Rosa Diaz is the mother of Carmen Diaz and a minor character in Cobra Kai's first and second seasons.

Personality and Early Life

After her daughter Carmen learned that her husband was not who she thought he was, Rosa fled Ecuador with her daughter and unborn grandson, and constantly moved around the United States, most recently from Riverside. 


Season 1

Rosa is first seen in the third episode of Cobra Kai, Esqueleto, where she assumes Miguel is jacking off after hearing him grunt while training in his bedroom. She asks Miguel what costume he wants to wear for the Halloween dance and he says that he wants to go as Deadpool. However, Carmen is unable to afford the price of the costume so she says that she can make him one. She inquires about his injured hand, but her Rosa brushes off her concern.

Carmen later forbids Miguel from training and argues with Rosa about the training, in which she calls Johnny a "bad influence" and a "loser".

Carmen and Rosa are later seen attending the All-Valley Karate Tournament, rooting for Miguel. Carmen is concerned when Rosa seems too relaxed about Miguel's injuries. Rosa claims that she "just smoked a joint", but it is unclear if she is joking or not.

Season 2

In the season's ninth episode, "Pulpo", Carmen is seen getting ready for her date with Johnny. Rosa tells Carmen that she is "hot for teacher" (a reference to the 1980s Van Halen song of the same name) and tells Johnny not to "knock her up". Carmen is embarrassed by this, whereas Johnny, who speaks no Spanish, simply nods politely (likely thinking she is wishing them a good evening). In the season finale, "No Mercy", Rosa is later seen at the hospital. Carmen angrily lashes out at Johnny, accusing him of what happened to Miguel. While Rosa is also appalled by her grandson's condition, she does restrain her daughter from further anger against Johnny (not wanting her to say something she'll regret), at least accepting his apology and not considering him responsible for Miguel's hospitalization.


  • Rosa has a very perverted and crude sense of humor, a stark contrast to her daughter, Carmen.
  • Rosa appears to speak very little English or none at all.


Season 1

Season 2

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