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"Well, I figured with summer ending and school starting back up, we could stop all the fighting and be friends again."
―Moon to Samantha LaRusso[src]

Moon is a supporting character in Cobra Kai.

She is introduced as Yasmine's best friend, and later as a love interest to Eli Moskowitz. She becomes a pacifist and rejects violence, which leads to her ending things with Hawk, though their relationship rekindles when he redeems himself. She yearns for the karate war to be over so everyone can go back to being friends again.


Moon was born on September 12, 2002, and raised in Encino Hills. She attends West Valley High School. Her mother is wealthy and is open-minded enough that she gave Moon marijuana for her birthday.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Moon was a passenger in Yasmine's car, along with Samantha LaRusso, when Yasmine crashed into the Firebird belonging to Johnny Lawrence. She, like her friends, was terrified when Lawrence demanded the girls exit the car and shouted that Yasmine should drive off.

Yasmine, Moon, and Samantha hosted a pool party at the LaRusso house on the last day of summer, and Moon filmed a classmate flipping into the water and cheered him on, until Daniel arrived home and demanded that everyone leave. That evening, Moon talked with Yasmine and Samantha about arriving to school the next day and briefly recalled the hit-and-run incident.

Moon, along with Yasmine and Samantha, attended the Halloween dance dressed as Laker girls and quietly mocked Aisha at the refreshment table while Samantha and Kyler briefly left. She and Yasmine sent around a cruel meme comparing Aisha to a pig, much to their schoolmates' amusement.

Yasmine and Moon went to a concert together and disinvited Samantha, having believed a lie in which Kyler claimed that Samantha performed fellatio on him in a movie theater and considered herself superior to Yasmine and Moon. The latter two smoke marjiuana in Moon's car and accidentally draw Lynn, a homeless woman, to them via eye contact. Sam then confronts the two and ends their friendship.

Moon, Yasmine, Kyler, and his friends planned to host Yasmine's birthday celebration at a lake but arrive to find it crowded with people whom Yasmine would have never invited. Moon sees Hawk in the crowd, is immediately attracted to him, and rushes to join him, claiming that she wanted a beer despite Yasmine's reminding that they had their own. Over the course of the night, Moon and Hawk begin kissing, and she apologizes to Aisha for her cruelty at the Halloween dance. When Yasmine demands that the two of them leave, Moon refuses and watches in concerned silence as Aisha takes revenge on Yasmine by giving her a front wedgie.

Moon attended the fiftieth annual All-Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament with Demetri and cheered on Hawk. Her admiration of Hawk's looks led Demetri Alexopoulos to reconsider taking lessons from Cobra Kai. It is currently unknown how she reacted to Hawk's disqualification for the illegal contact to Robby Keene in the semi-finals.

Season 2

"I'm not dating a bully"
―Moon to Hawk[src]

Moon is shown on several occasions hanging out with the Cobra Kais along with Demetri, with whom she has clearly become friends. After Hawk attempts to attack Demetri in the episode All In, she declares that she is not dating a bully and breaks up with him.

She is later seen in Lull hanging out with Sam, having rekindled their friendship. While video chatting with Sam, she tells her to come to her house for a party. During the party, Hawk tries to flirt with a girl named Piper to make Moon jealous, but it turns out that the girl is Moon's girlfriend, shocking Hawk.

When the school brawl between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do Karate occurs the next day, Moon asks "Come on guys, can't we all just get along?" However, she then screams and moves away when a Cobra Kai student and Miyagi-Do student nearly run into her while fighting.

Season 3

In Aftermath, Moon helps organize a group that protests the hate and violence circulating through West Valley High School. During the protest it is shown that Moon can play the guitar. When the school reopens she witnesses Nathaniel and Chris making fun of Yasmine, who complains that the "losers" have taken over. Yasmine then asks about Aisha, but Moon says that she was moved to a private school, which Yasmine considers good news. Moon expresses that she feels bad about Sam losing her childhood friend.

Moon is next seen in Now You're Gonna Pay helping with a student car wash to raise money for Miguel's medical bills.

In The Right Path, she is shown at the table with Yasmine when Demetri demonstrates his science project. She is then shown cheerleading during an intramural soccer game. Hawk attempts to wink at her after scoring a goal but she rolls her eyes and instead appears to flirt with a guy standing next to her. This is Moon's last appearance in season 3.

Season 4

In "Bichepaly", Moon is shown walking with Yasmine when the two approach Demetri and Hawk. Despite not dating him, she compliments Hawk's new mohawk color and explains the meaning of the color purple.

While Miguel and Johnny are recruiting female students in "Kicks Get Chicks", Moon approaches them and is offered a chance to join Eagle Fang but declines. Moon then recommends her ex Piper, and gives the two ways to talk to her.

In "Party Time", she is also at the prom dancing with Demetri and Yasmine, with Eli watching her.

In "The Fall", Moon is also watching the tournament and tells Eli to ignore Kyler, saying that Kyler has always been a bully, but that is not who Eli is. When Eli admits he doesn't know who he is, she tells him that it wasn't the mohawk that attracted her, but his confidence. The two then kiss, rekindling their relationship.

In "The Rise", Moon then cheers for Eli after he wins the boys division for Miyagi-Do.


"Sam, trust me, get rid of all this negative energy. Clear your chakras and have some fun."
―Moon to Sam[src]

Moon is sweet and personable, though not a particularly deep thinker, and sometimes very spaced-out. She is a sex and body positive feminist. She has an overall hippie and new age vibe, both in her fashion sense and personal beliefs. She used to be a bully who tormented the girls she made into outcasts, but after an epiphany, she rejects her cruel mannerisms and apologizes to her former victim, Aisha.

Moon later develops a friendly relationship with Demetri, which allows her kind and considerate nature to showcase itself. However, she tires of Hawk's increasing aggression and breaks up with him. After this, she tries her best to get people to be friends and get along, no longer wanting the division between the students. She desperately wants to repair the fractured student body.



Yasmine is Moon's best friend. For most of season 1, both are part of the rude popular crowd. Moon would laugh when Yasmine is being rude to the less popular students. However, when Moon turns over a new leaf and advises Yasmine to apologize to Aisha, Yasmine expresses anger at her. After Aisha strips Yasmine of her popularity by giving her a wedgie in front of everyone, which causes several people to laugh, Moon is shown to be horrified. While their friendship appeared to be strained by late season 1, Moon shows Aisha a picture of Yasmine in France in season 2, indicating that she's still friends with her. In seasons 3 and 4 the two are shown together and friendly, confirming they have remained friends.

Samantha LaRusso

Sam is Moon's close friend. They became friends most likely before Cobra Kai. In season 1, they are friends until Moon and Yasmine learn from Kyler that Sam thinks she's better than them (although Kyler had actually lied, as Sam never said such a thing) and believing that Kyler had oral sex with Sam, causing them to shun her. However, Sam and Moon are back to being friends in season 2, possibly because Moon is a better person. Their friendship continues throughout season 2 and 3; however, the two don't have much interaction.


"I liked you from your energy, your confidence."

Hawk is Moon's former bullying target and ex-boyfriend. Moon and Yasmine, along with Kyler and Brucks, have been making fun of Eli's lip for years. When Eli turns into "Hawk" and got his mohawk later in season 1, their relationship changed. They do get along at Yasmine's interrupted lake party, where they make out. Moon dumps Hawk for threatening to beat up Demetri, as she herself has changed and rejects bullying. This upsets him. Later in the season at Moon's party, Hawk attempts to seduce a new girl in order to make his ex jealous (and possibly win her back). To his great surprise, he then sees Moon kiss the new girl, revealing that they are together. Moon then introduces Piper to him; Hawk tells her that it is awesome, covering his jealousy.

He attempts to wink at Moon, indicating that he still has feelings for her, but she rolls her eyes at him right before supposedly flirting with some guy next to her, making Hawk upset. It is assumed that they barely talk to each other anymore, since they aren't interacting in any other scenes after this. This can imply that their friendship is strained. Since their relationship is clearly over, he covers the tattoo of her name and shape of the Moon that he got for her with a grim reaper tattoo, indicating that he eventually got over her. In Season 4, Moon and Hawk are still broken up but are trying to remain friends. Hawk then learns that Moon and Piper broke up. During the tournament, she then talks to him and gives him a kiss, rekindling their relationship.

Aisha Robinson

Aisha is Moon's friend and former bully. In early season 1, Moon would laugh when Yasmine bullied and mocked Aisha. However, later in the season, she apologizes to Aisha for her past bullying, and the two would then become friends. Despite the limited interactions in season 2, the two are still friends. In the beginning of season 3, Moon tells Yasmine that Aisha's parents transferred her to a different school after the school fight. Due to the fact that Moon knows this, it is likely that she and Aisha are still friends.

Demetri Alexopoulos

After Moon begins dating Hawk she and Demetri are frequently seen together. When Hawk begins bullying Demetri, Moon angrily breaks up with him, stating that she doesn't want to date a bully.

In seasons 2 and 3 Moon seems quite fond of Demetri; he makes her laugh and she is very impressed by his hard work on their science project in The Right Path. Later in the same episode, Demetri states that Moon confided in him that she loved Hawk, indicating that he and Moon have become fairly close.

Other Relationships


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


"You didn't hear? After the fight her parents moved her to a private school. They even put their house up for sale."
―Moon informing Yasmine about Aisha's transfer
"Sam, trust me, get rid of all this negative energy. Clear your chakras and have some fun"
―Moon trying to convince Sam to have Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do get along at a party


  • Moon is the first LGBTQ+ major character in the Cobra Kai series. She has dated both Hawk and Piper.