"If you're looking to be a bad boy in LA, Snake's the boy to be bad with."
―Terry Silver about Snake[src]

"Snake" (or "L.A.'s Bad Boy") is one of Terry Silver's henchmen and the quaternary antagonist of The Karate Kid Part III.

Snake is portrayed by Jonathan Avildsen.


The Karate Kid Part III

Terry Silver assigns Snake, along with Dennis, to help Mike Barnes take care of him and his training. As Terry finds out that Daniel LaRusso is not planning to defend his All Valley Tournament title this year, he orders Barnes and Snake to force Daniel to enter the tournament. Snake and Mike approach to confront Daniel at Mr. Miyagi's Little Trees, asking him to sign an application. Daniel tells Barnes that he has no reason to fight and refuses. This results in Barnes angrily preparing to fight Daniel, but Snake pulls him back and they leave.

The next night, Mike, Snake and Dennis arrive at the shop and interrupt the dinner date of Daniel and his friend Jessica. Barnes asks Daniel if he signed the application, but Daniel didn't and still doesn't want to fight him. The trio begin to trash the shop, resulting in a fight. Jessica knocks out Snake with a pot but gets kicked in the stomach by Mike, who then fights Daniel. Soon, Mr. Miyagi arrives and defeats the trio, causing them to flee. Later on, as Daniel and Miyagi drive Jessica home, Snake helps Mike steal their bonsai trees and leave a tournament application on spot. 

Daniel and Jessica decide to retrieve a valuable bonsai tree at a cliff and plan to sell it in order to buy a new stock of trees to sell. However, Snake and his gang follow them. When Daniel and Jessica retrieve the tree, Snake helps Mike and Dennis retract their climbing ropes and force Daniel to sign the application. Against his will, Daniel signs it. Snake gets the application from Daniel and takes the tree from him, passing it to Mike who breaks it in half.

Snake is present during the All-Valley Tournament, supporting Mike and the Cobra Kai Dojo. Snake is promoting the dojo during the tournament by handing out T-shirts to spectators. During the fight between Daniel and Mike, Snake is constantly mocking Daniel and saying he is hallucinating as Daniel does the kata. After Daniel defeats Mike in the final round, Snake is disappointed and humiliated as Cobra Kai supporters start throwing their shirts towards Kreese and Silver in disgust.


Snake is a loud-mouthed, arrogant individual. He always wears a gold chain over his shirt and helps Barnes with the dirty work. Snake is loyal to Terry Silver and does whatever he is told to do by him. Throughout the movie, Silver shows next to no empathy for Daniel, and enjoys watching Mike torment Daniel during the tournament fight. After Daniel defeats Barnes in the death match, Snake is last seen pouting in defeat.

Fighting Style

Despite working for Cobra Kai on behalf of Terry, Snake acts more as a supportive role and does not seem to have a lot of fighting skills. He is in no way up to par with Mike nor Daniel and prefers to opt for verbal taunting instead of actual physical contact.


  • Jonathan Avildsen, Snake's actor, had initially auditioned for the role of Mike Barnes before Sean Kanan had gotten the role. The character of Snake was written specifically for him because the filmmakers liked his performance. 
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