"You know, the thing about stingrays is, they lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike!"
―Raymond to Miguel Diaz[src]

Raymond also known as Stingray, is a supporting character in Cobra Kai (Season 2). He is one of the newest members of the Cobra Kai Dojo who joined in season 2. He is also the oldest student.


Cobra Kai

Season 2

Raymond first appears in the first episode of Season 2 as an employee of a hardware store where JohnnyDanielRobby come to buy tools. He is a fan of LaRusso Auto, Karate and 80's heavy metal like Metallica.

He later joins Cobra Kai and adopts John Kreese's ruthless teaching. He ends up winning the Coyote Creek event, as well. He later on quits his job to work as a security guard in West Valley High School in the season finale and demonstrates his competency to the principal by dispatching several members of Miyagi-Do from fighting during the school brawl in the season 2 finale.

Following the school brawl he joins HawkToryMitch and some other Cobra Kai students in turning against Johnny and becoming loyal to Kreese In the episode "No Mercy".

Fighting Style

After adopting Kreese's ruthless teachings, Raymond becomes an aggressive fighter which is evidenced in the school brawl where he aggressively attacks several Miyagi-Do students.


Raymond can pretty much be summed up as being an even bigger mess than most view Johnny is. Raymond presents himself as (what he believes) a happy, jovial likable fellow. Unfortunately this doesn't work as he is a man deep in his 30's trying to still be a youthful, energetic person.

Raymond instantly takes a liking to Johnny. He ends up joining Cobra Kai because he is a big fan of karate. He can come across as overexcited and even immature. Ultimately this makes come across as annoying. Raymond also has no clue how to conduct himself professionally, as was shown when applied for job at the high school. Raymond doesn't seem to have friends his age minus his girlfriend, as he is never seen hanging out with people his age, possibly meaning he is unpopular. Raymond also seems to have very little victories come his way and what things he does accomplish he takes great pride in. Even though these victories are virtually meaningless in the adult world.

"You know, the thing about stingrays is, they lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to strike!"
―Raymond to Miguel Diaz[src]

By the end of the season it is revealed that he is one of the handful of Cobra Kai students that is corrupted by Kreese's teachings as he is training with Kreese and has betrayed Johnny.


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