"If you're looking to be a bad boy in LA, Snake's the boy to be bad with."
―Terry Silver about Snake[src]
Snake 4K

"Snake" Silver (often just called "Snake" or "L.A.'s Bad Boy") is Terry Silver's son and the quaternary antagonist of The Karate Kid Part III.

Snake is portrayed by Jonathan Avildsen.


One of Mike Barnes's goons along with Dennis, Snake always wears a gold chain over his shirt and helps Barnes with the dirty work. Snake was in the All-Valley Tournament, he was telling Barnes that Daniel is just hallucinating him when he does the kata. He was seen disappointed and humiliated after Mike Barnes was defeated by Daniel in the death round with a Cobra Kai supporters throwing their shirts to Kreese and Silver in disgust.


  • Jonathan Avildsen, Snake's actor, had initially auditioned for the role of Mike Barnes before Sean Kanan had gotten the role. The character of Snake was written specifically for him because the filmmakers liked his performance. 
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