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This article layout guide is an official policy on The Karate Kid Wiki and is considered a standard that all users should follow.

The layout guide was created to observe uniformity throughout all article pages on The Karate Kid/Cobra Kai Wiki. This will help us to create a professional look to the wiki, keep all information organized and presentable. If you have any questions regarding the layout guide, please contact an active administrator. On this page, you will find that single bulleted information are Headings while double-bulleted information are Sub-Headings.

General Rules

As a general rule of thumb:

  • Please refrain from adding any unconfirmed or theory-based information to the layout of pages.
  • Infoboxes: All infoboxes should be filled out to the best of your ability, including the best image you can find. An external shot is preferred for location types, but an interior shot is allowed if the exterior has yet to be shown.
  • Images: Screenshots are allowed on character pages, with the exceptions of low-quality images (less than 720p) and GIFs. Images may be placed anywhere on the article except for the Notes and Trivia and Personality sections.
  • Categories added to layouts should coincide with our pre-existing categories. If you have a suggestion for an added category, please contact one of the admins before adding them. Please view our Category Policy
    • Help Needed/Stub: If a page is lacking information, a stub template may be added to alert editors that the page is in need of updating. There is no need to add the associated category as the template will automatically generate it for you. The stub template can be added by typing the following:
  • Quotes: Pages should feature a quote from the series directly related to the article you are placing the quote on. Please not that quotes should not be used in every section of a page, only those of importance. The top of an article and personality sections are the most common places for a quote template.
{{Quote|Cobra Kai never dies.|'''John Kreese'''}}
  • Third Person Point of View: All articles and content-based pages must be written from third person point of view, such as "Hawk and Eli fight" instead of "We see Hawk and Eli fight".
  • Character Pages: Character pages should only be created when a character is significant to the overall plot or appeared in more then three episodes. However all character pages must have credited actors/names. Seeing as how some uncredited characters may provide a significance to the plot, these pages should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Having a bunch of uncredited minor character pages is unneeded. Instead of creating these pages, focus your attention on article stubs or pages needing improvement.

Film Pages

Non-Heading information

  • Movie Infobox - filled out to the best of your ability. Please leave extra parameters be as they may be filled out at a later date.
  • Template:Quote - this should be the slogan of the film
  • Introductory sentence/paragraph - this should describe the film, the year it was released, the number it is in the film franchise, its genre, director, writer, and stars. For example:
The Karate Kid is an American martial arts romantic drama film directed by John G. Avildsen and written by Robert Mark Kamen. It is the first movie of The Karate Kid franchise. It starred Ralph Macchio, Noriyuki "Pat" Morita and Elisabeth Shue.

Heading information

  • Synopsis - the official overview of the film released by the film company. This is also the blurb you will find on the back of any DVD or digital purchase of the film.
  • Plot - a detailed recap of the film that is user-written. This should be written in third person point of view with excellent grammar and spelling. While mistakes are normal, the admins urge you to do your best.
  • Cast - a bulleted list of the cast member in order of credits.
  • Reception
    • Box Office - this section should be a sub-heading and will detail out much money the film made in each major country. Please provide references when listing the numbers.
    • Critical Response - this should be a sub-heading and will detail how critics received the film, including the Rotten Tomatoes score. Please reference each critic.
  • Trivia - filled out to the best of your ability.
  • Navigation - The Karate Kid Franchise Template should be placed under the Navigation heading
  • References - the template Reflist should be included here.

Please ensure the following is completed when creating a page for a new film:

  • If an actor or character doesn't have a page, don't leave a hyperlink as it'll leave a red broken link and make the page look unattractive.
  • At the end of the page, there should be the TheKarateKidSeries template.
  • Film pages only require one category called "Films".
  • Only high quality images should be uploaded to the infobox.

Example page The Karate Kid

Character Pages

Non-Heading information

  • Infobox - Template:Charact - filled out to the best of your ability
  • Quote - Template:Quote - if applicable
  • Introduction - should be written with the characters named bolded followed by their role in the series (main, recurring, guest character) and the series in which they are in - The Karate Kid or Cobra Kai. Following the introductory sentence should be a few short sentences describing the character. This is usually the official character description released by Freeform, or a user-written overview of the character.
    • Please do not label what the characters role in the series is i.e. supporting antagonist.
    • Also, do not break down new paragraphs by season such as "In season 1, Hawk...". This introductory paragraph should be a very simple overview of the character.


  • Biography - information from before their appearance in the series.
  • Film series
    • Title of Film - this should be italicized
  • Cobra Kai - this should be italicized
    • Season #
  • Personality
  • Fighting Style (if applicable)
  • Relationships (if applicable)
    • Character name as subheading - please only use these sparingly
    • Other Relationships - under this sub-heading you will list the other characters and a one-word recap of their relationship. For example: Daniel LaRusso (Friend)
  • Trivia
  • Gallery
  • References - with the template Reflist

Please ensure the following is completed when creating a page for a new character:

  • The personality section should be at least one paragraph in length.
  • Fighting style only applies if the character trains in Karate. Please also minimize this section to keep it relevant to the character only. We do not rank the characters on best to worst. Just describe their style.
  • Only high quality images should be uploaded to the infobox.

Example page Daniel LaRusso

Season Pages

The main template for season pages is as follows:

  • Season template.
  • An introductory statement
  • Plot
  • Cast
  • Episode list
  • Trivia

Please ensure the following is completed when creating a page for a new season:

  • The page should start with the "Season" template containing all the relevant information.
  • The plot should be the general overview supplied by the official sites
  • Only two categories are needed: "TV Shows" and "Cobra Kai (Season #)" where # is replaced with the season number.
  • Only high quality images should be uploaded to the infobox.

Example page Cobra Kai (Season 1)

Episode Pages

Non-Heading information

  • Infobox episode - filled out to the best of your ability, please leave extra parameters as they may be filled in at a later date.
  • Introductory sentence - Episode name is the number episode of the number season of Cobra Kai.

Heading information

  • Summary
  • Plot
  • Trivia
  • Gallery

Please ensure the following is completed when creating a page for a new episode:

  • The end of the page should have "TheKarateKidSeries" template.
  • Only two categories needed "Cobra Kai Episodes" and "Season # Episodes" where # is replaced with the season number.

Example page December 19

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