Robby Keene is the son of Johnny Lawrence and Shannon Keene


Cobra Kai - Season 1Edit

Robby is Johnny's estranged son from a failed relationship with Shannon Keene. Johnny is absent for almost Robby's entire life up to that point which causes a strained relationship between the two. With his mother frequently at bars and his father absent since his birth, Robby has no role models in his life. Robby falls in with the wrong crowd and began using drugs, stealing, and dropping out of school. After his father, who had a change of heart, hears about this, he comes to Robby's aid and tries to convince him that he loved him and wanted him to have a good life. Robby did not believe his father and kicked him out.

But after discovering that Johnny has changed his ways and seemingly wants to start a closer relationship with him, Robby researches the Cobra Kai dojo to talk to his father, where he saw him hugging Miguel Diaz. Convinced that Johnny likes his student more than his own son, Robby, in revenge, gets a job at Daniel's car dealership. However, Robby thrives in the job and develops a friendship with Daniel. Throughout the second half of the first season, Daniel taught Robby karate the same way did Mr. Miyagi thought him and in the process becomes the father figure and mentor that Robby never had and the two become very close, as Daniel views him as a son figure whom he can practice Karate with. Robby also stops his bad behavior and begins to change his ways, too.

But after discovering that Robby lied to Daniel about his relationship with his father Johnny Lawrence, Daniel bans him from his house and auto dealership. Robby enters the All-Valley Tournament alone and faces off against Eli/Hawk in the semi-finals. Angered at Robby's comment about his mohawk, Hawk kicks Robby in the arm and dislocates the latter's left shoulder, which results in Hawk's disqualification and Robby's advancement into the finals. At the urging of his wife, Amanda, Daniel forgives Robby and becomes his coach in the All-Valley Tournament. Miguel, who had hated Robby after a misunderstanding involving his girlfriend, beats Robby in the tournament. Johnny attempts to apologize to his son and give him the trophy, but Robby leaves with Daniel before he can do so. Robby does say "It's okay, dad.", implying that he does still love his father despite their misunderstandings. Daniel is impressed that Robby maintained dignity, focus, and fair play during the match, as well as performing a two-legged kick that not even he was able to master (only Mr. Miyagi), Daniel re-opens Miyagi-Do Karate and takes Robby in as his first student.

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  • Robby Keene is somehow compared to the following characters:
    • Daniel LaRusso - both are gaining their female friend (Ali Mills and Samantha LaRusso respectively) and having their bullies who were ex-boyfriends to the female leads after their breakup (Johnny Lawrence and Miguel Diaz respectively). Also both are being taught by their father-figured senseis (Miyagi and LaRusso) about the balanced way of Karate and the real life lessons (such as the "Wax on, wax off").
    • Johnny Lawrence -both are defeated in the finals of Under 18 All Valley Karate Tournament but they eventually accepted defeat by showing respect to their winning opponents.