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"Cobra Kai is not a hobby. It's not a club. Cobra Kai is your brothers... and your sisters. You are all Cobra Kai for life because Cobra Kai... never dies."
John Kreese[src]

"Take a Right"is the sixth episode of the second season of Cobra Kai.


Daniel’s students are given a lesson in overcoming their grudges. Johnny briefly leaves the dojo, while Kreese exerts his influence. Meanwhile, Johnny spends some time with his friends from 1984, including a dying Tommy.


After the events of the previous episode, the Miyagi-Do dojo is a total disaster. Luckily, Daniel’s students are on the case, including some new hires from the Cobra Kai Dojo, which causes friction. Demetri is especially annoyed at the idea of letting the kids who jumped him train there; he resorts to another Game of Thrones analogy (“it’s like letting the Wildlings beyond the Wall!”) and is once again thwarted by Daniel's superior knowledge of Westeros. When Demetri confronts former Cobra Kai Chris and a fight nearly breaks out, Daniel tries to establish peace by stating that he had once been in Cobra Kai and told the story of training with Terry Silver in 1985--a story he was not proud of but told to remind his students that even former Cobra Kais are welcome into Miyagi-Do.

The remaining Cobra Kai students, meanwhile, are forced to do constant exercises in the hopes that they will give up the identity of the vandal. Hawk wants to admit his guilt to Johnny, but Kreese keeps him quiet, later insisting that they are all responsible, they are all Cobra Kai. Johnny, unfortunately, does not have time to stick around for the investigation. He receives a call from an old buddy letting him know that one of their friends is terminally ill; it's Tommy, and the rest of the original Cobra Kai members have gathered around to say their farewells.

While Kreese is busy running Cobra Kai and insisting that the students are about to begin their “real training”, Johnny, Tommy, Bobby and Jimmy head out on one last road trip. They stop at a bar, where they remember the night they got drunk and Dutch smashed a dart board. Johnny also sadly remembers the aftermath caused him forget Ali's birthday which resulted in her dumping him. Tommy, being supportive and a friend, tells Johnny it was her loss. Visibly Johnny doesn't agree with this as he had already learned previously that Ali became a successful doctor and married another doctor and did very well for herself. Johnny then tells the other 1984 Cobras about resurrecting Cobra Kai, and how he gave Kreese a chance at redemption. This prompts Johnny's old buddies, especially Bobby and Jimmy (who vocally express their indigence towards Cobra Kai ([owing their own experience with it), think he's naive letting Kreese back into his life, and they don't believe that everyone is capable of change; least of all Kreese. While this is similar to Johnny's arguments over the matter but with his actual friends. However from Johnny's side, as his friends had loving families, Kreese was the closest thing Johnny had to a father. But the most prescient conversation is about time; for all the mistakes Johnny has made, he still has the time to atone for them. Some other people aren't so lucky, like old Kreese. Johnny and his old friends then head to the pool table to play pool, but trouble soon arises, when they witness a troublemaker wreaking havoc (including making unwanted sexual advances towards the waitress). They are about to play pool (and maybe intervene), when the troublemaker notices them and sees Tommy, and insults the latter for his ill condition (calling Tommy an ugly make-a-wish kid). After that, the troublemaker is attempts to attack, but Johnny grabs the latter's arm [possibly snapping it], and snatches his large earring from his stretched earlobe which causes his earlobe to bleed as Johnny detached the earlobe while removing his earring, before kicking him to the ground. The troublemaker’s goons then attack Johnny and his friends, only to be fended off by the once 1984 karate champs, who use the karate they learned 34 years ago. After that they go camping on a mountain, where they talk about high school and make confessions. The next morning, Johnny and the boys wake up to find out Tommy died in his sleep, saddening them.

Kreese, meanwhile, has taken to teaching the dojo in his own way, and tells Miguel that they will put Johnny "back on track".


"John Kreese is Bad News!"
―Bobby Brown
"You know Kreese--He's always got something up his sleeve!"
―Bobby Brown

Trivia/Episode Discussion

  • This episode marks the first time Mr. Miyagi appears in a new scene in the series, an uncredited actor doubles for Pat Morita.
  • This episode marks the return of old Cobra Kai members Tommy, Bobby Brown and Jimmy. Also this marks the death of Tommy.
    • Tommy also literally gets placed in a body bag. This is a cheeky gag that references Tommy's most famous line: "Get him a body bag!... Yeah!"
    • This is the first (and the only to date) episode of Cobra Kai to show an on-screen death of a character, It's the second on screen death in the franchise overall.
    • On September 27th of 2019, about 8 weeks and 2 days after this episode aired, Tommy's actor, Rob Garrison, died in real life from liver failure.
  • Both Terry Silver & Jessica Andrews are seen in flashbacks as Daniel talks about when he was forced to join Cobra Kai due to Mike Barnes pressuring him to enter the All Valley Karate Tournament.
  • At the end, the song The Show Must Go On by Queen is played when the boys wake up finding out that Tommy died.
  • The episode is named for one of Tommy's first lines in the original film.
  • When Daniel is trying to un-brainwash the new students, Robby tells Sam "you can't change how you feel." After Robby says this, Sam is tilting her head down, most likely contemplating Miguel, whom she has feelings for.
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