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"You know, when I was a kid, I wanted my own car so bad. My mom had this station wagon. It was such a piece of junk. We... we literally had to push it to get the engine started. And then Mr. Miyagi gave me that '47 Ford, and... that was the best day of my life. Ever since, I've been in love with cars. That's why Mr. Miyagi pushed me into sales. Wasn't my idea. I thought car salesmen were sleazy. But Mr. Miyagi told me, "Daniel-san... must follow passion. Man who work for passion always richer than man who work for money." He was right. The goal was never to be the number one auto dealer in the Valley. I just wanted to give those customers that same sense of excitement I had when I got my first car. That's what I did, and that's why we were successful."
Daniel LaRusso to Amanda LaRusso and Louie LaRusso, Jr.[src]

"Now You're Gonna Pay" is the third episode of the third season of Cobra Kai.


Daniel's tarnished public image takes a toll on his sales, leading to a takeover offer. Johnny tries to raise money for Miguel's surgery.


The episode begins with Bobby Brown delivering a sermon at his church about forgiveness before a drunk Johnny walks into the church and interrupts him by informing the church attendees of Bobby's old ways of drinking, partying, and fighting before becoming a pastor. Bobby sweeps Johnny's leg and knocks him to the floor.

In prison, Robby witnesses a fellow prisoner being bullied by Shawn, a tough prisoner and his two cronies as he receives a phone call from Daniel as he immediately hangs up. Daniel and Amanda discuss the low sales at LaRusso Auto Group, due to their reputation being tarnished from the school karate war, before receiving a visit from his auto rival, Tom Cole and his former employee Anoush. Cole informs them that he wants to buy the dealership while Daniel expresses no interest. Anoush informs Louie that Cole signed an exclusive deal with Doyona International, which distributes all of the major Japanese car companies and convinced them to cut ties with LaRusso without the consent of Daniel and Amanda. Louie notifies Daniel and Amanda of this deal.

At the hospital, Miguel receives a visit from Sam and checks on his well being, informing her he is having surgery and she gives him a card with an octopus alluding to the prize they won at Golf N Stuff, before Hawk arrives. Bobby tells Johnny to better himself and be there for Miguel and Robby. Bobby says he can help Johnny see Robby as a member of clergy as Johnny is on probation and tells him to ask his wealthy stepfather for money for Miguel's surgery.

Miyagi-Do holds a car wash fundraiser to pay for Miguel's surgery with the help of Moon and the cheerleading team. Hawk and Mitch witness this and say 'they won't get away with this' viewing this as using Miguel as a poster child. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to a job interview to pay for Miguel's surgery which goes well until they notice he leaves out a part about his prior arrests. When Johnny tells what he was arrested for, he doesn't get the job.

Back in prison, Robby sees the car wash on the news with Sam being interviewed, Shawn mocks Robby saying "vanilla's not her flavor, no more, she got a taste for that horchata" implying she moved on from him for Miguel. He then says "maybe she'll be drinking that dark roast next" which angers Robby and Shawn and his two cronies attack Robby. He is attacked from too many directions and is tackled and kicked on the ground.

Johnny goes to a pawn shop to try to sell items which the man rejects. Back at the dealership, Amanda thinks it's best to sell the dealership as other manufacturers may follow Doyona and cut ties with LaRusso. Daniel delivers an inspiring speech about his experiences with cars and his passion for connecting with people buying cars and how Mr. Miyagi convinced him into sales, he delivers a Miyagi quote "Daniel-San, must follow passion. Man who work for passion always richer than man who work for money."

Back at the prison, Robby is informed he is getting a visitor from Johnny the next day. Meanwhile, Johnny goes to Sid and asks him to help with Miguel's surgery and threatens to reveal that Sid sexually assaulted his secretary but Sid still refuses. On the way out, Johnny steals a valuable artifact from the house. After the car wash as Nathaniel, who was in charge of the money is ready to leave, he is attacked by Hawk and Mitch as they steal the money from him and beat up Nathaniel

Daniel and Amanda meet with Tom Cole and inform they will never sell and express their own knowledge about the Doyona deal as Anoush informs Cole that LaRusso offered him his job back and accepted due to Cole’s poor treatment of Anoush. Miyagi-Do arrive at the LaRusso residence and inform Sam that Cobra Kai stole the money and Nathaniel arrives beaten up, with a torned and blooded shirt. At the hospital, Johnny comes back with a check to pay for Miguel's surgery implying he sold Sid's artifact and got somewhat of a reconciliation with him and Carmen. Miguel's grandmother convinces Johnny to stay with Miguel during his surgery, missing his visit with Robby, upsetting him.

At the Miyagi-Do dojo, they decide to train again with Sam taking the reins saying her father won't find out as he's out of town. The next scene cuts to Tokyo, Japan implying Daniel is meeting with Doyona to convince them to still supply to LaRusso.

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  • This is possibly Sid's final appearance in the show due to Ed Asner's death in August 2021.
  • The title's name is a reference to a line in the first film when Johnny tells Daniel that he's gonna pay for his actions messing with him during the Halloween dance.
  • Sid was seen reading a Hollywood Reporter Magazine with Scarlett Johannsson on the cover. There is an error with the cover because in this episode, it is currently 2018, when the magazine reads 2019, due to Season 3 being filmed in 2019.