"If I am dreaming, let me never awaken. If I am awake, let me never sleep."
―Miyagi's father after seeing his son for the first time after many years.[src]
Miyagi's father

Mr. Miyagi's father on his deathbed

Mr. Miyagi's Father is a minor yet important character in The Karate Kid Part II.

He was played by Charlie Tanimoto.


He is the father of Kesuke Miyagi. His first name is unknown. In the past, he was both a fisherman and karate master who trained his son to use the art in the right way. He was also Sato Toguchi's sensei. At the beginning of the movie the audience finds out that he is still alive, however has become ill due to his very old age and later dies, but not before seeing his son one last time. As sensei to Miyagi and Sato, both men came to his side at his hour of death. His final act was to bring the two former close friends together, most likely encouraging them to make peace. Then, out of respect, Sato let Miyagi grieve over his father's death for three days before both of them have a fight, however Sato has a change of heart after Miyagi saves his life during a typhoon and both men reconcile and became friends again, thus fulfilling Miyagi's father's dying wish.


  • He is the oldest character seen in the entire series, as well as only character in the series to die on screen.
  • He has only one line of spoken dialogue during the film. This line was spoken in Japanese.
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