Rory is a minor character in the first season of Cobra Kai. He is one of Kyler's goons alongside AJ.


Season 1

He is uncredited and is a minor character that appears in Episode 1 where he is bullying Johnny's neighbor Miguel Diaz alongside his goons. However, Johnny stands up for Miguel and tells the bullies to back off and leave Miguel alone. Kyle mocks Johnny and pushes him, causing the latter to kick him, shocking Rory, Brucks and AJ. The four then attack Johnny, but are beaten up by the latter.

He next appears invited by Samantha to her pool party and is shown to be a skilled swimmer such as when Moon wanted to record him doing his swim flip for her YouTube Channel.

He next appears at the Halloween Dance in the PE changing rooms and is seen listening to Kyler complaining about Daniel ruining his and Sam's moments. When Eli (later Hawk) knocks some racks over, the gang hears about it and they approach Demetri, Miguel & Eli. Eli & Demetri run away while Miguel stays put. Kyler mocks Miguel and Johnny and threatens to attack and beat him up. Miguel has enough and kicks Kyler, knocking AJ and Kyler to the floor. Then, Brucks & Rory slam Miguel to the door and punch him, and Kyler and Aj join then in beating up Miguel and leaving him seethe in pain.

Rory then appears again in Counterbalance talking to Kyler and the gang about Kyler's breakup with Sam, and making lies about her. Sam approaches the gang and confronts them about the lies, to which Kyler mocks her. Sam looks like she is about to attack Kyler and tries to get into her fighting position. However, Miguel who has had enough of the bullying at school stands up to the gang and orders them to leave Sam alone, to which Kyler puts him in a headlock after being punched, but Miguel breaks out of it and knocks him down. The four then attack Miguel, but are all beaten up by the latter. After being beaten by Miguel, Rory hasn't been seen again.

Season 2

Just like Kyler & Brucks, Rory does not appear in this season nor is mentioned at all.

Season 3

Rory and AJ don't appear in this season, nor mentioned but it is most likely that he and AJ are still friends with Brucks and Kyler.

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