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"Terry Silver popped up out of the blue, right? He did the same thing to me. He'll seem decent enough, show you a few moves, and then he'll worm his way in. Chip away at you. And push you past your limits. You'll become stronger than you thought possible, but Silver won't stop there. This man is sick and twisted, and when he's done with you, you won't be you anymore. One day you'll find yourself with some poor kid's blood all over your shirt and you'll just hope it's not too late to change course."
Daniel to Robby about Silver[src]

Terrance "Terry" "Twig" Silver is the main antagonist of The Karate Kid Part III and the fourth season of Cobra Kai.

Terry is a close friend of John Kreese from their shared time in the military. He is the wealthy former owner of DynaTox Industries, a toxic waste facility. He co-founded the first Cobra Kai Dojo alongside Kreese, serving as the original corporate owner of the dojo. He later helped enact revenge on Daniel LaRusso after Kreese's humiliation in the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Silver hatched an elaborate, time-consuming, and expensive plot to trick Daniel into training with him. He planned Daniel loss in the All Valley Karate Tournament, to redeem Cobra Kai. His plan failed, and the dojo closed.

Thirty years later, Silver was enticed back to Cobra Kai by John Kreese, who once again needed his help. This time, they worked together to led a new generation of Cobra Kai students to victory. After leading their students to victory, Silver ended his one weakness by having Kreese arrested, effectively usurping the dojo.


Military Career

"I owe you man, you saved my ass. Anything you need, I'm there for you, your whole life. You hear me Johnny? Your whole life. I owe you."
―Terry thanks John Kreese[src]

During the Vietnam War, Silver, Kreese, and "Ponytail" were under the command of Captain Turner. In 1968, while on a mission in North Vietnam, static from Silver's radio caused their team to be discovered and captured by NVA forces. While in captivity, Ponytail was executed much to Silver's horror, and the rest of their team was imprisoned and forced to fight for the North Vietnamese’s amusement above a pit of venomous snakes. After one of Turner's soldiers threw another into the pit, he warned Silver that the pit wasn't the worst part. When an NVA soldier told Silver to fight Turner, a frightened Silver hesitated out of terror. Kreese volunteered, saving Silver's life, as Captain Turner would have killed the inexperienced and traumatized Silver. During the fight, the NVA camp was attacked by the US Air Force, though Kreese killed Turner despite the impending rescue. He then freed his remaining allies from the cage they were trapped in. Silver embraced Kresse and swore to be there for him for his entire life, no matter what he needed.

Founding Cobra Kai

Upon returning to the valley, Silver and Kreese were greeted by hippie's who called them murderers. The protests against the Vietnam war had turned them from heroes to outcasts. They wanted to teach the world respect and discipline through the ways of karate. Silver, coming from a financially wealthy background, agreed to help Kreese open Cobra Kai Dojo. They got matching cobra tattoos to commemorate the moment. However, Silver's father wanted him to go into the family business and threatened to cut him out of the inheritance if he disobeyed. This crushed Kreese, who didn't think he could open the dojo without Silver there to help as a co-sensei. Silver promised to be there for him someday, but that day couldn't be now. He would still be a major financial backer.

DynaTox Industries

"Johnny, every business has a slump at one time or another. Look at this, ten years ago, nuclear was the preferred waste. You could dump it anywhere. Now, everybody's a detective. I'm lucky if I make one deal a year without being indicted."
―Terry Silver to John Kreese[src]

His inheritance of the family company led him to be the CEO of the nuclear waste disposal company DynaTox Industries. He became heavily addicted to cocaine in the 80s and 90s, which caused some of his erratic behavior.

Film Series

"Extreme situations require extreme measures."
―Terry Silver to Daniel LaRusso[src]

Terry Silver attempts to break Daniel LaRusso.

In 1985, Terry Silver wore a white martial arts gi and trained heavily. He was happy to see Kreese in his mansion and hugged him. When Kreese revealed he was financially ruined, due to Cobra Kai’s defeat at the hands of Daniel and Mr. Miyagi, Silver made it a personal mission to help Kreese recover and seek revenge on the enemies. He first sent Kreese to Tahiti to recover from the severe hand wounds inflicted by Mr. Miyagi. Next, he bought him twenty new dojos in the Valley. After reading about a karate “Bad Boy” Mike Barnes, he hired him to defeat and terrify Daniel. After hiring Mike, he had his thugs and Mike force Daniel to enter the All Valley Karate Tournament. He also pretended to train Daniel for the tournament, after Mr. Miyagi refused to do so, though his motives were later revealed to be part of an elaborate plan to have Daniel perform acts that directly conflicted with every value he learned from Mr. Miyagi's training, as well as physically harm him.

Terry Silver fights Miyagi.

He effectively gained Daniel's interest in the Cobra Kai training method. He used such tactics, as driving a convertible blue Ford pickup truck and wearing a shirt with an altered collar to appear “humble.” He had Daniel perform tasks such as “QuickSilver” method, but his deficient technique caused Daniel to injure himself, which amused Silver who laughed at Daniel's injury. He was fulfilling Kreese's wish for Daniel to suffer. He even paid a man to harass Daniel to entice him into violence.

When Daniel later told Silver that he would not compete in the tournament, Silver revealed his true motivation to Daniel and ordered Barnes to assault him, while he and Kreese taunted Daniel. Suddenly, Mr. Miyagi arrived and easily beat both Barnes and Kreese. Silver verbally mocked Mr. Miyagi and then attacked. Mr. Miyagi countered his strikes and used minimum and well-trained offense to defeat him. After being defeated, Silver found himself mocked by Mr. Miyagi. Angry and unafraid, Silver warned that Cobra Kai would one day open around the town and he would ensure Mr. Miyagi was forgotten. However, Daniel retaliated by saying that Silver, Barnes, and Kreese would be the forgotten ones, rather than Mr. Miyagi.

Terry Silver gives a speech at the tournament.

"Now the real pain begins, Danny boy."
―Terry Silver to Daniel LaRusso[src]

Following Barnes victory at the penultimate match of the All Valley Tournament, Silver gave a speech where he claimed that they would open multiple Cobra Kai Dojos to instill the same values that he was taught. Prior to the finals, Terry ordered Barnes to keep the score tied until the sudden death round by committing illegal moves, to cause Daniel the utmost pain possible, before ultimately beating him in the end. At one point during the match, he told Daniel that this was when the real pain began. However, Daniel, via encouragement from Mr. Miyagi, used the kata he was taught to defeat Mike in the sudden death match. He scored the winning point and won the championship. Disgusted and humiliated, Terry walked out of the arena with his plans having failed.

Interim Years

"Back in the 80s, I thought I could conquer the world and I almost did. But I was so hopped up on cocaine and revenge...I spent months terrorizing a teenager over a high school karate tournament. It sounds insane just talking about it. After that tournament, I hit rock bottom. But I built myself back up. Got my ass into therapy, found clarity. Turns out you disappearing was the best thing that ever happened to me."
―Silver about his life after the tournament.[src]

After the events of 1985, Silver's life headed in a spiral. He didn't get the glory he expected and had begun to question the choices he made along the way. He eventually lost his fortune and company, becoming a broke and bitter man. He decided to better himself and got therapy to work through his psychological issues. He learned to put the past behind him and start over. He rebuilt his empire and put the world of Cobra Kai to rest. He ceased communication with Kreese and eventually got a girlfriend, who he backed financially for an app release. His love for the finer things in life continued as he became vegan, calmer, and more accepting of the world he lived in.

Cobra Kai

Season 1

Thirty years after the 1985 tournament, Johnny Lawrence reopened Cobra Kai Dojo and sought to compete in the upcoming All Valley Karate Tournament. He learned the dojo held a lifetime ban after the unethical actions of Terry Silver, John Kreese, and Mike Barnes in the 1985 tournament.

Season 2

Daniel LaRusso explained to his students the enticing side of Cobra Kai, and how he had once fallen into the dojos way of life. He explained the ramifications of the dojo both on his personality and actions. He described a volatile man, shown to be Silver in flashbacks, who tortured him during his time in Cobra Kai.

Season 3


Terry in 1968, where he was a member of a special military unit in Vietnam alongside John Kreese and Ponytail. The men became friends and looked out for one another, especially during the difficult training process they had to endure. The unit was sent on a mission to investigate a Vietnamese camp. While Ponytail was planting explosives that Kreese would then ignite, Silver's radio malfunctioned and alerted the enemy to their location. Kreese couldn't bring himself to ignite the explosive while Ponytail was in harms way, leading to the entire unite being kidnapped and tortured by Vietnamese extremists. The soldiers were forced to fight one another to the death, solely for the entertainment of their captors. Ponytail was executed, leaving Silver horrified.

Silver blamed himself for Ponytail's death and their capture, while their unit captain, Turner, blamed Kreese. When another soldier was thrown into the pit by his comrade, Turner warned Silver that the pit wasn't the worst part. Silver was selected to fight against Captain Turner, though Silver froze out of fear. His hesitation spurred Kreese to take Silver's place in the fight. Kreese won his fight against Turner and sent him to his death, just as US military forces arrived to rescue the unit. Kreese freed Terry and the other soldiers from their cage. Terry hugged Kreese and told him that he owed him for life, and that he would be there for him forever.

Season 4

"I'm making our dream a reality. We're just one tournament victory away."
―Silver to Kreese[src]
CK S4 Terry Silver First Look.jpg

Terry, now going by Terrance, lives in a gated community beachfront mansion where he plays piano and drinks expensive beverages. He answers a call from John Kreese, but promptly hangs up the phone. Kreese unexpectedly visits Silver at his house, only to find that he's not the same man from thirty years ago. He's dating a younger woman who is releasing an app, with Terrance hosting the event at his house. His friends are a variety of people, all of whom irritate Kreese. Terrance tries to rush Kreese out of the party, but his former friend has other plans. As he tries to worm his way in, he learns that Terrance hasn't told his friends about the glory days of Cobra Kai. One of Terrance's friends even calls Cobra Kai "adorable". Kreese attempts to recruit Terrance back to the valley to help him teach Cobra Kai. He explains the complex stakes and how Daniel LaRusso has teamed up with Johnny Lawrence. Despite a surprisingly insightful speech from Kreese, Terrance declines Kreese's offer and asks him to leave.

403 Terry Kreese Promo.jpg

Despite dismissing his friend, Terrance begins to remember his glory days with Kreese and his martial arts. He attempts to bury his growing nostalgia, but when his chef lights his crème brûlée torch, Terrance's PTSD is triggered. Remembering the pact he made with Kreese in Vietnam, he returns to the valley where he faces off with Kreese, still trying to cling to the man he's become. However, Silver ultimately agrees to return as Kreese's co-sensei, as long as they do things differently this time to ensure their victory.

Before class, Kreese introduces the students to Terry and talks about how they founded Cobra Kai. Terry explains that the training will now be more intense because of the upcoming All-Valley Tournament. Silver and Kreese arrive at Miyagi-Do where they visit Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence. Before Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang begin training, Terry falsely apologizes to Daniel for his behavior in 1985. However, Daniel sees through his deception and doesn't forgive Silver and demands he exit his property. Silver and Kreese agree to cease fire until the All-Valley. They pretend they are innocent in the dojo feud and leave, though once out of earshot, Silver coolly states that he will destroy the arrogant Daniel. Terry and Kreese return to Cobra Kai to tell their students of the no-fighting restrictions. Silver instructs a frustrated group to store their anger and use it when necessary. He also instructs them to use discipline and how they need to receive it. SIlver understands how badly they want to defeat Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang, but they need to focus on their training first.

Silver meets with Daniel after thirty years.

After class, Kreese and Silver have dinner where Kreese tells him how happy he is that Silver joined him, but his students are confused about Silver's methods. Kreese adds that Cobra Kai never backs down from fighting regardless of having a tournament. Silver counters that Kreese has already delivered a crippling blow with Robby Keene. Robby is the son of Kreese's former student, Johnny Lawrence and adding him solidified everyone's role in his drama. Silver adds that he's wanted his second chance in gaining victory, and Kreese agrees that's what he wants as well.

Silver orders new Cobra Kai merchandise in hopes of finding new recruits. He sends them out to numerous candidates and successfully wins over a few students. Kreese wants the Cobra Kai logo on the backs of both the boy and girl champion, and Silver assures Kreese they will have their victory. During class, Silver and Kreese teach the Cobra Kai's about weakness. He adds that everyone has weaknesses and the Cobra Kai's need to exploit them in a real fight. Before they begin sparring, the sensei's create a wager to split the students and whoever won the match will earn a 6-pack of beer. After Kenny wins his match against Robby, Silver wins the sparring match. After class, Kreese sticks to his promise and buys a 6-pack of 333 beer. However, Kreese recaps their lesson and is upset with how Silver said he has weakness. He talks about their imprisonment in Vietnam and how Kreese saved him. Kreese takes a beer and says Silver needs to get back on track. Terry also allows Robby Keene to borrow his Ferrari for Prom.

Silver brings Kreese to the original Cobra Kai dojo where he plans to relocate to when they win the All-Valley Tournament. He even tells Kreese he's planning to expand Cobra Kai to other places. Later on, Silver lures Johnny Lawrence to the dojo where he beats him up, much to Kreese's shock. Kreese tells him to stick to their rule of holding off fighting until the tournament. When Stingray comes back to Cobra Kai, a drunk Silver beats up Stingray and has him do a favor to earn his spot in the dojo.

Terry at the 51st All Valley Tournament.

During the All-Valley, Silver clarifies that Kreese's speech is an order and readies them for the tournament. When sudden death begins for the boys, Silver gets mad at Robby for bowing to him. In the girls final, when Tory loses the first round to Sam when she performs a flying tornado kick on her rather than using Miyagi Do techniques, he tells Tory to be more aggressive against Sam. When Tory accidentally hits Sam's right eye which causes the referee to give her a warning, he then tells Tory to hit Sam in the other eye but Kreese, realizing the torment he put Johnny through, has a change of heart tells her to fight how she wants. Tory then wins the girls division, causing her to become the girls champion and Cobra Kai being the grand champion. A victorious Silver then explains that they will expand and franchise Cobra Kai throughout the valley, urging fans to come and learn their way of the fist. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Silver bribed the referee in order to ensure Cobra Kai's victory. Tory watches the exchange and gets upset with how she was cheated to win, realizing that it was a hollow victory all along.

410 Silver Kreese Promo.jpg

After the tournament, Silver and Kreese are celebrating their victory back at Silver's home. Unbeknownst to Kreese, Silver had conspired with a beat up Stingray to let him rejoin Cobra Kai if he blamed Kreese for the assault. As the men enjoy drinks, they discuss their weaknesses, with Kreese believing he has none. Silver believes that Kreese is his weakness, and planned to take him out of the picture. The police arrive and arrest Kreese. Silver promises to enlist an old friend or two while Kreese deals with his problems. Silver also promises to take care of Johnny Lawrence and the Cobra Kai Dojo. While being escorted by the officers, Kreese tells Silver that he'll regret this, claiming himself to be Cobra Kai. The police put Kreese in the back of a car, while Silver smirks, taking a seat as he triumphantly usurps the dojo.


"All right, all right, I've heard enough. I've made up my mind. This slope, what's his name? Miyagi, and that punk kid, I'm gonna get them for what they did to you. They made you suffer, so I'm gonna make them suffer and suffer and suffer. And when I think they've suffered enough, then I start with the pain."
―Terry Silver to John Kreese[src]

After being captured in Vietnam during the war and seeing his fellow soldier Ponytail be killed by the Vietnamese, Terry was frightened and traumatized. When Kreese rescues him, Terry promises that he owes him for the rest of his life, and the two would then go on to be close friends. He kept his word and in the 1980s, Kreese came to ask him for help and Terry obliged. He had become wealthy through unethical toxic waste dumps, and had the means to help Kreese. He concocted a viscous plan to harm and destroy Daniel LaRusso and Mr. Miyagi in every possible way. He pretended to befriend Daniel and won his trust, only to take amusement and glee in the pain Daniel felt as the training continued. He took even more sadistic pleasure when he revealed his true motives to Daniel and had Mike severely assault Daniel. He made it clear that Daniel losing the tournament alone wasn't enough, and that he needed to suffer as much as possible. At the All valley tournament, he made Daniel suffer by having Mike commit aggressive and illegal strikes, in order to prolong the fight, and Silver even evilly told him when the real pain would begin at one point.

He has little morality and will do anything to win. He is cunning, manipulative, and excellent at manipulating everyone's view of himself. He is calculating in his actions, choosing to play a mental manipulation as opposed to a physical assault. He knows how to sweet talk his way into earning people's trust. His actions can be seen as far worse than the other villains Daniel has encountered, as they make their actions up front, while Terry hides his true nature until it is time for him to reveal himself. Terry's actions after military service and in his revenge scheme, prove he's a psychopath, and one of the most manipulative and corrupt villain's to cross Daniel's path. However, the only thing that outweighs his cruelty is his unending loyalty to Kreese. However, that loyalty and friendship would eventually waver 30 years later when Silver gets tired of Kreese emotionally manipulating him with the memories from Vietnam, he then believes Kreese is questioning his loyalty and lures their greatest enemy at the time - Johnny Lawrence - to an attack, as a means of proving himself. When Kreese decides to show mercy to Johnny, and turned Silver away at a pivotal moment, Silver's belief system is shaken. He spirals into an emotional pitfall, questioning everything he's ever done and his loyalty to Kreese. He takes his emotional rage out on Stingray, and when the man is badly beaten, he strikes a deal - if Raymond lies that John Kreese did the attacking, Silver will let him back into Cobra Kai. When Raymond agrees, Silver delivers a final blow that puts the man in a coma. His utter disregard for a human life to benefit himself and his end goal is who Silver is at his core. The rage and physical violence is a defense to guard the the broken, raw, PTSD-ridden man hidden within. His betrayal to Kreese is defined by Silver as "cutting out his weakness" and entering a new mindset.

Fighting Style

"I’ve always lived my life by the rule “if you get, you give.” For the last 20 years, I’ve gotten from karate. I’ve gotten discipline, health, self-confidence, inner peace, everything that makes me what I am today. And today it’s time for me to give back."
―Terry Silver[src]

Terry Silver was originally trained in the art of Tang So Doo by Captain George Turner for the purposes of unarmed combat while serving in Vietnam; a Korean style of martial arts that balances kicking and punching, and relied on using the hips to produce more power behind kicks. Along with fellow soldier and lifelong friend John Kreese, he learned the basics while serving in the army and later studied it more extensively still under the tutelage of their former commanding officer's master Kim Sun-Yung of South Korea sometime thereafter, and became a highly skilled practitioner himself. Like Kreese, Terry strikes first and hard, and emphasizes on speed and an arsenal of kicking techniques to overwhelm his opponents. He easily bests Snake and Dennis, whom he had hired to train Mike Barnes, during his sparing match with them, even though he is prone to telegraph his moves on occasions because he fights to impress or shock those around him as much as he does to beat his adversaries. His defensive capabilities, however, leave much to be desired, as he is so accustomed to overwhelm inferior opponents by fighting aggressively, that he ends up leaving himself open to the more shrewdly calculated counters of Mr. Miyagi, who easily counters his strikes and uses well timed offensive strikes to beat him with ease.

Thirty years later, Silver is still a brutal striker with his kicks. He crippled the well-trained Johnny Lawrence in a matter of minutes, though this occurred during a sneak attack where Johnny wasn't given the opportunity to fight fair. However, fighting dirty has become Silver's method, with his speed and precision adding to the unwavering strength he wields. His strength alone and relentless blows put Raymond, a grown man, into a coma.


John Kreese

"I owe you man, you saved my ass. Anything you need, I'm there for you, your whole life. You hear me Johnny? Your whole life. I owe you."
―Terry's promise to Kreese in Vietnam[src]

Kreese and Terry met in Vietnam as they were in the same infantry division of the US Army. They were fast friends and comrades, with both men being recruited into a special task force unit by their Captain. While on a mission, Kreese couldn't detonate the bombs laid by a fellow soldier, due to the soldier not being in the clear, and the unit was kidnapped as a result. The unit underwent horrific torture as they watched their friends either be executed or fight to the death above a snake pit. Silver was selected to fight against their Captain, but the man was terrified of the possibility. Kreese volunteered in his place, saving Silver's life. Kreese beat their Captain just as American forces arrived to rescue the unit. Kreese freed the captured soldiers, with Terry thanking Kreese by making a promise to be there for him for his whole life, no matter what. Following their discharge from the military, they got matching cobra tattoos to celebrate their plan to open a karate dojo using the training they received in Vietnam. Silver was forced to back out of his sensei ship, but remained the primary financial backer of the dojo. In 1985, Kreese needed to defeat the teenaged Daniel LaRusso in the All Valley Karate Tournament to restore his reputation and student-base. Silver concocted a revenge scheme, despite Kreese's insistence his friend didn't owe him anything. He felt he owed his life to Kreese many times over. Despite their elaborate plan, they failed and fell out of contact for over thirty years.

Later, the two reunite at Silver's mansion where he is hosting a party. After the party, Silver tells Kreese about his new life but Kreese explains why they opened Cobra Kai. He tries to recruit him but Silver refuses. After remembering his glory days, Silver has a change of heart and helps Kreese teach Cobra Kai. However, their friendship becomes strained when Kreese decides to show mercy to Johnny Lawrence after the latter disapproves of Silver luring him to the original Cobra Kai dojo after trying to prove his loyalty to him. This causes Silver to betray him when he has Stingray frame Kreese for assaulting him.

Daniel LaRusso

"Daniel: That's bullshit, you tortured me.
Silver: Please. You were a hothead. All I had to do was wind you up and get out of the way. And...if you're being honest with yourself, you know you liked it. You were powerful, free. You just don't wanna admit there's always been a little Cobra Kai in you.
Daniel and Silver

Terry personally made Daniel one of his biggest enemies in 1985, after John Kreese recruited Terry to ruin Daniel so they could win the All Valley Karate Tournament. After learning how Daniel and his sensei led to the fall of Cobra Kai, Terry took it upon himself to enact revenge on Daniel for Kreese. He hired Mike Barnes to defeat LaRusso at the All Valley and later made Mike force Daniel to sign an application to the tournament when he refused. Terry and Mike both eventually orchestrated a staged fight where Barnes attacked Daniel so Silver could "rescue" Daniel and gain his trust. Terry became Daniel's sensei in Cobra Kai, and turned Daniel against the teachings of Mr. Miyagi. Terry greatly enjoyed seeing Daniel hurt himself with the QuickSilver method, maniacally laughing in secret at the teens pain. He turned Daniel into a violent person and continued to fuel this "killer instinct" when he paid a man to harass Daniel at a nightclub. When Terry finally revealed his true intentions to Daniel, he took great pleasure in seeing him scared and beaten during most of the tournament, as he instructed Mike Barnes to score a point and lose that point over and over so that Daniel would experience more pain until the sudden death round. Daniel ultimately won the tournament and destroyed Terry and Kreese's plan in the process.

CK S4 Terry Daniel.jpg

Terry's actions left a big impact on Daniel, as even years later, he held traumatic memories of his encounters with Silver. In 2019, Terry returned to the valley at the behest of Kreese and apologized to Daniel for his actions. Daniel refused to accept his apology and wanted Silver to leave everyone alone. The refusal fueled Silver's hatred for Daniel and motivated him even more to destroy the Miyagi-Do's in the upcoming 51st Annual Karate Championships. Daniel saw Terry with the Cobra Kai's and warned his former student Robby Keene about the twisted methods Silver notoriously uses. Silver confronted Daniel and the pair had an intense conversation. Despite their complicated history, Daniel stayed away from Silver during training for the tournament, but did tell both Johnny and Amanda about Silver's antics in 1985.

Johnny Lawrence

Silver knew of Johnny's existence and presence due to the impact the boy had on the life of John Kreese. This knowledge was not reciprocated by Johnny, who only learned of Silver upon his return to the valley. With Silver aligning himself with Kreese against Eagle Fang and Miyagi-Do, the pair were immediate enemies but not specifically worried about one another. This changed on the night of the junior prom, when Johnny learned that Silver had paid for Robby Keene, Johnny's son, to attend the prom. He also bribed Robby's mother Shannon and gave her an ominous job offer. Johnny went to confront Silver at Cobra Kai Dojo, but was eventually lured to the original 1980s location. Silver had lured Johnny there to prove his loyalty to Kreese, while Johnny wanted them both to stay away from Robby. Silver beat Johnny aggressively and ruthlessly for his defection from Cobra Kai until Kreese intervened. He didn't want Johnny to be harmed. This revelation was important to Silver, as the intervention sent him on a downward spiral. Johnny, however, warned Silver to stay away from his son and Shannon.

Other Relationships