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"Minefields" is the seventh episode of the fourth season of Cobra Kai.


Daniel invites Anthony to join Miyagi-Do and discovers he doesn't know his son as well as he thought. Miguel learns the truth about Johnny and Carmen.


At West Valley Middle School, Anthony picks up Lia's book and is talking to her about how they haven't hung out. She tells them that they can do something as friends. He goes back to his friends where he watches Lia talk to Kenny. Later on. he is changing from P.E. where he steals Kenny's Cobra Kai hoodie. He chases them but he runs out in his underwear, causing everyone to laugh at him.

Miguel is stretching where he tells mom about how Johnny will have intense training with the students. Johnny and Carmen talk about how they're going to tell Miguel about their relationship. She tells them that they can go to Applebee's but Johnny tells her he had an incident there and Miguel gives his sensei his headband.

At the LaRusso house, Daniel finds Kenny's Cobra Kai hoodie and has Anthony talk about why he had it. He tells him that a Cobra Kai student is bullying him. Daniel sympathizes with how it's like to be bullied and tells him that he is ready for karate training.

Before Cobra Kai starts class, Kenny is practicing where he tells Robby about how Anthony stole his hoodie and tells him he is ready to fight them. Robby tells him that he got expelled and sent to juvenile hall and warns Kenny saying he needs to be smarter than him and Shawn. Silver and Kreese come and in talk about weakness and how to exploit it. The two begin a sparring match where they pick students and whoever won gets a 6-pack of beer.

Back at Miguel's apartment, Johnny and Carmen talk to Miguel about their relationship. He tells them that he's happy that his mom is dating Johnny. The two kiss and tell each other how happy they are to finally tell the truth.

At Miyagi-Do, Demetri shows Sam a pair of sai where she tells him that they need to practice their skills to win the tournament. Anthony praises the training where Daniel talks about his first time learning karate. He tells him to see karate training like video games and has him put his phone away. To start his training, Daniel has him wipe off bird poop off Mr. Miyagi's cars.

During a session at Cobra Kai, Tory is sparring with Piper where she defeats her in seconds. Piper tells Tory that they should fight again but Tory tells her not to get her hopes up. Before Eagle Fang's class, Johnny introduces their new female student Devon Lee and adds that her preferred pronouns are she/her. He tells her that only sensei are student are allowed in his dojo but Devon corrects him saying that sensei and student are nouns. She joins the class and Eagle Fang learns a lesson about cheating. He tells them that Cobra Kai doesn't follow the same rules and has them be ready for what dirty play they have in their playbook. Devon compares the situation to the movie Bloodsport, impressing Johnny. Mitch talks about a movie called The Last Dragon and Johnny tells him to shut up. He has the students get ready for training and has Miguel become co-sensei. The first part of the training is where the students spar with each other with one arm in case they get one side broken. Johnny then tells the students to use their senses by throwing dirt in Mitch's eye but hits his head on the shelf. Later on, the boys are lined up and Devon then kicks them in groin.

Back at Cobra Kai, Robby and Kenny are sparring with each other. Kenny tells Silver that Robby doesn't have a weakness but tells him that everyone has a weakness. Kreese tells Robby to stop playing around and defeat him. The two try again and Kenny wins with a leg sweep, causing Silver to win the whole sparring match. He explains that their opponents' thoughts are key in different situations and to make them think about what they want them to think. Silver tells Kreese that he owes him beer. After Eagle Fang's training, Miguel's classmates get mad that he got to be co-sensei.

Daniel arrives at Miyagi-Do sees all of Mr. Miyagi's cars cleaned up. However, he learns that Anthony paid a guy to clean the cars. Daniel gets upset with how he hired a person and tells him he needs to succeed on his own. Anthony disrespects Mr. Miyagi when he tells Daniel about how he's always talked about him and how his style helped him become a better person. Upset, Daniel was wrong about bringing Anthony and tells him to go back to video games.

Johnny and Carmen have dinner where Miguel came home late. He tells him that it was irresponsible to lose track of time but Miguel tells the two that he was with Sam. His mom and Johnny tell Miguel that they want him to be safe but Johnny reminds him about it in a dirty way, disgusting Carmen. Miguel is upset with how weird their relationship is but Miguel wanted the two to be happy. He tells them that the weirdness spread through the dojo and the apartment and is upset. Carmen also gets upset about how Johnny mentioned protection.

Anthony arrives home and sees Daniel's All-Valley trophies and a picture of Mr. Miyagi. He opens a box where he reads a Miyagi-Do scroll from Okinawa. Daniel sees him and tells him that the scroll explains a forbidden Miyagi-Do technique and tells them not to use the technique in any situation. His son admits that the memories of Mr. Miyagi are amazing and explains that he never knew him. Daniel tells him a story where Mr. Miyagi was carrying him and how Anthony kicked him. He ends saying he should learn the true meaning of Miyagi-Do and defend himself but Anthony tells him not to worry about it.

Miguel and Sam are at school where Johnny picks up Miguel. Back at West Valley Middle School, Lia tells Anthony about an upcoming carnival. Anthony gets excited but it sours when Lia tells him she is going with Kenny. Realizing his mistakes, Anthony approaches Kenny and apologize to him. However, Kenny doesn't forgive him and calls him "LaPusso". Kenny calls him the name again and Anthony and his friends chase him where they end up in the library. However, the lights turn off and Kenny picks them off by attacking them. He then leaves Anthony last but are caught by a teacher.

Johnny and Miguel go to the Eagle Fang dojo and tells him about his biological father and how he never knew him. He also tells him about how his mom married Sid and how he didn't like him. Johnny also adds he wouldn't want to look for his dad and how Kreese was his father figure and how he didn't want to be like Kreese, his biological father and Sid and it affected Robby. He ends saying he wants to be Miguel's father. Sam joins the two to learn about the flying tornado.

Daniel and Amanda arrive at the middle school where the principal tells the two that Anthony and his friends are being suspended. He shows him all the evidence of Kenny being bullied including milk being added in his locker and being chased earlier. It turned out that Anthony lied to Daniel when the principal tells him that Anthony has been a bully. From the outside, Kenny is off the hook and tells Anthony he got him.

Back at Cobra Kai, Kreese sticks to his promise and gets Silver a 6-pack of 333 beer. Kreese and Silver reminisce about an old soldier but Terry didn't want to talk about it. Despite sticking to his promise, Kreese doesn't show his appreciation to Silver when they recap their lesson about weakness. He adds that Silver talked about him and what Kreese's weakness is. Silver counters that it was a lesson but Kreese counters that he is nervous to tell him. Kreese brings up the time they were imprisoned in Vietnam and stood up for Terry to fight Captain Turner and saved him and the other troops. He takes a beer and tells Silver to get back on track and follow his lead.



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  • The end of the episode became the turning point for Kreese and Silver's friendship.