"You must learn to move very quickly."
Chozen Toguchi[src]

Sato's Karate Dojo was a karate dojo based in Okinawa, Japan founded by Sato Toguchi and operated by his nephew and top student, Chozen. It was used to train United States Military Police stationed at Kadena Air Base. Daniel LaRusso and Kumiko watched Chozen and 4 other trainees in combat through the dojo window.

The dojo students later attempted to break several sheets of ice but were unsuccessful, many losing bet money to Mr. Miyagi after Daniel was able to break through all 6.

After Sato's death, this dojo was eventually closed and Chozen eventually becomes the sensei of Miyagi-Do in Okinawa.


  • This dojo's creeds are uncertain.
  • Combat with restrained hands is the only lesson seen taught.


  • It is the only antagonist dojo besides Cobra Kai to make an appearance in the original Karate Kid series.
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