Miguel upset. On the night before the first day of school, a drunk Sam thanks Miguel for returning Mr. Miyagi's badge of honor, and the two share a kiss, but immediately regret it due to them already being in relationships, but are unaware that Tory saw them. After Miguel is kicked off the railing by Robby the following day, Sam is horrified. At the hospital she tearfully says that she hopes Miguel is ok.

Shortly after waking up from his coma in season 3, Sam visits him and gives him a get well card, and the two apologize to each other for the whole situation. After Miguel is able to walk again, he returns to school and rekindles his friendship with Sam. Over time, they rekindle their former romantic feelings for each other and end up kissing at one point. By the end of the season, Miguel is training with Sam and the other Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do's at Miyagi Do.

Tory Nichols

Tory is Miguel's love interest in season 2. With Miguel initially being upset over his breakup with Sam, Tory, who had joined Cobra Kai and taken interest in Miguel, helps him get over his breakup. Overtime the two quickly become a couple. However, Tory witnesses Miguel and Sam kissing the night before the first day of school. In the school brawl, Tory, still angry over the kiss, kicks Miguel's face when the latter tries to stop her from attacking Sam. She however is horrified when Miguel is kicked off the railing by Robby.

While at lunch with Johnny in season 3, Tory sees him when Johnny goes to the bathroom. Miguel shows that he's upset with Tory for not seeing him in the hospital. He is further upset when Tory says that Cobra Kai is trying to get back at Miyagi Do for what happened to him, while Tory voices her disappointment for his kiss with Sam. Miguel then tells her that she needs help, which angers her, as she feels he is calling her crazy, and then Miguel breaks up with Tory and ends their relationship for her role in severely injuring Sam and starting the school brawl then she leaves in anger. The next time they see each other is when the Cobra Kai's enter Sam's house in order to attack the Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang students who had just formed a truce. Miguel tells Tory she doesn't have to do this, to which Tory says it's to late. Then, a fight breaks out, with Cobra Kai losing. Before Tory leaves following losing the fight, she calls both Miguel and Hawk traitors.

Aisha Robinson

Aisha is Miguel's friend. The two become close friends when Aisha joins the Cobra Kai Dojo, as Miguel telling Johnny that he should give her a chance to join. When Johnny tells Miguel to do everything he has learnt from Johnny to attack Aisha. Miguel seems to be apologetic to her for attacking her and Aisha strikes him back.

While they don't have as much interaction in season 2, they are still friends. As Aisha tells Sam that Miguel was the one who return the medal of honor.

Eli Moskowitz "Hawk"

Hawk is one of Miguel's closest friends. They immediately become friendly, due to them being bullied by Kyler and his gang. Eli joins Cobra Kai after witnessing Miguel using his skills at Cobra Kai to beat up Kyler and his gang. After becoming Hawk, he would go on to become one of the top students along with Miguel. Despite Hawk's abrasive personality and actions, as well as the two getting into a fight over Mr. Miyagi's badge of honor that Hawk stole, they remain close friends. After Miguel is admitted to the hospital due to Robby kicking him off the railing and Hawk was angry to Robby as he looks up to the second floor. Hawk tries to wake Miguel up, but a cop tells him to back off. And Hawk angrily blames their sensei Johnny for this.

In Season 3, the two first see each other when Hawk visits him in the hospital. After Miguel is able to walk again, he returns to school, where he is welcomed back by Hawk. However, after learning from Demetri that Hawk broke his arm, he confronts Hawk and shows disapproval to him letting Kreese get inside his head. Hawk's latest actions lead to their friendship ended. However, it is presumed that they rekindle their friendship when Hawk redeems himself by defecting from Cobra and becomes apart of Eagle Fang and Miyagi Do.


Demetri is one of Miguel friends. The two become friends due to them being harassed by Kyler and his gang. After Miguel uses his skills he learned at Cobra Kai to beat Kyler and his gang, Demetri attempts to join Cobra Kai, but ends up quitting after sensei Johnny hurt him. Despite quitting, which upsets Miguel, the two are still close. In season 2, the two rarely interact due to Demetri joining Miyagi Do, though the two are probably still friends.

At first in season 3, Demetri buys Miguel a comic book as a get better present. Then, when Miguel first meets Demetri at school, he is concerned when he sees his broken arm, and Demetri tells him about what Hawk did to his arm. By the end of the season, the two are training at Miyagi Do with the other Miyagi Do's and Eagle Fang's.

Robby Keene

Robby is Miguel's rival. While the two don't have much interaction, they are fierce rivals. Both have hated each other since their separate and unaware moments of first seeing each other. Their rivalry is similar to Daniel and Johnny's original rivalry but on more personal levels. Miguel hates Robbie for stealing Sam away and Robbie hates him in return for stealing his father, who is Miguel's sensei. In the penultimate episode of season 1 he and Robby meets in a party, as drunk Miguel sees his girlfriend Sam and Robby walking together at a party. Getting the wrong idea he attacks Robby, but accidently push Sam in the process, leading her to dumping him. In the season 1 finale, Miguel and Robby face off in the All Valley Tournament, where Miguel viciously attacks Robby's shoulder which was injured thanks to Hawk in the semifinals, allowing him to defeat Robby and win the tournament, though it was a close match.

In season 2, they don't have much interaction. When Miguel went to Daniel's house to return Miyagi's badge of honor that Hawk stole, he was shocked when Robby opened the door. Miguel gave him the badge. In the finale, before the school brawl starts Robby tells Sam that Miguel returned the medal of honor, who she already knew this before. The school brawl starts, when Miguel noticed Robby is holding his girlfriend Tory against a locker. Unaware that he was trying to stop the fight, as well as believing he was attacking her, Miguel attacked him, causing the two to fight. They had a long fight, which appeared to be evenly matched. Eventually, Miguel flipped Robby and put his arm in lock, but after remembering Johnny telling him to show mercy, he let him go and apologized. Unfortunately, an enraged Robby attacked him and kicked him off the railing, resulting in Miguel being rendered unconscious and having a broken neck. Horrified at what he has done, Robby ran away.

Later in season 3, Robby, who was recently released from juvie, sees Miguel, who is now walking again, with Sam. Getting the wrong idea, he tries to attack Miguel, only to be stopped by Sam. Robby then walks away and his relationship with Sam ends. Later, when Miguel and Sam show up at Cobra Kai to stop Daniel from further escalating his fight with Kreese, Robby comes out and tells all of them to leave.

Kyler and his gang

Kyler and his gang were a group that bullied Miguel in the first half of season 1. It all started when Miguel outed Kyler and his friends from being underage in the liquor store. From then on, Kyler and his gang would frequently bully and harass Miguel. In Halloween party, Kyler and his gang beats Miguel up so badly. Miguel would join Cobra Kai in order to gain enough strength to stand up to them. Eventually, when Kyler and his gang were harassing Sam in the cafeteria, Miguel defended her and was able to use his skills to defeat Kyler and his friends. Following his victory, Kyler was afraid to go near Miguel.

In season 3, they first meet at the park when Kreese tries to persuade Johnny to rejoin Cobra Kai. The two glare at each other. They see each other again, when Cobra Kai comes into Sam's house in order to fight Miyagi Do and Eagle Fang who had just formed a truce. Miguel and Kyler spend most of the fight, fighting each other. Unfortunately, Miguel is at a disadvantage, as while he recovered from his injury enough to walk again, his body, most notably legs weren't back to full form yet, combined with him only recently getting back to training. Kyler has the upper hand over Miguel for most of the fight, but when Miguel gets his confidence back, he wins in the end by knocking Kyler out.

Daniel LaRusso

He and Daniel have never much interacted each other at the two seasons, though they only see each other at numerous occasions. Daniel also witnessed Diaz using the Crane Kick to the opponent in the preliminary round at the All Valley tournament, much to his chagrin.

Upon meeting with LaRusso for the first time after his recovery in season 3, Miguel starts to show his respect to LaRusso as they talked about his past with Johnny, as well as both Miguel and Daniel shared their common similarities. By the end of the season, Miguel trains at Miyagi Do with the Miyagi Do's and Eagle Fang students, with both Daniel and Johnny as his Co sensei's.


  • He has asthma.
  • Robby and Miguel have fought each other twice, and both have won once through unethical tactics:
    • Miguel won by attacking Robby's injured shoulder, which includes him yanking it when the latter attempts to help up him by offering his hand.
    • Robby won by attacking Miguel and kicking him off the railing after the latter released Robby from a hold and apologized for their skirmish.
  • Hawk nicknamed him El Serpiente ("the snake") for his first-place victory in the All-Valley tournament.


  1. He turned 16 a week after Hawk in Season Two. He also said in Season One, Episode 7, which is February 2018, that he is “a few months off of 16”. We realize there is some timeline confusion over whether he is 16 or 17. Though, the most likely possibility is that he is 16 years old.
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