"You chipped my tooth, bitch."

-Sarah to Tory

Sarah is a minor character that appears in Season 3 of Cobra Kai. She plays basketball for West Valley High School and is a very intense and aggressive person.


In the episode King Cobra Sarah is scouted for Cobra Kai by John Kreese. She goes to the Cobra Kai Dojo, where she is given a tryout match against Tory. Tory beats her easily and Kreese commands her to leave the mat. Sarah is not seen again.

Fighting style

An athletic basketball player Sarah relied solely on raw athleticism and power. Her sloppy style however backfired against Tory who knocked her off balance and beat her with two swift kicks to the face.


  • Sarah’s actress, (Gissette Valentin), has been dating Doug’s actor, (John Cihangir), since 2018
  • Gissette Valentin has once appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show by dancing on stage.
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