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What are the Tiers?

First, as an administrator/bureaucrat, you'll start with a warning. If the user continues you'll give them a second and final warning and then you'll use the tiers.
Tier 1 - 1 to 2 weeks
Tier 2 - 2 to 6 months
Tier 3 - 5 to 10 months
Tier 4 - (Which is the biggest Tier) 1 to 2 years or depending on how big of an action you committed could possibly lead to infinite.

What is Blocking

Blocking is a tool that the administrators use to stop a user from editing here or talking on here if they have not followed the rules.

Block Levels

  • You don't follow the rules - Tier 1
  • You harass another user - Tier 2
  • You constantly bother the admins and bombard them with useless messages - Tier 3
  • You swear at users - Tier 3
  • Inserting false information - Tier 3
  • Adding useless pages - Tier 3
  • Abusing multiple users - Tier 4
  • Make fake accounts afterward and start editing with them (We know) - Tier 4
  • Breaking more of the rules after your block time has expired - Tier 4
  • Attempting to create unneeded/unnecessary conflict between the two users. - Tier 4
  • Underaged (depending on how old you are. EG if your 10 you'll be blocked till your 13) - Tier 4
  • If the admins think you did something and you don't need any of the Tiers. The Charmed Reboot Wiki will decide how long you should be blocked and if it's not a big action then you'll be blocked for a period of 24 hours.

Discussing Your Block

To discuss your block you can

  • Message the admins at FANDOM.
  • You will not get blocked if you are blocked on another wiki. You can only get blocked if you perform offenses on this wiki.
  • There is no guarantee your block can be lowered unless you provide a strong case and we might reduce it by a few months or a year depending on your block.