"You know, when my father died... I spent a lot of time thinking I wasn't such a great son. Like, maybe I could've listened a little more... or spent some more time with him, together. I felt so guilty, you know, like, he did everything for me, and I didn't do anything for him. And then one day I realized I did the greatest thing for him before he died. I was there with him... and I held his hand... and I said goodbye."
Daniel LaRusso to Mr. Miyagi[src]

Mr LaRusso was the father of Daniel LaRusso and the husband of Lucille LaRusso. He was also the brother of Louie LaRusso, Sr., the uncle of Louie LaRusso, Jr., the father-in-law of Amanda LaRusso and the paternal grandfather of Samantha LaRusso and Anthony LaRusso. His first name has not yet been revealed.


LaRusso married a woman named Lucille and sired a boy, Daniel LaRusso. According to his son, the man "did everything" for him. He and his family once went to Coney Island, ate almost everything there and rode the rides. Soon after, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Before he died, his son held his hand and said goodbye to him.

His death would posthumously affect his wife and son. They moved from New Jersey to California. He was mentioned by his son when he comforted Mr. Miyagi about the death of his own father.

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