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Ship Warning is anything that insults or discourages another ship, and is against our policies. A "ship" is a shortened word for relationship.

There are two types of pairing:

  • The friendship pairings, such as sisterly or brotherly relationships like Mel and Niko.
  • The possible pairings, about two characters whom have not gotten together yet but is still shipped/possible to happen. Such as Harry and Macy.

The latter is generally the source of ship-warring

Examples of Ship Warning:

  • Ship A is stupid / boring etc.
  • Ship A will never happen.
  • I hate A ship because it's stupid / makes no sense / obnoxious / pathetic / boring.
  • You need help if you think A ship will ever happen.
  • A shippers suck.
  • A ship is so much better than Y ship.

What is not ship warning:

Friendly, civil conversations about the ships is allowed. Examples:

  • I'd choose ship over Y ship.
  • I hope X ship happens.
  • I like both X and Y ships, but I like X better.


The length block will depend on the comment that is posted and the admin will punish the user accordingly.