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South Seas is an apartment complex located in Los Angeles, California. It was a prior residence of Daniel and Lucille LaRusso in 1984.


The Karate Kid

Daniel LaRusso and his mother move to Los Angeles from New Jersey, and take residence in South Seas apartments, the pool was never full and Daniel met a friend after attempting to kick the gate open to which it struck him in the face.

The Karate Kid Part III

Daniel and Lucille learn that South Seas has been sold by the landlord and that all current residents have been evicted, thus they are homeless. The sale of the South Seas leads to Mr. Miyagi losing his job and home and Daniel and his mother losing their home. This eventually leads to Lucille traveling to New Jersey to take care of Uncle Louie and Daniel moving in with Mr. Miyagi, as well as opening up a bonsai tree business.

Cobra Kai

Daniel and Johnny Lawrence make a brief return after test-driving a 2009 Dodge Challenger, and find that it has been majorly modernised and improved, including having a pool full of water. Daniel reminisces on his time before they discuss their lives and make their way to a bar.


  • South Seas is a real apartment complex and is currently located in Los Angeles.