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"I don't think there's much I could teach you right now anyway. Except maybe this... all that Miyagi-Do mumbo jumbo... that might score you points in a tournament. But now you're in the real world, kid, you might wanna learn to strike first."
John Kreese to Robby Keene[src]

"Miyagi-Do" is the fifth episode of the third season of Cobra Kai.


In Okinawa, Japan, Daniel spends time with an old friend -- and an old enemy, who has much to teach him. The dueling dojos' rivalry comes to a nasty head.


The episode begins with flashbacks from The Karate Kid Part II, where Chozen fought Daniel to death, where Daniel won, but, of course, spared the life of Chozen. Back in the present, Chozen appears at the bar which terrified Daniel.

In California, Johnny heads to Miguel’s apartment as he planned to do some training exercises to rehabilitate his legs, but sees Miguel is doing physical therapy as he makes a mockery of his methods. Carmen convinces Johnny to trust the methods of a trained physical therapist and he agrees to wait for Miguel to finish. At the prison, Robby gets a visit from John Kreese, as he tells Robby about when he knew Johnny was the real deal in karate. Robby has no interest in the story as Kreese tries to recruit him to Cobra Kai unsuccessfully but gives him advice to strike first against Shawn and his cronies. Amanda and a much slimmer Anthony arrive unexpectedly at the Miyagi-Do dojo, Amanda disavows Sam and her Miyagi-Do friends doing karate again. Sam assures karate is not the problem.

Back in Japan with Kumiko and Chozen, Kumiko reveals she called Chozen, putting the fight to the death as a event in the past and assures Chozen is a changed man. Kumiko leaves and asks Chozen to give Daniel a tour around the new Okinawa. Meanwhile Johnny has Miguel do non-traditional physical therapy work such as him dangling a swimsuit magazine above him that he has to stand up from his wheelchair to grab it, which was unsuccessful.

In Japan, Chozen brings Daniel to the original Miyagi-Do Karate dojo where Daniel finds a scroll containing the Miyagi-Do secret that Chozen inherited from the late Sato. Chozen reveals Mr. Miyagi did not teach Daniel everything he knew. In prison, Robby does research on Kreese and finds articles of Johnny and Daniel's All Valley wins before finding emails from Sam, where he tries to write back until Shawn pulls the plug on the computer. At Golf N Stuff, Hawk and his Cobra Kai friends, stroll through the arcade where Hawk blocks a boy from shooting a basketball at a basketball hoop in a basketball machine, steals tickets from a girl playing skee ball, and then runs to the prize counter where Chris works at and requests a prize. Chris begrudgingly gets on the ladder about to get the prize Hawk requested when Hawk climbs over the counter and steals several prizes and runs away. A desperate Chris texts Sam for help and texts him back saying she is on her way. Johnny sets a fire under Miguel's foot to try to make him stand up but is once again unsuccessful.

At the Okinawa dojo, Chozen and Daniel fight Miyagi-Do style with Chozen performing far superiorly, proving Daniel has not learned all of the Miyagi-Do lessons. He tells Daniel the story of how Miyagi-Do had scenarios where they had no choice but to kill when they had to fight against Chinese invaders. Chozen teaches Daniel the Miyagi-Do teaching of pressure points, that could incapacitate their opponent's joints, saying defense takes on many forms. Johnny tries to look up physically therapy drills until he sees Carmen outside crying about how Miguel is right now. Sam along with Demetri, Stiven and an unnamed Miyagi-Do Student arrive at Golf N Stuff to help Chris take care of the Cobra Kais. At the prison, Robby enters the library where he sees Shawn and his goons. Robby is fed up with Shawn and once again hears Shawn and his goons harassing Robby. Seeing this moment as a perfect time for revenge especially with no security guards in sight, Robby kicks Shawn in the face, and fights with him after easily taking down Shawn's two goons, Robby has the clear upper hand on Shawn until the guards break up the fight. Concurrently, Miyagi-Do has the upper hand on Cobra Kai, until Tory, along with Big Red and Edwin, arrives, which causes Sam to suffer a panic attack and basically shut down as she thought and felt that tragedies similar to the high school karate war would occur because of Tory’s presence, as well as the tide to shift in the Cobra Kai's favor. Chris is beat up by Mitch and Doug, Hawk grabs Demetri's arm and pins him to the ground, Mikey fighting Stiven and Tory beating the unnamed Miyagi-Do student. After being pressured by his fellow Cobra Kai's to break Demetri's arm, Hawk does so, despite his initial reluctance and Demetri's pleading. After breaking his arm, Demetri screams in pain, much to the Cobra Kai's amusement, sans Hawk who has a look of guilt on his face, while Sam cries out of horror before calling for and traveling by ambulance with her friends to the nearby hospital. Tory vows that her conflict with Sam is not over as she and the rest of Cobra Kai leave victorious.

Daniel and Chozen now with much mutual respect between them, say their farewells and gives Daniel the scroll to bring with him back home. Chozen then goes to teach karate to where it is revealed Chozen is now a sensei at Miyagi-Do in Okinawa. Johnny takes Miguel to a Dee Snider concert, convincing the guard it's the first choice on his bucket list, where they have a blast and Miguel gets his foot moving to the music exciting Johnny and himself. At the hospital, Amanda finds Sam in the waiting room, crying and shares with Amanda that Hawk purposely broke Demetri's arm and she could not stop the fight. At the prison, Shawn doesn't rat out Robby to the guards telling him he's no snitch as the two find respect for each other.

Before Daniel leaves, he returns to Tomi Village as instructed by Chozen and Kumiko where he sees Kumiko and reintroduces him to Yuna, the girl he saved from a typhoon in The Karate Kid Part II. Yuna reveals she is the Senior Vice President of Sales at Doyona International and she tells him that she will save LaRusso Auto to which she does by forever reviving his lifetime contract with Doyona. After hearing about Cobra Kai's attack on Chris and Demetri, Amanda brings Sam and Anthony to stay overnight with their paternal grandmother, and drives to the Cobra Kai dojo, where Amanda confronts Kreese and asks him to stop the attacks on the Miyagi-Do students and other kids. After Kreese insults Daniel in Amanda’s presence, praises the attack and Hawk breaking Demetri’s arm, says he likes how feisty she is, and invades her personal bubble potentially preparing to assault her, Amanda slaps him in his face extremely hard and then she leaves to drive back to the LaRusso house.

Johnny goes home and goes online to Facebook to see his photos with Miguel at the concert and finally sees Ali Mills' friend request that she sent in No Mercy. Johnny is pleased with the discovery, and accepts her Facebook friend request.


  • The title of this episode is named after a karate Dojo founded by Mr. Miyagi in the original Karate Kid..
  • Yuna, the woman who is Kumiko's friend, turns out to be the young child that Daniel rescued from the electrical post during the typhoon from The Karate Kid Part II (with help from Sato).
  • As with Ace Degenerate the opening flashback has been completely re-edited and contains footage not seen in The Karate Kid Part II.
    • A notable edit is a new shot of Daniel responding with "I know" to when Mr. Miyagi warns him that the fight is not a tournament, but for real.
  • Amanda calling Kreese Rambo is a reference to Rambo: First Blood Part II, which starred Martin Kove.
  • Johnny competed in his first All Valley Karate Tournament in 1981 (1 1/2-2 years after he first joined Cobra Kai).
  • Johnny lost to the eventual champion Darryl Vidal in the quarterfinals of the All Valley in 1981.
  • An article about Cobra Kai reveals that:
    • Cobra Kai had won the All Valley 4 times by 1984
      • With Johnny winning in 1982 and 1983, this means Cobra Kai had already won the All Valley Karate Tournament twice before Johnny's first victory, but the champion/s name/s is/are unknown.
    • Tommy and Bobby Brown beat Darryl Vidal in the semifinals and 3rd place match (Respectively) in the All Valley Tournament in 1983.
      • This contradicts the original film and Johnny in "Take a right", as in the original film, the announcer said that Bobby lost to Johnny in the finals in 1983, while Johnny in "Take a Right" reminded Tommy that he beat Vidal to get to the semifinals in 1983.
        • If the article is right, then the announcer and Johnny misspoke.
    • Vidal won the All Valley Tournament in 1981.
    • Dee Snider guest-starred in this episode. One thing to remember is that since episode is in 2018, he was 63 years old. But when Season 3 was actually filmed in 2019, he was 64 years old. And when Season 3 came out on January 1st, he was 65 years old.
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